Which preposition to use with knowing

of Occurrences 4455%

He was very friendly and talked for twenty minutes about all sorts of things, in excellent French, with a few words of English now and then to show he knew of my English connection.

as Occurrences 3998%

All the great avenues, Alma, Jena, Kleber, and the adjacent streets are known as the Quartier de l'Etoile.

to Occurrences 2921%

It may be easily understood, that I was tremendously curious, though in a frightened way, to know to what infernal place that hole led; though, so far, the idea had not struck me, seriously, of making an investigation.

in Occurrences 2040%

It seemed to me, that each crack and creak was the coming of one of those Things along the dark corridors; though I knew in my heart that this could not be, for I had seen, myself, that all the doors were secure.

about Occurrences 1934%

I always thought the Empress knew about it and appreciated his act, for during his embassy in London, though we never saw her, she constantly sent him word through mutual friends of little negotiations she knew about and thought might interest him, and always spoke very well of him as a "clear-headed, patriotic statesman."

for Occurrences 693%

I had known for a long time that things were not going well, but there were always so much friction and such opposing elements in the cabinet that I had not attached much importance to the accounts of stormy sittings and thought things would settle down.

from Occurrences 664%

This little work is made public, not from a vain expectation, or desire, in the Writer to obtain any degree of literary distinction; for, if his wishes and endeavours are successful, the world will not know from what hand it proceeds.

by Occurrences 594%

In like fashion, he, without changing his place, continued to scrutinize my features, but with the greatest caution; and, perhaps, having had much practice in amorous warfare, and knowing by what devices the longed-for prey might be captured, he showed himself every moment more humble, more desperate, and more fraught with tender yearning.

at Occurrences 508%

Their data must be known at first-hand.

with Occurrences 191%

I know with a woman like you, whose own happiness always is last, that first your girl must be fixed.

on Occurrences 173%

A man I know on the Rappahannock passed the word that the Long House was stirring.

among Occurrences 129%

I felt very anxious to know how it was that their numbers did not increase, as they were exempt from all pestilential diseases, and live in such abundance, that a beggar by trade has never been known among them, and are remarkable for their moral habits.

under Occurrences 87%

It was no "ghost," as I fear we all vulgarly considered it, to him,but a poor creature whom he knew under these conditions, just as he had known him in the flesh, having no doubt of his identity.

through Occurrences 85%

His face and hands were covered with huge blisters, and it was not necessary either Sergeant Corney or I should ask how he came by them, for we knew through bitterest experience what the squaws and children would do when a white man was at their mercy.

throughout Occurrences 85%

The former became more lax than ever in the discharge of his duties, and avoiding the society of his school equals, sought the companionship of such boys as Hawley, Gull, and Mouler, who at length came to be known throughout the College as "Thirsty's Lot." With the exception of Fletcher, the prefects left him severely alone.

without Occurrences 78%

DEAR PUNCHINELLO:I arrived here last Saturday, and as I would be the last person to allow a commendable enterprise to languish for want of proper encouragement, and in order to put the Hotel proprietors out of suspense, I thought I would let you know without further delay that I consider Lake George a success.

before Occurrences 69%

In fact, all the British fleet within wireless radius knew before night that there was a new champion of the British fleet; and they cheered him, though he could not hear.

than Occurrences 63%

The American Mosquito Few American birds are better known than the mosquito.

until Occurrences 44%

What happened to the world's champion Athletics the public did not really know until after the middle of the season.

beyond Occurrences 36%

He was only sixteen years of agetwo months older than I; but within an hour after we knew beyond a peradventure that Peter Sitz was a prisoner, it seemed as if the lad had grown to be a man.

unto Occurrences 36%

Then, worshipful Master Sylla, be it known unto you, That my neighbour's daughter Dority Was a maid of restority; Fair, fresh, and fine As a merry cup of wine; Her eyes like two potch'd eggs, Great and goodly her legs; But mark my doleful ditty, Alas!

of Occurrences 31%

"Yes, sir; we're from Acredale, near Warchester," Merry said, as though Acredale must be known even in this remote place, and that the knowing of it would bring a certain consideration to the travelers.

within Occurrences 31%

Let me know within three months how you feel about it.

into Occurrences 18%

With a calmer mind, I became again curious to know into what that trap opened; but could not, then, summon sufficient courage to make a further investigation.

after Occurrences 17%

I came to know after, or I never could have made this record.

Which preposition to use with  knowing