Which preposition to use with journey

to Occurrences 1409%

They would do an immensity of labor on their returnless journey to the ocean.

from Occurrences 483%

Now, what will you say, old sham wisdom, when I tell you that I never made a voyage in my life; was never two days' journey from this spot, and am seldom off my own dominion?

of Occurrences 418%

"These rude men are but testifying to the great truth, that man is the creature, in a greater or less degree, of circumstances; that he is great or small, polished or rude, wise or simple, according to the accident of his birth, or the surroundings in the midst of which his journey of life lays.

in Occurrences 388%

We had now accomplished one of the objects of our journey in this direction, and as the law we had imposed upon ourselves had reached its limits, prohibiting our shooting another moose that day, even should an opportunity occur, we concluded to return to our shanty, on the lake below.

through Occurrences 342%

From these thoughts, I fell again to speculations upon the possible direction of the sun's journey through space....

into Occurrences 192%

Much valuable scientific information has been obtained by Mr. Glaisher, and by those who, like him, have made perilous journeys into cloudland.

on Occurrences 179%

This sudden mania for long journeys on Aylmer's part was a most annoying hobby.

with Occurrences 150%

"I was journeying with a friend yesterday," she replied, "when the snow-storm overtook us.

by Occurrences 117%

But from the city it was a two hours' journey by horse and phaeton.

for Occurrences 106%

He had laid out a long journey for us, and one that might not be performed before nightfall; but it had the merit of being comparatively safe until we were in the vicinity of the British encampment.

at Occurrences 89%

My lord and Father Holt must have made constant journeys at night: once or twice little Harry acted as their messenger and discreet aide-de-camp.

across Occurrences 87%

Even the wild sheep, the best mountaineers of all, choose regular passes in making journeys across the summits.

over Occurrences 50%

It had taken us all day to accomplish our journey over some of the roughest tracks imaginable, with the result that we were thoroughly tired and somewhat bad tempered.

without Occurrences 43%

Pursue thy journey without delay.

towards Occurrences 42%

"The details of the information in the following article are given by Mr. A.H.H. Heming, the artist who accompanied Mr. Whitney in his journey towards the Barren Lands, and the data may be accepted as correct, as they were secured from the Hudson Bay officials.

along Occurrences 37%

Next day dawned cloudless, and Shalah and I spent it in a long journey along the range.

toward Occurrences 36%

And as she went, she sang aloud a melancholy strain; "And who would wish to die," she said, "though death be free from pain?" To shun suspicion's eye, at last she left the king's highway, And took the journey toward Seville that thro' a bypath lay; With loosened rein her gallant steed right swiftly did she ride, Yet to her fear he did appear like a rock on the rough wayside.

before Occurrences 30%

" While we were creeping away from the fort, beginning the second journey before having had time to rest from the first, I had said to myself again and again that it was the act of madmen for us to make any attempt at gaining General Herkimer's forces.

down Occurrences 28%

We resumed our journey down the river, and traveled all night long.

as Occurrences 19%

Indeed, he seemed to have profited by the terrible lesson, for he no longer coined lies, no longer invented pressing business journeys as a pretext for dissipation.

between Occurrences 18%

No inconsiderable portion of his moderate fortune, I apprehend, is consumed in journeys between them and Clifford's-innwhere, like a dove on the asp's nest, he has long taken up his unconscious abode, amid an incongruous assembly of attorneys, attorneys' clerks, apparitors, promoters, vermin of the law, among whom he sits, "in calm and sinless peace."

around Occurrences 15%

His book was scarcely off the press when the letters describing Stanley's boat journeys around the shores of Victoria Nyanza began to be published in London and New York; and the foolish fellow was compelled to recall all the copies of his book that had not passed beyond his reach, and eliminate the statements that made him so ridiculous.

beyond Occurrences 13%

Most of this journey beyond Shokuane was performed on foot, in consequence of the draught oxen having become sick.

than Occurrences 11%

But once, after a longer journey than usual, he returned to find that his only son had died of the plague and that his wife had forgotten him for another.

under Occurrences 9%

These were little gold and green beetles living near it, who often passed it, and now and then stopped to talk a little about their children and their journeys under the soil.

Which preposition to use with  journey