Which preposition to use with holds

of Occurrences 3246%

I realized, then, that I had, in my agitation, unconsciously caught hold of the hot lamp-glass, and burnt my hand, badly.

in Occurrences 3221%

I remembered the sudden vision that had come to me, as I neared the Solar System, of the fast whirling planets about the sunas though the governing quality of time had been held in abeyance, and the Machine of a Universe allowed to run down an eternity, in a few moments or hours.

on Occurrences 1001%

The Bonapartist leaders tried to persuade themselves and their friends that they still had a hold on the country and that a plebiscite would bring back in triumph their prince.

to Occurrences 694%

An hour she stood there, a solitary figure at the rail, holding to her large black hat, her skirts whipped to her body and snapping forward in the breeze.

at Occurrences 678%

The court was held at the Grand Trianon, Versailles, a place so associated with a pleasure-loving court, and the fanciful devices of a gay young queen, that it was difficult to realise the drama that was being enacted, when the honour of a Marshal of Francealmost an army of France, was to be judged.

for Occurrences 419%

For the poet is the one who, in his own heart, holds all the meanings that words hold for the race.

with Occurrences 323%

Then, taking hold with both bands, I wrenched the whole concern away, and hurled it downwith the Thing still clinging to itinto the garden.

as Occurrences 277%

She holds as strange tenets as he, which she supports with as much zeal, and almost as much ability.

over Occurrences 158%

'They are frogs,' says a third, who is ready to chop any amount of logic in favor of his system of frogology, and hereupon columns of argument, and pages of learned discussion, have been held over the identity of the jolly peepers of the spring-time.

under Occurrences 119%

Fortunately he had gained a hold under the wing and after the first dozen blows the jay's resistance grew weaker.

by Occurrences 108%

His companion turned his head sharply just in time to see Sister Winifred come last into the church, holding by either hand a little child.

between Occurrences 68%

If the ordination is held between nine o'clock and mid-day the recitation begins with Sext.

against Occurrences 67%

"No wonder you have forced your way into the 8 Senate House: no bars or bolts can hold against you.

from Occurrences 67%

This Love's a damn'd bewitching thingNow though I should lose my Assignation with my Devil, I cannot hold from seeing Julia to night: hahthere, and with a Fop at her Feet.

before Occurrences 59%

And straight she held before the monarch's view, In either hand, a radiant wreath of flowers; The one, bedecked with every charming hue, Was newly culled from Nature's choicest bowers; The other, no less fair in every part, Was the rare product of divinest Art.

within Occurrences 45%

It holds within its scope both a teaching and a training power.

among Occurrences 37%

Mrs. Atterbury, though the mother of a son in the army and a daughter with a coterie of her own in society, insisted on maintaining the leadership she had long held among the social forces of the capital.

during Occurrences 36%

These Indians spoke excellent English and the chief loved the white man's money, so a ceremony that has been held during the month of August for many centurieslong before the Spanish conquistadors found this interesting tribewas found to be on tap for that very evening.

without Occurrences 32%

On land he could have freed himself from Broken Tooth's hold without an effort.

about Occurrences 32%

This second shelf was smaller than the first, and as I blinked at the light I saw that it held about a score of men.

above Occurrences 27%

They knelt, each holding above his head a lighted bundle of incense-sticks,red sparks that quivered like angry fireflies.

until Occurrences 19%

The catalogue of provocations grew daily, and daily bred anger, but our temper held until in February of 1917, when Germany proclaimed unrestricted piracy by submarines, and under the thin pretext of starving out the British Isles, American and other ships were destroyed with all on board, wholesale.

towards Occurrences 17%

But by the time the reindeer-steak was nearly done Kaviak was done, too, and O'Flynn had said, "That Spissimen does ye credit, Mac." Said Spissimen was now staring hungrily out of the Colonel's bunk, holding towards Mac an appealing hand, with half a yard of shirt-sleeve falling over it.

toward Occurrences 17%

It showed in his narrow, thought-proof forehead, and a certain indescribable attitude which he held toward others, and which separated him from his neighbors.

like Occurrences 16%

" At something after that stilly one-o'clock hour when all the sleeping noises of lath and wainscoting creak out, John Burkhardt lifted his head to the moving light of a lamp held like a torch over him, even the ridge of his body completely submerged beneath the great feather billow of an oceanic walnut bedstead.

Which preposition to use with  holds