Which preposition to use with invoking

in Occurrences 26%

" Truly this spirit of Doctor Franklin could be profitably invoked in this day and generation, when nations are so intolerant of the ideas of other nations.

for Occurrences 15%

That is what the priest will invoke for you all, when you leave this abbey.

against Occurrences 7%

In the same way, herb-gerard was called from St. Gerard, who was formerly invoked against gout, a complaint for which this plant was once in high repute.

as Occurrences 7%

Indeed it is worshipped as a deity itself, and is invoked as the goddess Tulasî for the protection of the human frame.

on Occurrences 5%

May all the great gods whose name is invoked on this table, devote him to vengeance and scorn, and may his name, his race, his fruits, his offspring, before the face of men perish wretchedly.

from Occurrences 4%

Precious, too, is self-denial, not austerely invoked from conscience by the voice of duty, but welling from the heart as a natural and necessary return for all it owes to a Power it cannot reward.

to Occurrences 4%

The inhabitants of Shetland and the Isles pour libations of milk or beer through a holed-stone, in honour of the spirit Brownie; and it is probable the Danmonii were accustomed to sacrifice to the same spirit, since the Cornish and the Devonians on the border of Cornwall, invoke to this day the spirit Brownie, on the swarming of their bees.

at Occurrences 4%

This ode must have been written shortly after the battle of Salamis, probably B.C. 478, and was to be sung at Aigina, perhaps at a festival of the goddess Theia who is invoked at the beginning.

with Occurrences 2%

God's forgiveness was invoked with each stroke.

of Occurrences 2%

For from her character he judged she was not a girl to make a stronger appeal to him than the casual invoking of his assistance which had already taken place.

without Occurrences 1%

The good man would not have them left unblest, but the heretical barbarians make it a point of honour not to hear the Blessed Name invoked without mockery, such as our youths may hardly brook.

before Occurrences 1%

He could not have recommended it without becoming inconsistent; for it was this common law of mankind which your fathers invoked before God and man when they proclaimed your independence.

than Occurrences 1%

As a proof that the country thought less of the democratic principles invoked than of the destruction of the official "cientificos," may be cited the fact that it at first placed all its trust and confidence in General Reyes, who is just as despotic and autocratic as General Diaz, but has at the same time, to them, a redeeming qualityhis avowed opposition to the gang.

under Occurrences 1%

The interposition of our Government to obtain redress was again and again invoked under circumstances which no nation ought to disregard.

by Occurrences 1%

you see amongst you an Englishman who has never ceased to study Greece in her antiquity, and to think of her in her modern state; an Englishman who has always invoked by his vows that liberty, for which you are now making so many heroic efforts.

Which preposition to use with  invoking