Which preposition to use with leap

into Occurrences 433%

Far below me, I saw the earth, with the burning house leaping into an ever growing mountain of flame, 'round about it, the ground appeared to be glowing; and, in places, heavy wreaths of yellow smoke ascended from the earth.

from Occurrences 411%

he has leaped from his perch, has spread his broad pinions, and is soaring upward towards the sky.

to Occurrences 345%

Soon they were forging through the water at racing speed, the boat leaping to the impulsion of the sailorman's strongest motives, curiosity and the hope of saving a life.

over Occurrences 157%

I was astonished at first at this seeming increase in my muscular powers; when, on passing along a street in Alamatua, soon after my arrival, and meeting a dog, which I thought to be mad, I proposed to run out of his way, and in leaping over a gutter, I fairly bounded across the street.

in Occurrences 156%

Slade leaped in his chair.

on Occurrences 118%

So saying, he leaped on his zebra, gave a sort of huntsman's shout, and was off in a twinkling.

out Occurrences 108%

I leaped out of bed under the impression that at least twenty little children had fallen into as many tubs of boiling water.

of Occurrences 107%

In the brief leap of the sun, I saw that the snow had vanished; and then, once more, it was night.

at Occurrences 106%

"I know where he kept!" They leaped at himHandy Solomon and Pulzand fairly shook out of him what he thought he knew.

with Occurrences 92%

ally set forth?" Mencius replied, "In such a thing as taking the T'ae mountain under your arm, and leaping with it over the North Sea, if you say to people, 'I am not able to do it,' that is a real case of not being able.

for Occurrences 80%

He was fully armed, and in a second he had drawn a knife and leaped for Ringan's throat.

through Occurrences 64%

He asked no questions whatever, but us soon as she had led him to the open window he leaped through it and switched on an electric light.

like Occurrences 41%

It is not cast or wrought, like metal; it leaps like fire, and moves like air.

across Occurrences 38%

When the fire was at its height it was feared that the whole of lower town would be destroyed before the flames could be subdued, but by dint of superhuman effort the firemen managed to cut off the leap across Robert street and soon had the immense smouldering mass under control.

about Occurrences 30%

"David, little giant," exclaimed Dalzell, leaping about him, "that fight will become historic here!

toward Occurrences 21%

In the wild terror of that cry he recognized her voiceand he leaped toward the tent.

after Occurrences 19%

Frank leaped after him.

within Occurrences 14%

I knowI have seen it leap within thine eyes, heard it in thy voiceand wherefore did'st thou love Fidelis?

towards Occurrences 10%

Sweetwater held his breath, and the nurse leaped towards her and gently encircled her with protecting arms.

down Occurrences 10%

" The car was already leaping down the hill at a tremendous pace.

as Occurrences 9%

Every man leaped as to an order.

among Occurrences 9%

The Germans tried to flee through the communication trenches, but the Canadians leaped among them with bayonets and bombs, killing many and sparing few as prisoners.

along Occurrences 8%

The crisp air cut her glowing cheeks; her blood leaped along her veins; she breathed deeply, a great, uplifting elation bore her along.

behind Occurrences 6%

Five times he circled around the husky, and then like a shot he was in, sending his whole weight against the husky's shoulder, with the momentum of a ten-foot leap behind it.

against Occurrences 5%

There were people all about, and a great noise and confusion, and smoke and blackness, and up above, bright tongues of flame were leaping against the sky, Jim and I kept close to Mr. Morris's heels, as he pushed his way among the crowd.

Which preposition to use with  leap