Which preposition to use with  leaves

Which preposition to use with leaves

His explanation brought the famous reply from the duc, when he said it was impossible to act or to treat; there was nothing left in Franceno government, no ordersnothing.

This shore was smooth and long, vanishing to right and left of me, in extreme distances.

The question, Where is the line between ecclesiastical integrity and individual freedom? is therefore one which the common-sense of Christendom is left to solvenot to-day, not to-morrow, but gradually, generously, and conscientiously, as the centuries go on.

I had written to Madame Grevy to ask if she would receive me before I left for Italy.

Our faithful Kruft told us that there was absolutely nothing left on the tables, and they had almost to force the people out, telling them that an invitation to a ball did not usually extend to breakfast the next morning.

In the uniform he wore as Minister of Foreign Affairs and at the Berlin Congress, 1878] I felt rather lonely in the big ministry when they had all gone, and I was left with baby.

And they went, leaving behind them a boiling cauldron of theory and conjecture.

He would have taken in poor simple Hercules, but 6 that Our Lady of Malaria was there, who left her temple and came alone with him: all the other gods he had left at Rome.

Who ever forgets the tones of the old organ, the voice of the choir, the accent, look, and bearing of one's early pastor, the rustle of the leaves without the window, the rush of the fresh summer air, the soft falling of the rain?

She wrote to the Mission Board: I would like to have leave from the mission station at Akpap for six months.

There were just twenty-eight able-bodied men left out of the fifty.

* * * * * The upshot was that I paid a visit to the Governor, Mr. Francis Nicholson, whom my lord Howard had left as his deputy.

The servants always told me there was nothing left after a big party.

"You ought not to be left by yourself."

There was the famous Glastonbury thorn, and in the same locality a walnut tree was reported never to put forth its leaves before the feast of St. Barnabas, the 11th June.

Of this step she duly apprised her husband, saying: "I cannot but look upon every soul you leave under my care as a talent committed to me, under a trust by the great Lord of all the families of heaven and earth; and if I am unfaithful to Him or to you in neglecting to improve those talents, how shall I answer unto Him when He shall command me to render an account of my stewardship?"

He took the book on his knees, fluttering the leaves between thumb and finger.

Come, old limmer, the times grow colder; Leaves of the creeper redden and fall.

But in the darkleft to torches which illuminated only bits of the place, and which perhaps you mightn't switch on in time or turn in the right direction; if you were left like that, anybody might be anywhere, and on to you before you knew it!

He strode forward, and mounting the chest addressed the assembly as follows: "Gentlemen, however low Ronleigh may have sunk, there is still, I believe, left among us a certain amount of love of fair play, and therefore I ask you to give me a hearing.

I dashed what was left over the dying man, but his breathing grew slow and slower, and still his eyes were closed.

"Tell me now," said Beltane, coming to his elbow, "how many men should be left within Garthlaxton for garrison, think you?" "An hundred, belike!" said Walkyn.

If the children of the past did not have quite enough deference paid to their individuality, their likes and dislikes, and if their needs were too often left until the needs of everybody else had been considered,on the other hand, they were not surfeited with well-meant but ill-directed attentions.

Then came a hurried skeltering, for the first, second and third classmen were entitled to leave during the month of September.

And close along the shore on this side there is a strip of rocky meadow enameled with buttercups, daisies, and white violets, and the purple-topped grasses out on its beveled border dip their leaves into the water.

CHAPTER XXV At Westgate 'I've got to go up to town on special business,' said Bruce, one afternoon, after receiving a telegram which he had rather ostentatiously left about, hoping he would be questioned on the subject.

But he our life hath left unto us free Free that was thrall, and blessed that was banned; enslaved; cursed.

I believe that, by leaving through the horn-works, you can make your way to the rear of the British encampment without incurring any very grave danger, and if it is the desire of you lads to go with the sergeant you have my permission."

She put some leaves around it to make it look nice, and it noticed there were a great many other things on the table, and they all looked fresh and bright.

Nor had either noticed, being engrossed with the couple that had left than a moment before, the trio coming across from the station.

Wesley, too, had been left near the stone bridge with a ball in either his arm or thigh, the informant was not quite sure which, as he fell in a charge of the line.

And his heart within him fluttered, Trembled like the leaves above him, Like the birch-leaf palpitated, As the deer came down the pathway.

Tom Hunting left due to nervous problems that made him leave in 1989 after the Fabulous Disaster album, and was replaced with Paul Bostaph.

"You must have taken an immense interest in it," she said, as she snipped some dried leaves off a twig of geranium she had cut.

There are gusty, windy, capricious days in autumn, which nobody cares to praise, when the northwest wind goes sweeping over the forest, roaring among the trees, and whirling the sere leaves along the ground, and which, to tell the truth about them, are anything but pleasant.

Can't be, sometimes it takes up to a minute to find a gap when turning left onto it.

Protection of Leaves from the Attacks of Animals.] 2.

Throughout four years, three months and ten days, it had ramped and raged over the land, under the sea and in the air, slaughtering, poisoning, ravaging, without cessation, killing wherever it could, robbing with colossal greed, defiling what it could neither kill nor carry away, leaving across the pages of history a trail of blood and filth and slime that all the tears of all the angels cannot ever wash away.

Though in the sweating stage of an intermittent fever, Livingstone held his own with the chief, gave him an ox as "his mouth was bitter from want of flesh," advised him to open a trade in cattle with the Makololo, and to put down the slave-trade; and, after spending more than a week with him, left amid the warmest professions of friendship.

Rudolph, left outside this conference, could bear the uncertainty no longer.

Classified employees who receive an annual salary of $1000 or more per annum may be granted twenty-eight days' leave per annum to cover absences from duty due to illness or other causes.

Tiny streams of perspiration ran down my face, wetting the leaves beneath my head, and I chewed them in the vain hope that the suspicion of moisture might serve to quench my thirst.

Once I was on the very point of flying, for I was going up the great central stairway, and there came a pelt of dead leaves against a window-pane in a corridor just above on the first floor, which thrilled me to the inmost soul.

Although the roots of plants direct themselves towards moisture, and their leaves towards air and light,although the parts of some plants exhibit oscillating movements without any perceptible cause, and the leaves of others retract when touched,yet none of these movements justify the ascription to plants of perception or of will.

Some little objects on which her eyes lighted, a pocket scent-bottle ornamented with an opal, a paper-knife of burnished silver left inside a book, fully reassured her.

Currants should be nicely washed, picked, dried in a cloth, and then carefully examined, that no pieces of grit or stone may be left amongst them.

The friendly shelter of the papyrus leaves beside the river-bank was his refuge; and as he plunged into the river the scattered volley of rifle shots tore the reeds above him.

Leaves in windy weather.

The rain rolled dully down the clouded window-panes and spattered off the English-ivy leaves below the sill.

We see her arrive at the Palace amid the tumultuous adoration of the crowd, and leave amidst its execrations.