Which preposition to use with homes

of Occurrences 1673%

Grange, Chateau de la, home of Lafayette.

in Occurrences 1568%

It was such an entirely different world from any I had been accustomed to that it took me some time to feel at home in my new milieu.

for Occurrences 661%

And we rip up old clothes in order to have rags, and to make room in our homes for other things.

with Occurrences 511%

In the Rackett Woods, among the lakes and streams of that wild region, with a rod and fly, I'm at home with the trout, but;' "'Oh! ho!'

to Occurrences 354%

No home to go?Relations all dead?Eaten nothing in two days?Walked all the way from the Woman's Rights Bureau in Boston?Dear me!

at Occurrences 342%

He prophesied she would get well, providing she at once left the damp climate where she was then living and made her permanent home at Malvern.

on Occurrences 299%

He dined with us one night, when he was at home on leave, and was most enthusiastic about everything in Russiatheir finances, their armythe women of all classes so intelligent, so patriotic.

from Occurrences 133%

W. thought I ought to have one, so every Friday I was at home from three until six, and very long afternoons they were.

by Occurrences 132%

The outer chambers of mountain caves are frequently selected as homes by wild beasts.

as Occurrences 99%

I have often observed the young just out of the nest making their odd gestures, and seeming in every way as much at home as their experienced parents, like young bees on their first excursions to the flower fields.

without Occurrences 67%

They enjoy its beauties for a season with peculiar relish, but as these become familiar, the spell is broken, and they turn towards home without a regret To you and I, there is something beyond this.

among Occurrences 64%

I would like to go farther inland to people who have never heard the Gospel and make a home among the cannibals.

under Occurrences 52%

The report of the commission appointed by the British Government to inquire into the sanitary condition, of the army shows a remarkable and unexpected degree of mortality among the troops stationed at home under the most favorable circumstances, as well as among those abroad.

than Occurrences 49%

Yet he had troubles closer at home than this even.

after Occurrences 45%

but if any resident of Bumsteadville should happen to be caught near the country editor's last home after dark, he would get over that part of his road in a curiously agile and flighty manner;(just the same as a Positive philosopher with a sore throat, or at an uncommonly showy bit of lightning, would repeat "Now I lay me down to sleep," with surprising devotion.)

like Occurrences 36%

Always when you take her down to Atlantic City on holidays, where she can meet 'em, itit" "But, mommy, is it any fun for a girl to keep taking trips like that withwith her mother always at home like a servant?

until Occurrences 30%

Hill said he thought Sir Horace was going out that night, and wouldn't be home until the early morning.

during Occurrences 28%

I had been much from home during the winter, and, engrossed in my own thoughts, had taken small account of what was passing, but I soon found enough to occupy me.

before Occurrences 28%

She may be home before midnight, an' then again she may not," he said.

into Occurrences 22%

The objects, of which he never lost sight, were to free himself from enemies abroad and to convert the princedom at home into an autocracy.

through Occurrences 20%

And rumour said he roamed the rearward ways In quiet seasons when no battle brewed; The transport, homing through the evening haze, Had seen and carried him, and given him food; And he would leave them at Bethune canteen Or some hot drinking-house at Noeux-les-Mines, Where he would sit with wine and eggs and bread

near Occurrences 20%

This was sent by a messenger to Miss Townsend's home near Westbourne Grove.

over Occurrences 17%

The storm lashes the ocean into fury; tall ships, freighted with human souls, go down into its relentless depths; a shriek of agony comes gurgling up from the devouring waters; a cry of woe is heard from a thousand homes over the wrecked and the lost.

against Occurrences 15%

He volunteered no explanation as regarded his possession of a duplicate key to the shed door, and though no attempt was made to bring the charge home against him, there was little doubt as to his guilt, and he was dismissed the next morning.

of Occurrences 14%

The photograph had appeared in The Queen, The Ladies' Field, The Sketch, The Taller, The Bystander, Home Chat, Home Notes, The Woman at Home, and Our Stately Homes of England.

Which preposition to use with  homes