Which preposition to use with kicked

at Occurrences 65%

I kicked at 'em as they would charge on my feet and llimbs.

against Occurrences 38%

As long as man and woman are held together by love, attraction, or "conditions" (in its last analysis it is all the Law of Attraction, or God) they are literally one, no matter how hard they kick against the oneness; and neither man nor woman can alone be a model, any more than one side of a peach can be entirely ripe and sweet and the other side entirely hard and green.

out Occurrences 37%

A quack who peddles a valuable remedy upon which he may have stumbled, and yet refuses to disclose its ingredients for the benefit of the whole medical fraternity, violates the esprit du corps of the profession, and is by general consent deemed a fit person to be kicked out of it.

with Occurrences 36%

The little thing lay upon its face across her lap, paddling and kicking with its little bare arms and legs, as such little people are very apt to do, while being dressed.

in Occurrences 35%

Wherefore he attracted a gentle kick in the way of a plague.

of Occurrences 32%

With a sharp kick of his right foot he succeeded in knocking the first German's legs from beneath him; and again the lad tried to raise his revolver to shoot the second German, who now advanced.

on Occurrences 29%

Well, if you got any kick on us, please, sir, go get the Old Man.

about Occurrences 29%

This formed but a small corner of a large level field, in which a number of boys were to be seen wandering about arm in arm, or standing chatting together in small groups, pausing every now and then in their conversation to give chase to a football which was being kicked about in an aimless fashion by a number of their more energetic companions.

over Occurrences 28%

He pounded the clay floor with his ponderous old boots until the room was filled with a cloud of dust; then in his excitement he kicked over chairs, pots, kettles, and whatever came in his way, while he kept on revolving round the table in a kind of crazy fandango.

from Occurrences 27%

It would be impossible to describe the miserable sensations, both of body and mind, with which I dragged myself across the crowded pavement, not without curses and even kicks from the passers-by, and avoiding the shop from which I still heard those shrieks of devilish laughter, gathered myself up in the shelter of a little projection of a wall, where I was for the moment safe.

to Occurrences 20%

"Why don't you kick to the Old Man, then?" sneered Thrackles.

into Occurrences 14%

Insult was offered to the American flag by British cruisers, and the press of Great Britain insolently declared that the Americans "could not be kicked into a war.

for Occurrences 11%

Darrin is a good fellow, but I've got to make the team, confound him!" The kick for goal failed.

like Occurrences 10%

Sand in his craw an' a kick like a mule in his fist.

under Occurrences 7%

In the cheerfulness of their anticipations they even went the length of throwing their feet high in air, thus indicating how the Villivicencio ticket was going to give "doze Américains" the kick under the nose.

by Occurrences 5%

He divides the palm more equably, and allows his hero a sort of dimidiate pre-eminence:"Bully Dawson kicked by half the town, and half the town kicked by Bully Dawson."

through Occurrences 4%

He kicked through the ice-crust, gathered up a handful of snow, and began to rub it on the Boy's right cheek.

than Occurrences 4%

"It will end by killing me," she added; "I shall always get more kicks than money at it.

as Occurrences 2%

When I was a boy I made a trip to New Orleans, and there I saw them, chained, beaten, kicked as a man would be ashamed to kick a thieving dog.

around Occurrences 2%

"And meansay, he'd been kicked around all his life.

without Occurrences 2%

Chinaman squeals and kicks in the stable, Nobby kicks without squealing, but with even more purposelast night he knocked down a part of his stall.

round Occurrences 2%

The chap who wrote it ought to be kicked round the field.

off Occurrences 1%

"Gee, it's a wonder you fellows wouldn't say something before I was kicked off the earth!" growled the sophomore who had been sent to the grass by Sam.

behind Occurrences 1%

If it had had any penetrating poweror rather if the bullets that it sent out, had any real kick behind themthe chances are that both "Miss Jackson" and Marti would be dead now.

down Occurrences 1%

The lattera cockney and a thiefhad even been kicked down the hatchway by our hero.

Which preposition to use with  kicked