Which preposition to use with island

of Occurrences 2687%

The cession of the Island of Cyprus by Turkey to the English was a most unexpected and disagreeable surprise to

in Occurrences 824%

The next time we aimed at landing near the town of Alamatua, which stands, as you may see, a little to the right of us, upon an island in a lake, and looks like an emerald set in silver.

to Occurrences 216%

Owing to the bad weather I could get no observation for azimuth, and had to produce the survey from Pyramid Island to Taiya Inlet by reading the angles of deflection between the courses.

on Occurrences 187%

They headed it in the proper direction, and followed the terrified animal as it swam for life towards the island on which we were encamped.

with Occurrences 158%

See, away down the lake, that little island with its half dozen spruce trees, clustered together!

for Occurrences 130%

At the boundary it is narrow and clear of bars and islands for some miles, but here I did not have an opportunity to determine the rate of the current before the river froze up, and after it froze the drift ice was jammed and piled so high that it would have been an almost endless task to cut holes through it.

at Occurrences 109%

Before leaving the Spectacle Ponds, we visited a little island at the north end of the middle pond, containing perhaps half an acre.

from Occurrences 106%

Viewed from this point the whole plain seems a vast brown sea streaked here and there with green: and the smaller hills rise like islands from it, their feet folded in the mist which creeps across the levels.

by Occurrences 72%

He assigned as a reason for now changing his course, although deviating little from his original design, that he followed the example of the Portuguese, who had discovered most of their islands by attending to the flight of birds, and because these they now saw flew almost uniformly in one direction.

near Occurrences 64%

We drew the deer into the baggage-boat, and sent forward our pioneer to erect our tents, and prepare a late dinner, at our old camping ground, while we landed with the dogs on the island near the head of Round Pond, or Lake, to course whatever game they might find upon it.

off Occurrences 55%

Them Dutchmen could n't talk nuthin' but their own lingo; an' thar wa'n't a navigator aboard, fer Sanchez hed kept all the offercers with him, an' the end wus about a week later, when we piled up against an island off the African coast, an' only one boat load of us got ashore.

as Occurrences 50%

Later the Normans, whose speech as a branch of French was an offshoot of Latin, came to the island as conquerors.

into Occurrences 30%

The mighty flood ran free, tearing up trees by their roots as it ran, detaching masses of rock, dissolving islands into swirling sand and drift, carving new channels, making and unmaking the land.

under Occurrences 30%

" "And he was on our island under an assumed name," said Darrow in tones that had the smoothness and the rasp of silk.

without Occurrences 27%

When he found you had gone to the island without him he began to rage like a maniac.

between Occurrences 21%

Glancing my eye then to the south,"See," said I, "while the Kamtschadale is providing his supply of furs and of fish, for the long winter which is already knocking at the door of his hut, the gay and voluptuous native of the Sandwich and other islands between the tropics.

after Occurrences 21%

After our arrival there we landed, and Heddy and I made an incursion into the island after fresh water, while our two comrades were left at a little distance from the boat, employed at cooking.

before Occurrences 19%

On the outstretched arm of a dead tree on the island before us, sat a bald eagle, pluming himself; and high above the lake the osprey soared, turning his piercing eye downward, watching for his prey.

like Occurrences 17%

From time to time we landed at various islands, where we sold or exchanged our merchandise, and one day, when the wind dropped suddenly, we found ourselves becalmed close to a small island like a green meadow, which only rose slightly above the surface of the water.

during Occurrences 16%

While I leaned over the rail engrossed in these thoughts, one of the black thunder clouds that had been gathering and dissipating over the island during the entire afternoon suddenly glowed overhead with a strange white incandescence startlingly akin to Darrow's so-called "devil fires.

than Occurrences 15%

Nothing can show more strongly the demoralized state of these islands than the frightful acts of cruelty done to the cattle out of pure revenge.

among Occurrences 14%

After we had sat awhile, smoking, the bo'sun divided us into two parties to make a search through the island among the rocks, perchance we should find water, collected from the rain, among the hollows and crevasses; for though we had gotten some, through our device with the sail, yet we had by no means caught sufficient for our needs.

within Occurrences 14%

Two years after the overthrow and execution of Charles I., 1651, the executive council of state in England granted to William Coddington a commission for governing the islands within the limits of the Rhode Island charter.

along Occurrences 12%

Columbus, the Genoese, had discovered the islands along the coast.

about Occurrences 11%

Then taking with them, out of the harbour, a ship loaded with wines, they went to the Bastimentes, an island about a league from the town, where they stayed two days to repose the wounded men, and to regale themselves with the fruits, which grew in great plenty in the gardens of that island.

Which preposition to use with  island