Which preposition to use with killed

in Occurrences 690%

A REWARD of $30,000 will be paid for the arrest and | | conviction of the murderer of BENJAMIN NATHAN, who was | | killed in hie house, No. 12 West Twenty-third Street, New | | York, on the morning of Friday, July 29.

at Occurrences 205%

I am glad that people were not killed at the time of Etim's death.

with Occurrences 141%

A little band of three were discovered snow-bound in Bloody Canon a few years ago, and were killed with an ax by mountaineers, who chanced to be crossing the range in winter.

on Occurrences 140%

I had no particular ties nor traditions, had no grandfather killed on the scaffold, nor frozen to death in the retreat of "La Grande Armee" from Moscow.

for Occurrences 108%

It is the Indians' own tree, and many a white man have they killed for cutting it down.

by Occurrences 35%

I have several times tracked them through the Mono Pass, but only in late years, after cattle and sheep had passed that way, when they doubtless were following to feed on the stragglers and on those that had been killed by falling over the rocks.

near Occurrences 25%

The Indians returned early in the morning, bringing with them the scalp of a French officer they had killed near the fort, and stated that they had seen none of the enemy except the one they had shot, and that the French possessed no pass between us and Duquesne, and had seemingly made no preparation to resist us.

during Occurrences 23%

" He went to another old woman and left the old dame, whom he killed during the night.

without Occurrences 22%

But if you want a dog that will go in and kill without either pointing or setting, be sure that the Iron Dog is the dog for your money.

under Occurrences 21%

And he seems to bear a charmed life, for though his coat was pierced a dozen times and two horses were killed under him, he has escaped without a scratch.

to Occurrences 19%

Such a ridiculous kind of pity his, as those silly souls have, who would not kill an innocent chicken for the world; but when killed to their hands, are always the most greedy devourers of it.

before Occurrences 17%

Was Sir Horace killed before duskbefore the lights were turned on?

of Occurrences 15%

who's so desperate To damn himself by killing of himself?

from Occurrences 15%

" After that I put in my time hunting, and with splendid success, killing from fifteen to twenty antelopes a day, which kept the men well supplied with fresh meat.

like Occurrences 12%

That such a man should be killed like this, struck down by a mysterious assassin, armed with a poisoned weapon....

as Occurrences 12%

Mary heard that Etim was the only chief in Okoyong ever to be buried without some people being killed as a human sacrifice.

after Occurrences 10%

If he was killed after dark, who turned out the lights?" "He was killed between 10 and 10.30 at night," said Crewe.

within Occurrences 9%

The remarkable nature of the mystery, its picturesque and unique features, the fact that three men had been killed within a few days in precisely the same manner, and the absence of any reasonable hypothesis to explain these deathsall this served to rivet public attention.

out Occurrences 9%

But it paid still higher prices to athletes and dancers, and almost no price at all to those who sought to stimulate a love of knowledge for its own sake,men like Socrates, for example, who walked barefooted, and lived on fifty dollars a year, and who at last was killed out of pure hatred for the truths he told and the manner in which he told them,this martyrdom occurring in the most intellectual city of the world.

off Occurrences 9%

Are modern geologists prepared to say that all life was killed off the earth 50,000, 100,000, or 200,000 years ago?

than Occurrences 7%

With all the increase in guns and hunters I do not think that any more deer were killed than during the summer of 1902."

through Occurrences 6%

Charles, the son and heir, was killed through an accident to his coach in Wales, July, 1698, and the shock is said to have hastened the old Duke's end.

over Occurrences 5%

" "Captain Wegg was killed over three years ago," suggested Miss Doyle, recovering easily from her rebuff.

until Occurrences 3%

Of course, Beauregard had his skirmishers spread out in front of us, but, as there is no use in killing until some end is to be gained, they have got out of our way.

between Occurrences 2%

He was a great fisherman, too, and many a salmon I have seen him kill between the town and Rutherglen in the autumn afternoons.

Which preposition to use with  killed