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Which preposition to use with  hurried

Which preposition to use with hurried

There were always officers riding, squads of soldiers moving about, bugle-calls in all directions, and continuous arrivals at the station of deputies and journalists hurrying to the palace, their black portfolios under their arms.

It was my reception afternoon, and while I was sitting quietly in my drawing-room talking to some of my friends, making plans for the summer, quite pleased to have W. to myself again, the butler hurried into the room telling me that the Marechale de MacMahon was on the stairs, coming to make me a visit.

The earliest mention that I have been able to find of the wild sheep in America is by Father Picolo, a Catholic missionary at Monterey, in the year 1797, who, after describing it, oddly enough, as "a kind of deer with a sheep-like head, and about as large as a calf one or two years old," naturally hurries on to remark: "I have eaten of these beasts; their flesh is very tender and delicious."

She verbally replied to it through Fatima; and stated, in her justification, that she was hurried from Benares to a town on the river, whence she was rapidly transported to the castle of Omrah, who had not long before lost his wife, and who was more than four times her age.

There was, however, no record of their deaths, and upon that he based the hope that they were either in hospital, or had been, through some strange confusion, assigned among rebel wounded, a thing that had frequently happened in the hurry of transporting large numbers of wounded men.

neighbourhooda lame man on crutches, a child walking beside him looking wistfully at the children playing about but not daring to leave her chargegroups of students hurrying through the gardens on their way to the Sorbonne, their black leather serviettes under their armscouples always everywhere.

The curรฉ caught up his hat, and, after whispering a few words to the women, hurried out of the sacristy.

Jack and Barney were hurrying toward the chamber as the latter talked, Jack filled with an awful fear.

Jack waved his arm reassuringly, as if to bid the rebel take heart for the momenthe would not hurry in the matter.

Diggory was one of the first to leave the dining-hall, and, passing swiftly out of the quadrangle, was soon hurrying across the junior playing field.

Then, I heard a cry from Tonnison; he was shouting my name, excitedly, and without delay I hurried along the rocky promontory to the ruin.

The brazen voice of the bell had just proclaimed the eleven o'clock interval, when the Triple Alliance, hurrying with their companions of the Lower Fourth along the main corridor leading to the schoolroom, found that the passage was nearly blocked by a large crowd of boys standing round the notice-board.

He hurried after her, conscience-stricken, but most unwilling.

" The two prefects hurried down the passage.

As they stood there looking over the undulating park, and Gifford, curbing his impatience, was talking of certain changes which had taken place since his early days there, the butler was seen hurrying towards them.

Whatever it is, she seems to be in a terrible hurry about it."

* * * * * They got up very earlyit seemed to the Boy like the middle of the nightstole out of the dark Kachime, and hurried over the hard crust that had formed on the last fall of snow, down the bleak, dim slope to the Ol' Chief's, where they were to breakfast.

What the mischief are you in such a hurry for?

Pausing not to see whether the equally overwhelmed old lawyer followed him, the horribly astounded Gospeler burst precipitately from the house in wild dismay, and was presently hurrying past the pauper burial-ground.

You take your satchel or travelling bag, kiss your wife in a hurry at the door, and jump aboard of the cars; the whistle sounds, the locomotive breathes hoarsely for a moment, and you are off like a shot.

Again every available man was placed at Marshal Foch's disposal, and the 3d Division, which had just come from its preliminary training: in the trenches, was hurried to the Marne.

Ye travellers, who forever hurry by, Why on me turn the unsympathizing eye?

A nerve impulse passes from the nerves of touch in the fingers to the brain, which at once hurries off its order along another set of nerves for the hand to drop the burning object.

Then, as they approached the door, they saw Valentine come out, in a very great hurry as usual.

Slipping, sliding, falling, to rise again, they came to the lower surface and hurried around the point where the prisoners had been carried.

And presently she was outside the house and hurrying behind the houses and up the hill.

'I could not,' he adds, 'hurry before them fast enough; they were not so long in seeing the whole gallery as I could have been in one room, to examine what I knew by heart.

And some years after the Goala reflected that the snake was to him as his father and mother and yet he had come away in a hurry without taking a proper farewell, so he went to see whether it was still there; but he could not find it and he asked the peepul tree and no answer came so he had to return home disappointed.

But, instead, we are hurrying among our day's business, maybe, our last thought of her; we turn a corner, and suddenly she is before us.

And many a Moorish girl was seen by revellers that night Or running in confusion or halting from affright; But no one saw fair Zaida, except by memory's sight; And Zaide in the darkness, with Muza as his guide, Hurried about the city; what a crowd was at their side!

They stared at the Ramparts growing bolder, the river hurrying like a mill-race, the steamer feeling its way slow and cautiously like a blind man with a stick.

Celia, the maid, had been so hurried in the preparations for this visit that she had done nothing for herself.

She is more hurried than before.

See him hurried from tribunal to tribunal, from province to province; sometimes before the Romans, sometimes before the Jews, sometimes before the high-priest of the synagog, and sometimes before the procurator of Caesar.

We have seen many who could name each single quay along the borders of the Seine; but who were totally ignorant of those great works of art, the bridges, docks, and warehouses of their native Thames, otherwise than as they were hurried past them in the Calais steam-boat.

The King's death having put a period to Mr. Crowne's expectations of court-favour (for the reign of his successor was too much hurried with party designs, to admit of any leisure to reward poetical merit, though the Prince himself, with all his errors about him, was a man of taste, and had a very quick discernment of the power of genius)

Across the courtyard, covered with snow fallen during the might, which glittered and sparkled in the brilliant wintry sunshine, grooms and stable-boys hurried between รฉcuries and remises, currying Mr. Jefferson's horses and sponging off Mr. Jefferson's handsome carriage, with which he had provided himself on setting up his establishment as minister of the infant federation of States to the court of the sixteenth Louis.

She planned as she hurried up the hill toward the studio: first, the onions and the peppers, get them going in the large cast iron frying pan; second, the chicken, cut in chunks; then the chicken stock and the coconut milk, the curry and the basil.

Here and there the skirmishersfor that was the office the two companies were now fillingcame upon signs of picket-posts; and once, as Jack hurried beyond his group to the thicket, near a wretched cabin, a horse and rider were visible tearing through the foliage of a winding lane.

Orleans was crying for succor; Dunois was sending messenger after messenger; and Joan was in a greater hurry than anybody else.

Dim forms of sheep rose in alarm as they came near, and bleating lambs hurried beside them.

Two more were selected, despite the protests of Captain Parson, who was raging like a madman, and hurried aboard the frigate.

At New York, we found ourselves hurried for time to reach the packet Magnolia, and went directly from the depot to the quay, for embarkation.

In time to escape from under his ban, Or hurry under his banners.

Mahommed ben Hamza got up and hurried fo

I could write volumes upon Irving as an actor, but to write of him as a man, and as a very great Artist, I should require more time than is still allotted to me of man's brief span of life and far, far more power than that which was given to those who wrote of him in a hurry during his lifetime....

No doubt, such petty feeling hurries forward many premature matches.

Tancred hurried after the fugitives and brought then back; and they swore on the Gospel never again to abandon the cause which they had preached and served so well.

He did not like such faces in this genial and gracious time, so hurried over his examination.

The conspirators believed this to be true, and because a vote would be demanded of the officials, among whom were Brutus and Cassius, owing to the seriousness of the measure, they felt that they neither dared to oppose it nor could submit to keep silent, and so hurried on the consummation of the plot before any business connected with the measure could come up.

So I hurried onacross your Islandthough

I must hurry onfor many nights Have I sought for the star about the sky, And found it not amid the myriad lights, Greater and lesser with their satellites, Flashing confusedly upon mine eye.

He saw her hurried into the launch, which immediately got under way, its exhaust snorting furiously, and vanished around the point of rocks.

Mr. Smeaton and I hurried outside the stationa car or two stood in the yard, and we picked out the best.