Which preposition to use with leg

of Occurrences 626%

Season a leg of mutton with salt, pepper and a pinch of cloves.

in Occurrences 193%

How do you know I won't inform the doctor at once what kind of an outfit he has tied to?" He planted far apart his thick legs in their soiled blue trousers, pushed back his greasy linen boating hat and stared at me with some amusement.

over Occurrences 100%

He just cried to his wife to expect him back when she saw him, slung on his back an old musket, cast a long leg over his little horse, and was ready to follow.

with Occurrences 98%

" Around him throng the ladies of the Imperial bed-chamber and a cohort of nurses, who cover his legs with kisses, and then dart furtively between his horse's jambes as if to escape the pressure of the crowd.

on Occurrences 70%

To a passer-by in the dusk he must have seemed an ordinary ship's captain stretching his legs on land.

to Occurrences 66%

Such was his evil temper, that he set the steps at a dangerous hazard in the dark, in order that scholarswhose eyes are bleared at bestmight risk their legs to the end of time.

for Occurrences 56%

Knowing that, owing to our mishaps, we could not do anything more that winter, and as I dreaded the idea of lying there on my back with a broken leg for weeks, and perhaps months, I prevailed upon Harrington to go the nearest settlementabout 125 miles distantto obtain a yoke of cattle, and then come back for me.

from Occurrences 47%

With a sharp kick of his right foot he succeeded in knocking the first German's legs from beneath him; and again the lad tried to raise his revolver to shoot the second German, who now advanced.

at Occurrences 39%

With reference to the rumor, the Pope stated in the Ecumenical Council that "the Bute was on the right leg at last, and that he would launch his thunder against him who should dare that Bute displace.

like Occurrences 34%

"Forsooth," quoth he, nodding, "thou'rt a lusty fellow, Sir Gentleness, by the teeth of St. Giles, which is my patron saint, ne'er saw I a goodlier spread of shoulder nor such a proper length of arm to twirl an axe withal, and thy legs like me wellhast the makings of a right lusty man-at-arms in thee, despite thy soft and peaceful look!"

out Occurrences 24%

Take your leg out of my way.' I drew myself out of his way from a sort of habit, though against my will, and asked, from habit too, 'Are you never any better than now?' He looked at me more closely, and an air of astonishment came over his face.

under Occurrences 22%

The man, accordingly, walks about in the midst of his game, and, whenever he pleases, pulls them by the legs under the water, and fixes them to his belt, until he has secured as many as he requires, and then moves off as he went amongst them, without exciting the slightest suspicion of the trick he has been playing them.

by Occurrences 21%

Youngsters not yet big enough to attend school begin quickening their eyesight and sharpening their wits and strengthening their hands and arms and legs by playing on base ball fields ready at hand in the meadows of farms, the commons of villages and the parks of cities all over the land.

into Occurrences 19%

Another chap had got my jack-nife, and was amusin' hisself by slashin' holes in my bloo cotton umbreller, which two other Muskeeters had shoved up, and was a settin' under, engaged in tyin' my panterloon legs into hard nots.

as Occurrences 17%

aye, she's in Mortain, mayhap, but 'tis none so far to Mortain for such legs as thine and mine.

above Occurrences 14%

He smashed down upon me again, and made that hole in my leg above the knee.

before Occurrences 12%

It was a curious pain which he had never felt in his sturdy little legs before in all his wanderings.

than Occurrences 11%

Mac was no sooner on his legs than Kaviak, determined not to lose his grasp of the situation, climbed upon the three-legged stool just vacated, and resumed his former relations with the friendly coat-tail.

off Occurrences 10%

"George Cannon could talk the hind leg off a horse," Mrs. Lessways continued quite happily.

across Occurrences 10%

A dandy who lolls in a box with a silken leg across the rail, scrawls a message to an actress and sends it off by Orange Moll.

around Occurrences 10%

This time she caught his feet as they swung upward, and drew his legs around the plank.

about Occurrences 9%

Meanwhile old Jacob began flinging his arms and legs about in all directions, looking like a scarecrow made to tumble about by means of springs and wires.

below Occurrences 9%

" Well, I just had time to put the monkey back in the cage when I saw that couple surround pa, and the woman grabbed the baby out of his arms, and the man tackled pa around the legs below the knee, and threw pa down under the ostrich cage, and said: "You kidnaper!

without Occurrences 9%

Vastly pleased with the daily bottle of stout we got for him with such difficulty, from supplies, he faced the awful daily dressing of his shattered leg without flinching, pretending to great comfort and an excellent position of his splint, which his crooked leg and my practised eye belied.

after Occurrences 9%

And St. Gregory recounteth in his dialogues that, in the church of St. Peter, where his bones rest, was a man of great holiness and of meekness named Gentian, and there came a maid into the church which was cripple, and drew her body and legs after her with her hands, and when she had long required and prayed St. Peter for health, he appeared to her in a vision, and said to her: Go to Gentian, my servant, and he shall restore thy health.

Which preposition to use with  leg