Which preposition to use with hummed

of Occurrences 369%

The moon had gone behind a cloud, so that I could see nothing; though a steady hum of jabbering, just beneath where I stood, indicated that there were several more of the brutes close at hand.

with Occurrences 38%

Preparations were well under way for a first edition on the Fourth of July and the office was beginning to hum with work, when one afternoon a girl strolled in and asked in a tired voice for the managing editor.

to Occurrences 36%

"First, my head would ache from the constant noise; then it would spin; then I should grow faint and hear you less distinctly; then your voice, although you were talking-on the same as ever, would sound like a mere steady hum to me; then I should become unconscious, and be carried home, with you still whispering in my ear.

in Occurrences 27%

Be the landlady's front parlor ever so permanently rented out, the motion-picture theater has brought to thousands of young city starvelings, if not the quietude of the home, then at least the warmth and a juxtaposition and a deep darkness that can lave the sub-basement throb of temples and is filled with music with a hum in it.

about Occurrences 12%

" "You ought to live at our house, we have noisy times; mother and I sing, and father is always humming about his work.

like Occurrences 11%

The distant town rose against it, cutting the firmament so that it might have been tongues of flame flickering between the dark solid outlines; and across the waste open country which lay between the two cities, there came a distant hum like the sound of the sea, which was in reality the roar of that other multitude.

over Occurrences 11%

"One who standsclad in hempen robe, the worse for wearamong others clad in furs of fox and badger, and yet unabashed'tis Tsz-lu, that, is it not?" Tsz-lu used always to be humming over the lines "From envy and enmity free, What deed doth he other than good?" "How should such a rule of life," asked the Master, "be sufficient to make any one good?"

through Occurrences 10%

He, at least, would send his bullet straight to the mark when that first chime went humming through the big room.

at Occurrences 7%

He also missed the cheery hum at the same time, and felt a sickening sensation of falling.

from Occurrences 6%

But here a murmur arose that hummed from rank to rank; heads were shaken and gruff voices spake on this wise: "Belsaye?

on Occurrences 6%

There, to the porch, belike with jasmine bound Or woodbine wreaths, a smoother path is wound; 605 The housewife there a brighter garden sees, Where hum on busier wing her happy bees; On infant cheeks there fresher roses blow; And grey-haired men look up with livelier brow, To greet the traveller needing food and rest; 610 Housed for the night, or but a half-hour's guest.

as Occurrences 5%

Bees hum as in a harvest noon, butterflies waver above the flowers, and like them you lave in the vital sunshine, too richly and homogeneously joy-filled to be capable of partial thought.

past Occurrences 4%

The second blow shot humming past Sinclair as the latter dodged; and, before the brown man could recover his poise, the cowpuncher had dived in under the guarding arms.

under Occurrences 3%

And the Assembly pretends to be deaf, and the deputies content themselves with humming under their breaths, some the royal tune of "The White Cockade," and others the imperial air of "Partant pour la Syrie."

among Occurrences 3%

The bees, again, humming among the flowers, while actuated only by instincts of appetite and thrift, fructify the blooms, and become a connecting link between one vegetable generation and another.

between Occurrences 3%

Then he gave a little hitch to his red head covering, and sauntered away humming between his teeth.

by Occurrences 3%

She heard the bees humming by.

for Occurrences 2%

In the ancient bass-fiddle, Europe, the thickest string is the German, with deep tone and heavy vibration; but once in vibration, it hums as if it would go on humming for an eternity.

down Occurrences 2%

They were in time to see the taxicab lurch away from the curb and go humming down the street, while the driver leaned out to the side and looked back.

into Occurrences 2%

We came humming into the dark town of Havre in a four-seat motor-car about ten in the evening of the 29th December: a raw bleak night, she, it was clear, poor thing, bitterly cramped with cold.

within Occurrences 1%

" She answers that talk of matron dignities and household tasks wearies her: "I would renounce them all for Sappho's bay: Forego them all for room to chant out free The silent rhythms I hum within my heart, And so for ever leave my weary spinning!" Margaret J. Preston, Old Song and New.

beneath Occurrences 1%

So saying he turned and signed to Gefroi with his finger; as for Sir Jocelyn, he only curled a lock of his long hair, and hummed beneath his breath.

beyond Occurrences 1%

But, that night, through the dark hours was strange stir and hum beyond the walls of Belsaye, and, when the dawn broke, many a stout heart quailed and many a cheek blanched to see a great camp whose fortified lines encompassed the city on all sides, where lay Ivo the Black Duke to besiege them.

during Occurrences 1%

Bed-makers do not object to Americans as Americans, but this avalanche of Transatlantics arrives on the very eve of the vacation, just when the bed-makers are packing off the contingent of young Naval officers who have been making things hum during the past term.

around Occurrences 1%

And Chloe hummed around the room like a bee; she folded up the petals of light that I had unbudded when I wanted to see what manner of face I had.

Which preposition to use with  hummed