Which preposition to use with leichhardt

in Occurrences 2%

Amongst his papers is a rough sketch from life of Leichhardt in bush costume.

during Occurrences 1%

His route from the Albert lay along much the same line of country as that followed by Leichhardt during his journey to Port Essington.

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A high range of hills exist to the north of this creek, and the watercourses all trend to the north-west; and, as our latitude is the same as the Reedy Brook of Leichhardt on the south-west side of the Valley of Lagoons, it is evident that these streams do not join the Burdekin, but are tributary to the Lynd, joining it probably at the southern bend.

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The party despatched by the Colonial Government, under Mr. Hely, in 1851-2, traced Dr. Leichhardt to a spot near the head of the Warrego River.

Which preposition to use with  leichhardt