Which preposition to use with  irony

Which preposition to use with irony

But with the horror and irony of John Charteris's assassination the biographer of Rudolph Musgrave has really nothing to do save in so far as this event influenced the life of Rudolph Musgrave.

What an irony in his mad aping of it now!

For the writings of a man with whom style is not the first object are as refreshing as his scorn for romancing history is wholesome, and the grave irony with which he records its slips amusing.

But of courseyou wouldn't have much of a thing that you have irony about.

That such a thing should have happened to his only grandson was probably the bitterest experience of his pleasantly uneventful life; and it added a touch of irony to Ralph's unhappiness to know how little, in the whole affair, he was cutting the figure Mr. Dagonet expected him to cut.

I scarcely knew what to reply, but thought it best to put on a bold face, so facing the man, I thanked him with much irony for the inuendo, and said, it was a piece of impudence I thought very much like him from what I had overheard.

It injects the acid of irony into success, and distils the attar of felicity from failure.

He flouted the people, he turned the shafts of his irony on her father, he scathed the minister, he laughed at Louis Placide awakened from his sleep, he sang, he told her of the land of desolation, he pleaded.

"It would be too silly to expect you to remember much," he went on after a pause, with a more delicate irony than heretofore.

And even the wounded, in comparing the hazards of London with those at the front, only indulge in mild irony at the expense of the "staunch dare-devil souls who stay at home.

It contained an article called 'The Bide-as-we-bes and parish of Stick-stodge-cum-Cadgerley,' and written with the same sort of clever, flippant irony as the description of the mixed company in the boarding-house on the Lago Maggiore.

The irony behind this result is that on the attitude survey the males actually responded that they felt that they had learned more compared to the responses given by the females.

His latest jab at CNN continued with his recent sentiments, but many online noted the irony within the short clip.

Page dissented with a grave irony from the romantic exaggeration of this generalization.

He has none of that shallow irony by which small men who have got wrong with the world seek a shabby revenge.