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Which preposition to use with  landed

Which preposition to use with landed

[Footnote: A proverb, found also in Herondas iii, 76: apparently fairy-land, the land of Nowhere.]

Or he may say: I will keep my land in trust for God.

CHAPTER V. The voyage continuedSecond view of AsiaThe Brahmin's speculations concerning IndiaIncrease of the Moon's attractionAppearance of the Moon They land on the Moon.

We landed at each one of these places.

Although she felt at first a natural disappointment that she would not be allowed to labour in the mission field, she was able to look upward in her hour of trial and to say: "Tell my friends I never regretted leaving my native land for the cause of Christ.

He was standing now looking up at the latch, high, and made for white men, eager, breathing fast, listening to that dismal sound that is like nothing else in naturelistening as might an exiled Scot to the skirl of bagpipes; listening as a Tyrolese who hears yodelling on foreign hills, or as the dweller in a distant land to the sound of the dear home speech.

We drew the deer into the baggage-boat, and sent forward our pioneer to erect our tents, and prepare a late dinner, at our old camping ground, while we landed with the dogs on the island near the head of Round Pond, or Lake, to course whatever game they might find upon it.

And then we had fully half the stores to put away again, and the other half to transport painfully over the neck of land from the cove to the beach.

She saw captured Negroes being taken to other lands as slaves.

We landed by a spring, which came bubbling up from beneath one of these great moss-covered rocks, to lunch.

The land between the lakes along this channel is low, swampy, and covered with willows, and, at the stage in which I saw it, did not rise more than 3 feet above the water.

In course of time we landed near Babelsberg, where carriages were waiting.

Wild with apprehensions of reaching the land without danger, he sat down and madly whittled a hole in the bottom of the boat, making it, as nearly as possible, such a one as a sword fish would be likely to cut.

Also the King richly endowed the house, giving it all the land within a radius of a league, and there the abbot was to be absolute lord free of bishop and royal officer,

When Jerusalem was won and small parties of our soldiers were allowed to see the Holy City, their politeness to the inhabitants, patriarch or priest, trader or beggar, man or woman, rebuked the thought that the age of chivalry was past, while the reverent attitude involuntarily adopted by every man when seeing the Sacred Places suggested that no Crusader Army or band of pilgrims ever came to the Holy Land under a more pious influence.

Nor have these wonderful metamorphoses of sea into land, and of land into sea, been confined to one corner of England.

Then the last climb up to the height-of-land beyond which lay the headwaters of the Chaudiere, which takes its rise in Lake Megantic.

It was a wilder land than the Tidewater, for only once did we see a human dwelling.

On the banks of the Chazy and near the outlet, a half-breed, that is, half French and half Indian, had built him a log cabin, and cleared about an acre of land around it.

This change from icy darkness and death to life and beauty was slow, as we count time, and is still going on, north and south, over all the world wherever glaciers exist, whether in the form of distinct rivers, as in Switzerland, Norway, the mountains of Asia, and the Pacific Coast; or in continuous mantling folds, as in portions of Alaska, Greenland, Franz-Joseph-Land, Nova Zembla, Spitzbergen, and the lands about the South Pole.

Charles listened to him kindly enough, for his office had not yet grown a burden to him, and finally granted him a patent for two thousand acres of land along the upper Potomac.

Then describe the land through figures of speech which will vivify its outward appearance or its emotional significance to the owner.

In a wild land like Palestine, where the native has no respect for property, where fields and crops are always at the mercy of marauders, the barbed-wire fence has been a tremendous factor for civilization, and with these gone the Arabs were once more free to sweep across the country unhindered, stealing and destroying.

One would go away into foreign lands after a while, and come back with a great deal of money,lakes of rupees and pieces of eight, probably.

"Do you see that piece of land over yender?" said he, pintin to a strip of 10 akers.

By this time Barney and Dick had ridden up, and began to admire the expanse of water spreading from the land before them to a green wilderness in the distance.

I was hunting alone in a strange land among imminent perils, and my aim was not to glorify my skill, but to find the means of life.

But Acredale was not only a very complete reflex of Northern local sentiment; its war epoch represented the normal conduct of every hamlet in the land during the conflict with the South.

After these things he said to his brethren: After my death, God shall visit you and shall do you depart from this land unto the land that he promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

I sought her at once, and with fear and trembling asked, 'Have you a bit of land behind your house in Denver where I could put up a small telescope?'

It was, in fact, a reconnoitring expedition to prepare the way for a greater effort, and establish confidence in the existence of land across the ocean easily reached from England.

Meanwhile, the canoe floated slowly down the stream, but its motion gradually increased as it approached the fall; and Oriana gazed at it, expecting every moment that Coubitant, who had now taken the oar in his powerful grasp, would turn its course, and either draw towards the shore; or else row back again up the river, and land below the first rapids.

Hereabouts the ranges have no foothills, but rise up steeply from the bench lands above the river.

St. Bernard, at the instance of Pope Eugenius, preaches a crusade for the protection of the Holy Land against Noureddin, Sultan of Aleppo.

On my journey back to London, as the train swung through Peterborough and out across the rich level lands towards Hitchin, I recollected Jack Durnford's words when I had mentioned the Lola.

A few settled in rural Quebec on lands outside the line of seigneuries.

On his face was a strange joy as of the explorer who tops the mountains and sees the beauty of the promised land beneath him.

Meanwhile I wish you to face fairly the truly grand idea, which all I have said tends to prove truethat all the soil we see is made by the destruction of older soils, whether soft as clay, or hard as rock; that rain, rivers, and seas are perpetually melting and grinding up old land, to compose new land out of it; and that it must have been doing so, as long as rain, rivers, and seas have existed.

A great fight raged round the former height and we were driven off it, but the divisional artillery so sprinkled the crest with shell that the Turk could not occupy it, and it became No Man's Land until the early evening when the 7th Royal Welsh Fusiliers recaptured and held it.

Italian Engineers are famous all the world over, but they have done nothing more magnificent than their swift building of innumerable roads, broad and well-laid and with marvellously easy gradients, both in these inhospitable and undeveloped border lands beside the Isonzo, and along the whole mountain Front.

By his orders a new register of the lands throughout the kingdom was commenced, but various calamities caused this useful measure to be suspended.

One member of our party suggested that if there could be secured by pre-emption a good title to two or three quarter sections of land opposite the lower fall of the Yellowstone and extending down the river along the caรฑon, they would eventually become a source of great profit to the owners.

In the next reign, we may inferfrom the favor granted by the King to the knights who defended their lands per loricas (that is, by the hauberk) that their demesne lands shall be exempt from pecuniary taxationthat the process of definite military infeudation had largely advanced.

On November 19, 1620, they sighted land off the coast of Cape Cod.

The enclosure belonging to the Lepailleurs, who stubbornly refused to sell it, alone set a strip of dry, stony, desolate land amid the broad green plain.

Why, do you think that I am so mad, to go seek my living in the lands amongst the stones, briars and bushes, and tear my holiday apparel?

Abram beheld all the land toward the south, and saw the beauty thereof, and found it like as our Lord told him.

Idyllic setting except for the heavy bulldozers now carving the hills to separate the remaining people from their lands via an apartheid wall that is planned to completely ring the village.

Nevertheless, they were of very respectable family and connections, and of independent property, owning bank stock which brought them in an annual income of about twelve hundred dollars, in addition to the house they occupied, and half a dozen acres of land thereunto pertaining.

Once, while ascending the upper Mississippi in the autumn, when its waters were low, I was compelled to travel by land past the region of the rapids.

Buying the cottage was not a straightforward affair, considering they didn't buy the land underneath it.

We know from much later census fragments that the government tried to enforce this equalization law, but did not always succeed; we read statements such as "X has so and so much land; he has a claim on so and so much land and, therefore, has to get so and so much"; but there are no records that X ever received the land due to him.

All of this is good, but towns should be able to have access to Crown lands inside their planning areas in the same manner as other lands are available to them for economic development purposes in this amendment.

Behold the retrogression of those lands Whence painting, sculpture and the drama sprung; See starved Trinacria's outstretched, empty hands, And all the classic shores by Homer sung!

And from thence riding ouer land vnto Venice, I prepared for my voyage to Ierusalem in the Pilgrimes shippe.

M.C. Schadee, "Het familieleven en familierecht der Dajaks van Landak en Tajan," Bijdragen tot de Taal-Land en Volkenkunde van Nederlandsch-Indiรฉ, lxiii.

While he was encamped between Montmarsen and the high lands ot Albreth, he sent sir Peter de Benil to Orth~s, where on his arrival he was handsomely received by the count de Foix and lodged in the castle.

It has 591,000 square miles of land versus Iraqโ€™s 168,000 square miles, and its influence has grown as the power of its rival Iraq collapsed in the wake of the US war there.

And we commended his soul to the god of the land whereto he went, of the land of his home to the northward, and he commended our souls to the God of the people of the land wherefrom we had come.

Evolving over multiple phases, Laurierโ€™s new campus will be part of a comprehensively planned neighbourhood in west Milton, encompassing 400 acres of land alongside the Niagara Escarpment.

The stardrive section's explosion forced the saucer section into Veridian III's atmosphere and it crash-landed onto the planet.