Which preposition to use with impartial

in Occurrences 8%

Moreover, he was honest and sound in heart, and was just and impartial in reference to those facts with which he was conversant.

to Occurrences 2%

We are happy, since our sentiments on the subject are in perfect unison with yours, in this public manner to declare that we believe the conduct of the Government has been just and impartial to foreign nations, and that those internal regulations which have been established for the preservation of peace are in their nature proper and have been fairly executed.

as Occurrences 2%

As between his own happiness and that of others, utilitarianism requires him to be as strictly impartial as a disinterested and benevolent spectator.

for Occurrences 1%

She did not perceive that he was too impartial for a lover, but she had a general sense that she had come into a rebellious world, where Dunstone and Dunstone's daughter were of no account, and her most cherished notions disputed.

into Occurrences 1%

Our system deliberately turns a crowd of men who might be impartial into irrational partisans.

of Occurrences 1%

If impartiality consisted in always steering in the juste-milieu, M. Gerusez would be the most impartial of historians.

than Occurrences 1%

There is monotony and narrowness already to spare in my own identity; what comes to me from without should be larger and more impartial than the judgment of any single interpreter.

towards Occurrences 1%

I hope to be impartial towards this system; although persuaded that the government of which England offers us the model is better suited to guaranty public liberties and to second true progress in every thing, I am not of those who place the shadow before the substance, and who condemn democracy without appeal.

amongst Occurrences 1%

"It was then," said Michael de Castelnau, one of the most intelligent and most impartial amongst the chroniclers of the sixteenth century, "that schism and divisions in religious matters began to be mixed up with affairs of state.

without Occurrences 1%

Despite my British ancestry, the record tries to be impartial without pro- or anti-German squint.

between Occurrences 1%

'A true arbitrator, a man really impartial between two contendants and even indifferent to their opposing morals.'

during Occurrences 1%

Carolyn June had been very impartial during the evening meal, distributing her smiles and little attentions freely among them all.

Which preposition to use with  impartial