Which preposition to use with landed

of Occurrences 3715%

[Footnote: A proverb, found also in Herondas iii, 76: apparently fairy-land, the land of Nowhere.]

in Occurrences 1564%

Or he may say: I will keep my land in trust for God.

on Occurrences 914%

CHAPTER V. The voyage continuedSecond view of AsiaThe Brahmin's speculations concerning IndiaIncrease of the Moon's attractionAppearance of the Moon They land on the Moon.

at Occurrences 863%

We landed at each one of these places.

for Occurrences 437%

Although she felt at first a natural disappointment that she would not be allowed to labour in the mission field, she was able to look upward in her hour of trial and to say: "Tell my friends I never regretted leaving my native land for the cause of Christ.

to Occurrences 398%

He was standing now looking up at the latch, high, and made for white men, eager, breathing fast, listening to that dismal sound that is like nothing else in naturelistening as might an exiled Scot to the skirl of bagpipes; listening as a Tyrolese who hears yodelling on foreign hills, or as the dweller in a distant land to the sound of the dear home speech.

with Occurrences 369%

We drew the deer into the baggage-boat, and sent forward our pioneer to erect our tents, and prepare a late dinner, at our old camping ground, while we landed with the dogs on the island near the head of Round Pond, or Lake, to course whatever game they might find upon it.

from Occurrences 320%

And then we had fully half the stores to put away again, and the other half to transport painfully over the neck of land from the cove to the beach.

as Occurrences 119%

She saw captured Negroes being taken to other lands as slaves.

by Occurrences 113%

We landed by a spring, which came bubbling up from beneath one of these great moss-covered rocks, to lunch.

between Occurrences 113%

The land between the lakes along this channel is low, swampy, and covered with willows, and, at the stage in which I saw it, did not rise more than 3 feet above the water.

near Occurrences 98%

In course of time we landed near Babelsberg, where carriages were waiting.

without Occurrences 90%

Wild with apprehensions of reaching the land without danger, he sat down and madly whittled a hole in the bottom of the boat, making it, as nearly as possible, such a one as a sword fish would be likely to cut.

under Occurrences 86%

When Jerusalem was won and small parties of our soldiers were allowed to see the Holy City, their politeness to the inhabitants, patriarch or priest, trader or beggar, man or woman, rebuked the thought that the age of chivalry was past, while the reverent attitude involuntarily adopted by every man when seeing the Sacred Places suggested that no Crusader Army or band of pilgrims ever came to the Holy Land under a more pious influence.

within Occurrences 81%

Also the King richly endowed the house, giving it all the land within a radius of a league, and there the abbot was to be absolute lord free of bishop and royal officer, [Footnote: The unique privileges of the abbot of Battle included the right to "kill and take one or two beasts with dogs" in any of the King's forests.] and very many manors beside.

into Occurrences 72%

Nor have these wonderful metamorphoses of sea into land, and of land into sea, been confined to one corner of England.

beyond Occurrences 66%

Then the last climb up to the height-of-land beyond which lay the headwaters of the Chaudiere, which takes its rise in Lake Megantic.

about Occurrences 58%

This change from icy darkness and death to life and beauty was slow, as we count time, and is still going on, north and south, over all the world wherever glaciers exist, whether in the form of distinct rivers, as in Switzerland, Norway, the mountains of Asia, and the Pacific Coast; or in continuous mantling folds, as in portions of Alaska, Greenland, Franz-Joseph-Land, Nova Zembla, Spitzbergen, and the lands about the South Pole.

than Occurrences 56%

It was a wilder land than the Tidewater, for only once did we see a human dwelling.

like Occurrences 39%

In a wild land like Palestine, where the native has no respect for property, where fields and crops are always at the mercy of marauders, the barbed-wire fence has been a tremendous factor for civilization, and with these gone the Arabs were once more free to sweep across the country unhindered, stealing and destroying.

through Occurrences 38%

Then describe the land through figures of speech which will vivify its outward appearance or its emotional significance to the owner.

over Occurrences 37%

"Do you see that piece of land over yender?" said he, pintin to a strip of 10 akers.

along Occurrences 35%

Charles listened to him kindly enough, for his office had not yet grown a burden to him, and finally granted him a patent for two thousand acres of land along the upper Potomac.

around Occurrences 34%

On the banks of the Chazy and near the outlet, a half-breed, that is, half French and half Indian, had built him a log cabin, and cleared about an acre of land around it.

among Occurrences 29%

I was hunting alone in a strange land among imminent perils, and my aim was not to glorify my skill, but to find the means of life.

Which preposition to use with  landed