Which preposition to use with inefficiency

of Occurrences 59%

Some naturalists took one view and some another; and it was not until the French Government, alarmed by the continued ravages of the malady, and the inefficiency of the remedies which had been suggested, despatched M. Pasteur to study it, that the question received its final settlement; at a great sacrifice, not only of the time and peace of mind of that eminent philosopher, but, I regret to have to add, of his health.

in Occurrences 3%

That they were not blinded to the defects of others, by his own inefficiency in dramatic composition, is fully proved by his judicious remarks on Cato, which was constructed on a plan similar to Irene: and the strongest censure, ever passed on this tragedy, was conveyed in Garrick's application of Johnson's own severe, but correct critique, on the wits of Charles, in whose works "Declamation roar'd, while passion slept.

as Occurrences 2%

Mahrattas, the, their fleet repulsed by Minchin and Keigwin; rise of the power of; besiege Bassein; attack Sumbhajee Angria's camp; seize a flotilla bound for Calcutta; their respect for English arms; articles of agreement between the English and; their inefficiency as allies; treat with Toolajee Angria; encamp against Grheriah; dispute with the English as to Toolajee Angria; Gheriah delivered over to.

among Occurrences 2%

Indolence and inefficiency among the whites, was another prominent feature in slaveholding Barbadoes.

during Occurrences 1%

The Russian whistle which he still wore, and of which he was very proud, threatened to become a millstone about his neck, for returning refugees were accusing him of inefficiency during his reign, since they asserted that the Russians had stolen their goods from under his very nose.

by Occurrences 1%

He hasn't attended to business and he's capped his inefficiency by absconding with our bank account.

to Occurrences 1%

It was after a talk with him that Angelina describes the Female Anti-Slavery Society of New York as utterly inefficient, "doing literally nothing," and ascribes its inefficiency to the sinful prejudice existing there, which shut out colored women from any share in its management, and gave little encouragement to them even to become members.

Which preposition to use with  inefficiency