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Which preposition to use with  laughing

Which preposition to use with laughing

The Brahmin did not, as I expected, join me in laughing at the scene we had just witnessed; but, after some musing, observed: "There is much truth in what each of these parties say.

To this class I was more communicative; and when I severally informed them that I had actually been to the Moon, some of them shrugged their shoulders, others laughed in my face, and some were angry at my supposed attempt to deceive them; but all, with a single exception, were incredulous.

She had never yet shown more than a conversational interest in any of them, but always seemed to be laughing with a soft mockery at her own success.

"Of course I can, JOHN MCLAUGHLIN," says Mr. BUMSTEAD, checking another unseemly laugh of Mr. SMYTHE'S with a dreadful frown.

They would laugh over this ever-green reminiscence on Sunday Park benches and at intermission at moving pictures when they remained through it to see the show twice.

From this basin a little stream goes rippling and laughing to the lake.

At first they joked and laughed about their hunger and the scarcity.

I hadn't been in it ten days before you were hangin' on my laughs from morning till night.

The two gold-seekers, laughing like schoolboys, sat astride the pack; the Colonel shook out the canvas, and they scudded off up the river like mad.

Afterward she spread out her hands in a helpless gesture, and laughed for no apparent reason, and sat down again.

Such tunes as come up from the world belowa school-bell, a rooster crowing, children laughing on the road, a threshing machine on the lower meadowssuch tunes are pitched to a marvellous softness.

She laughed through her sob.

The eyes are childish, eager, ready to laugh as cry,the voice warm, chordant,the touch of the hand unutterably tender.

I merely informed Mr. DROWSE that the editor was very tall, very handsome, with very black skin and rosy hair, (at which he opened his eyes with astonishment, and asked if I meant so; at which I said, "Yes, I guess so,") and that he laughed out of his nose, eyes, head, and hands, as well as his mouth.

Simply because Gloria had come, had laughed into his eyes, and had gone on.

His command over the verse itself is almost miraculous: he glides from extreme to extreme, from punning to pathos, from melancholy to mad merriment, sighing or laughing by the way at his readers or at himself or at the stanzas.

Though, by St. Giles, which is my patron saint, I care not how it be, for mark ye, vacuus cantat coram latrone viator, Sir Goliath, the which in the vulgar tongue signifieth that he who travels with an empty purse laughs before the footpadmoreover, I have a sword!"

At this bare likening of the beggar to Ulysses, Minerva from heaven made the suitors for foolish joy to go mad, and roused them to such a laughter as would never stop, they laughed without power of ceasing, their eyes stood full of tears for violent joys; but fears and horrible misgivings succeeded: and one among them stood up and prophesied: "Ah, wretches!"

Then came a mocking laugh behind me.

Dr. Simson did nothing but utter subdued laughs under his breath.

"He came out on the other side of the stream, and after joining in the laugh against himself, and taking off and wringing his garments, he wandered up to the apron of the old dam, and stretching himself along the planks, went to looking anxiously down into the deep water.

he said, and the tone, in its disgust and its attempt to laugh off the incident, gave the simplicity of an exclamation from his limited vocabulary its character.

Thus it was that upon a sunny afternoon he wandered beside a little rivulet, bowered in alder and willow: here, a merry brook that prattled over pebbly bed and laughed among stones and mossy boulders, there a drowsy stream that, widening to dreamy pool, stayed its haste to woo down-bending branches with soft, kissing noises.

Oh, how often I laughed within my own breast, being enraptured with myself, and taking glory unto myself because of such things, just as if I were a real goddess!

that was George's idea,' laughed along her lips.

Anderson had laughed down her fears, and Lenore, absorbed in her own tumult, had been easily satisfied.

Oh, yes, it is that," said I, "But better the laugh than the dreary sigh.

Brodie made a last remark and laughed; the others laughed after him, and the four looked toward Jarrold and Gloria.

She prattled and laughed during supper with a light heart; expressed her gratitude to the Italians for their escort; and said that, if Monsieur Louison could be of any use to them, she knew how happy he would be to acknowledge their kindness to her. '

So the holy men came to the church; the Bishop and the Prior jesting and laughing between themselves about certain fair dames, their words more befitting the lips of laymen, methinks, than holy clerks.

Johnnie laughed across her shoulder.

O my child, whose white Soul laughed amid the laughter of God's light, Cassandra, what hands and how strange a day Have loosed thy zone!

With the minute hand on the very mark, he turned carelessly, the revolver still dangling by the trigger guard, and laughed toward the crowd.

'My ingenuity obtained my pardon: the lady being unable to forbear laughing throughout the whole affair, to find both so uncommonly tricked; her gaoleress her prisoner, safe locked up, and as much pleased as either of us.'

This was the group which sat and laughed beneath the fine old tulip trees, and gazed with delight upon the splendid landscape, and were happy.

On the first night the play opened propitiously enough with a loud laugh due to the only accident of the kind that ever happened at the Lyceum.

It was young David laughed beside the river.

Not for disbelief of the demonstration, but because of a general laugh around a tilt of words between Kincaid and the cavalry fellows, Anna lighted down and faced about, to find him, for the third time in five days, at close range.

But his words suggested something else; he might be a fool, not a knave; Mr. Saffron had been amused, had laughed beyond his wont.

As she did this, she thought she heard a suppressed laugh near her, and looked round, but could see no one.

Ralph also embraced the opportunity to slip through the crowd, and hasten round a corner; having achieved which movement, he leaned against a pump, and laughed until two babies playing on the side-walk nearly choked themselves with marbles as they gazed at him.

She would be laughing nowinto Gratton's eyes.

The splendor (numen) of the gods appears, and the quiet seats which are not shaken by storm-winds nor aspersed by rain-clouds; nor does the whitely falling snow-flake, with its hoar rime, violate their summery warmth, but an ever-cloudless ether laughs above them with widespread radiance."

The groundbreaking show first aired in 1990 and ran for a respectable six seasons, bringing plenty of laughs alongside some serious exploration of themes as heavy as racism and classism.

It was not until one disembarked and came dripping and laughing towards me, that I recognized him as my own peculiar property.

His majesty walked off early with the air befitting his dignity, followed by his train of courtiers, who, like courtiers, were laughing amongst themselves as they followed him: and I was left with the two queens, one of whom was making ruffles for the man she loved, and the other slopping tea for the good of her country.

I was little the worse of my ducking; for, as soon as I got out, I was set a-laughing by his telling me how to spell brandy, in both French and English, in three letters, viz.

Should sorrow come, as 'twill, to cast me down, Or Death, as come he must, to hush my voice, Her laugh would wake me just as now it thrills me That little, giddy laugh wherewith she kills me.'

And heand he laughed aboutabout you coming home alone from Burchester, and saidsaid that your game was up anyhow.

We laughed bout em.

He chuckled and laughed below his breath, struggling and cursing and crying out, as I struck him again, 'You gather a band!

[Sidenote: Percival bespeaketh the Lady Guinevere's page] Now when the page beheld Percival and what a singular appearance he presented, he laughed beyond all measure, and Percival, not knowing that he laughed in mockery, laughed also and gave him a very cheerful greeting in return.

Why don't you go and work, instead of idling about, stealing trout?' 'Be you a laughing at a poor fellow in his trouble?

He don't do much laughing outside of the ring, I can tell you.