Which preposition to use with laughing

at Occurrences 3626%

The Brahmin did not, as I expected, join me in laughing at the scene we had just witnessed; but, after some musing, observed: "There is much truth in what each of these parties say.

in Occurrences 535%

To this class I was more communicative; and when I severally informed them that I had actually been to the Moon, some of them shrugged their shoulders, others laughed in my face, and some were angry at my supposed attempt to deceive them; but all, with a single exception, were incredulous.

with Occurrences 419%

She had never yet shown more than a conversational interest in any of them, but always seemed to be laughing with a soft mockery at her own success.

of Occurrences 237%

" "Of course I can, JOHN MCLAUGHLIN," says Mr. BUMSTEAD, checking another unseemly laugh of Mr. SMYTHE'S with a dreadful frown.

over Occurrences 110%

They would laugh over this ever-green reminiscence on Sunday Park benches and at intermission at moving pictures when they remained through it to see the show twice.

to Occurrences 88%

From this basin a little stream goes rippling and laughing to the lake.

from Occurrences 86%

I hadn't been in it ten days before you were hangin' on my laughs from morning till night.

like Occurrences 79%

The two gold-seekers, laughing like schoolboys, sat astride the pack; the Colonel shook out the canvas, and they scudded off up the river like mad.

on Occurrences 75%

Such tunes as come up from the world belowa school-bell, a rooster crowing, children laughing on the road, a threshing machine on the lower meadowssuch tunes are pitched to a marvellous softness.

for Occurrences 72%

Afterward she spread out her hands in a helpless gesture, and laughed for no apparent reason, and sat down again.

about Occurrences 54%

At first they joked and laughed about their hunger and the scarcity.

into Occurrences 28%

Simply because Gloria had come, had laughed into his eyes, and had gone on.

through Occurrences 28%

She laughed through her sob.

out Occurrences 25%

I merely informed Mr. DROWSE that the editor was very tall, very handsome, with very black skin and rosy hair, (at which he opened his eyes with astonishment, and asked if I meant so; at which I said, "Yes, I guess so,") and that he laughed out of his nose, eyes, head, and hands, as well as his mouth.

by Occurrences 24%

His command over the verse itself is almost miraculous: he glides from extreme to extreme, from punning to pathos, from melancholy to mad merriment, sighing or laughing by the way at his readers or at himself or at the stanzas.

as Occurrences 21%

The eyes are childish, eager, ready to laugh as cry,the voice warm, chordant,the touch of the hand unutterably tender.

at Occurrences 18%

He burst out a-laughing at the exquisitely ludicrous idea of a gentleman of his fashion scrambling for coppers.

without Occurrences 17%

" At this bare likening of the beggar to Ulysses, Minerva from heaven made the suitors for foolish joy to go mad, and roused them to such a laughter as would never stop, they laughed without power of ceasing, their eyes stood full of tears for violent joys; but fears and horrible misgivings succeeded: and one among them stood up and prophesied: "Ah, wretches!"

before Occurrences 14%

Though, by St. Giles, which is my patron saint, I care not how it be, for mark ye, vacuus cantat coram latrone viator, Sir Goliath, the which in the vulgar tongue signifieth that he who travels with an empty purse laughs before the footpadmoreover, I have a sword!"

under Occurrences 14%

Dr. Simson did nothing but utter subdued laughs under his breath.

behind Occurrences 14%

Then came a mocking laugh behind me.

against Occurrences 13%

"He came out on the other side of the stream, and after joining in the laugh against himself, and taking off and wringing his garments, he wandered up to the apron of the old dam, and stretching himself along the planks, went to looking anxiously down into the deep water.

among Occurrences 11%

Thus it was that upon a sunny afternoon he wandered beside a little rivulet, bowered in alder and willow: here, a merry brook that prattled over pebbly bed and laughed among stones and mossy boulders, there a drowsy stream that, widening to dreamy pool, stayed its haste to woo down-bending branches with soft, kissing noises.

within Occurrences 11%

Oh, how often I laughed within my own breast, being enraptured with myself, and taking glory unto myself because of such things, just as if I were a real goddess!

in Occurrences 5%

I have no quarrel with my father's nor your aunt's piety, but there's too little laughing in it.'

Which preposition to use with  laughing