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Which preposition to use with  homes

Which preposition to use with homes

It was such an entirely different world from any I had been accustomed to that it took me some time to feel at home in my new milieu.

"Nay, what save the lovely city, and the little house on the hill, And the wastes and the woodland beauty, and the happy fields we till; "And the homes of ancient stories, the tombs of the mighty dead; And the wise men seeking out marvels, and the poet's teeming head; "And the painter's hand of wonder; and the marvellous fiddle-bow; And the banded choirs of music:all those that do and know.

And we rip up old clothes in order to have rags, and to make room in our homes for other things.

No home to go?Relations all dead?Eaten nothing in two days?Walked all the way from the Woman's Rights Bureau in Boston?Dear me!

In the Rackett Woods, among the lakes and streams of that wild region, with a rod and fly, I'm at home with the trout, but;' "'Oh!

He dined with us one night, when he was at home on leave, and was most enthusiastic about everything in Russiatheir finances, their armythe women of all classes so intelligent, so patriotic.

He prophesied she would get well, providing she at once left the damp climate where she was then living and made her permanent home at Malvern.

W. thought I ought to have one, so every Friday I was at home from three until six, and very long afternoons they were.

The outer chambers of mountain caves are frequently selected as homes by wild beasts.

I have often observed the young just out of the nest making their odd gestures, and seeming in every way as much at home as their experienced parents, like young bees on their first excursions to the flower fields.

They enjoy its beauties for a season with peculiar relish, but as these become familiar, the spell is broken, and they turn towards home without a regret To you and I, there is something beyond this.

CHAPTER XII DOROTHY MAKES HER CHOICE I had been much from home during the winter, and, engrossed in my own thoughts, had taken small account of what was passing, but I soon found enough to occupy me.

but if any resident of Bumsteadville should happen to be caught near the country editor's last home after dark, he would get over that part of his road in a curiously agile and flighty manner;(just the same as a Positive philosopher with a sore throat, or at an uncommonly showy bit of lightning, would repeat "Now I lay me down to sleep," with surprising devotion.)

I would like to go farther inland to people who have never heard the Gospel and make a home among the cannibals."

The report of the commission appointed by the British Government to inquire into the sanitary condition, of the army shows a remarkable and unexpected degree of mortality among the troops stationed at home under the most favorable circumstances, as well as among those abroad.

Yet he had troubles closer at home than this even.

This was sent by a messenger to Miss Townsend's home near Westbourne Grove.

Hill said he thought Sir Horace was going out that night, and wouldn't be home until the early morning.

He followed Mr. Montague along the sidewalk a little way, and then exchanged a few hurried words with some men who were standing near, and hastened home through streets that seemed dark and dull after the splendor of the fire.

We had heard of the Minute Men of Lexington and of the Green Mountains, and when the day came that all the able-bodied men of our valley banded themselves together for the protection of their homes against our neighbors, the Tories, who thirsted for patriot blood, we lads decided that we were old enough to do our share in whatsoever might be afoot.

He saw, and she saw, the going back to the old bedroom in the old home across the woods and over the fieldthe going back.

The busy deck, the fluttering streamer, The dripping arms that plunge and rise, The waves in foam, the ship in tremor, The kerchiefs waving from the pier, The cloudy pillar gliding o'er him, The deep blue desert, lone and drear, With heaven above and home before him!

The storm lashes the ocean into fury; tall ships, freighted with human souls, go down into its relentless depths; a shriek of agony comes gurgling up from the devouring waters; a cry of woe is heard from a thousand homes over the wrecked and the lost.

The objects, of which he never lost sight, were to free himself from enemies abroad and to convert the princedom at home into an autocracy.

Always when you take her down to Atlantic City on holidays, where she can meet 'em, itit" "But, mommy, is it any fun for a girl to keep taking trips like that withwith her mother always at home like a servant?

However, at 21 days of confinement, left home due to new program participants.

The photograph had appeared in The Queen, The Ladies' Field, The Sketch, The Taller, The Bystander, Home Chat, Home Notes, The Woman at Home, and Our Stately Homes of England.

The Rescue Homes for the Fallen XII.

"However that may be, Mark started for home along in the afternoon, and took to the ice, as he did when he went up in the morning.

For the children of to-day, unlike the children of a former time, talk at home about school and talk at school about home.

Our own children used to settle this by taking out the furniture, etc., and arranging different homes around the room.

On my breast I wore my order of [illegible], and in my belt my one cherished Terrestrial possessionthe sword, reputed the best in Asia, that had twice driven its point home within a finger's breadth of my life; and that clove the turban on my brow but a minute before it was surrenderedjust in time to save its gallant owner and his score of surviving comrades.

Finding their healths measurably benefited by a residence here, they have brought their families, engaged in their various callings, and may now be found settled permanently in their new homes throughout all the towns and villages of the State.

Captain Wegg sold all his interests and his wife's villa, and brought the money here, where he established a home amid entirely different surroundings.

"I ain't goin' to mention it if it aggravates you, butbut makin' a home out of this gray old place would help us both, Hanna.

We are en route to our home beyond the outer fringes of Oz.

Then, you know that many Italians live just north of Linden Street, and there's a block or so of Polish homes between Linden and the next street south?

I know my mother talks about Industrial Homes in the South, and schools in Indiashe's in both the societies, you knowbut that is about all.

Based on recent trends, the FBI assesses the same groups will target businesses and individuals working from home via telework software, the FBI said in an April 30 release.

From such a small beginning the great Orphan Homes on Ashley Down sprang.

But, as the reform wave swept on, it became apparent that these words had been considered merely figurative by many who were about to seek homes outside the valley.

Professional headshot of USA Today bestselling author JULIE JOHNSON, taken near her home off the coast of Massachusetts.

When Mistress Patricia heard of the quarrel, she straightway informed her lover that she would never marry him and ruin his inheritance, and returned to her home above Charles City, taking her old reprobate of a father with her, where he died not long afterwards, perhaps finding life not worth living when there remained no one who would take his wagers.

But as for him, he speeds away through France, Bearing to other lands his strength, that, faith, Were better spent at home amongst his kin."

The dew lay thick upon the unstirr'd leaves; The glow-worm glisten'd brightly as he pass'd; The thrush still chaunted, but the swallows fast Hied to their home beneath lone cottage eaves.

She is in the home behind the shop or in the dairy at the farmhouse with her daughters.

Builders in Rangeview are Baywest Homes, a Section23 company, Homes by Avi and Jayman Built.

She had turned her row and started back, when there came before her, so plain that she almost thought she might wet her feet in the clear water, a vision of the spring-branch at home up on Unaka, where she and Lissy used to play.

The three girls, Louise, Madeleine, and Marguerite, who would soon be old enough to marry, still dwelt in the happy home beside their parents, as well as the three youngest boys, Gregoire, the free lance, Nicolas, the most stubborn and determined of the brood, and Benjamin, who was of a dreamy nature.

That huge bee in steel-blue armour, booming straight at youwhom some one compared to the Lord Mayor's man in armour turned into a cherub, and broken loose(get out of his way, for he is absorbed in business) is probably a wood-borer, {85c} of whose work you may read in Mr. Wood's Homes without Hands.

my fathers were so before me, even in the times when our people had a home amidst the pyramids of the mightyin the times when you are told the mightier prophets of the Israelites put the soothsayers of Egypt to confusion; idle tales!

The only Defence, I think, I have ever heard made for this, as it seems to me, most unnatural Tack of the Comick Tail to the Tragick Head, is this, that the Minds of the Audience must be refreshed, and Gentlemen and Ladies not sent away to their own Homes with too dismal and melancholy Thoughts about them: For who knows the Consequence of this?

I tole ole Miss Anderson's daughter dat we wanted ter git some homes ob our ownselbs.

A big Danish-looking chap was homing towards the door.

Nevada is coming off a 78-76 thrilling victory at home versus Fresno State.

Congress Asset Management Co. MA owned approximately 0.13% of M/I Homes at the end of the most recent quarter.

Campaign officials have said this is a decision that pleases both Trump and his big donors, who feel at home inside Mar-a-Lago and the Trump hotel in Washington.

However, many of us are as much at home below ground as above it.

MรœLLER, GEORGE, founder of the Orphan Homes near Bristol; born in Prussia; founded the Orphan Home, in 1836, on voluntary subscriptions, in answer to prayer, to the support one year of more than 2000 orphans (1805-1898).

The Duke University School of Medicine program coordinator is working at home alongside her husband, two young children and two cats.

To Whom It May Concern, MAC Renovations Ltd. has been referring Medallion Healthy Homes to our clients for over one year.

Since March, property auctions have been taking place online, making them seem more โ€œaccessibleโ€ to first-time bidders who are fans of Homes Under the Hammer and have more time on their hands during lockdown.

Assistant Administrator positions available at several Skilled Nursing Facilities/Nursing Homes within driving distance of Rochester, NY.

The Illinoisans ran up the river in the spring, worked in the mines during the summer, and returned to their homes down the river in the autumn,thus resembling in their migrations the fish so common in the Western waters, called the Sucker.

Think when | home re | -turning, Bright we've | seen it | burning; Oh!

โ€œEze then took the subsequent set-piece and, when his low effort deflected off Luke Ayling and into the path of Wells, the in-form forward poked home past a wrong-footed Casilla for his 14th goal of the campaign.โ€

For example like a coward Boris Johnson is now trying to shift blame for the huge death rates in care homes onto the care workers for not following the governments policies correctly.

Thus we passed the summer of 1854, remaining at our home notwithstanding the unpleasant surroundings, as mother had made up her mind not to be driven out of the country.

Every thing was of home manufacturefor there was not a store in Kentucky,and the most expensive domestic products seem to have been the hats, made of native fur, mink, coon, fox, wolf, and beaver.

Every dollar he could spare out of his earnings went into something for the eye to feast on; and, in spite of the old people's perpetual grumbling and perpetual antagonism, it came about that they grew to be, in a surly fashion, proud of Stephen's having made their home unlike the homes of their neighbors.

We ain't even sure enough of ourselves to have a home likelike regular folks.

And when, the banquet o'er, the Strong Man wends, Cloyed with rich nectar, home unto his wife, This kinsman hath in charge his cherished shafts And bow; and that his gnarled and knotted club; And both to white-limbed Hebรจ's bower of bliss Convoy the bearded warrior and his arms.

Slackโ€™s growth this year has been perceived as lackluster in comparison, as others in the collaboration software market, especially Zoom, saw revenues soar as employees switched to work-from-home en masse.

It will provide about 52 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, which is enough electricity to supply about 3,000 homes per year.

This has access implications for both consumers and their families as well as financial implications for the Citys Homes as beds that could be offered to prospective applicants remain vacant for longer periods.

Itโ€™s not just the โ€˜Homes from Homeโ€™s themselves but also the staff who are there to support the families in whatever way they can while their child is in hospital.