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Which preposition to use with  lies

Which preposition to use with lies

I could do nothing more for her, and so, crossed to where Pepper lay in a big basket.

My sister was lying on the bed; though whether asleep or not, I was unable to tell; and thus I left them.

The hunter sits, or more commonly lies at length on a bed of boughs in the bottom of the boat, with his rifle so far in front that the light will fall upon the forward sight.

But years rolled on, and the tall ship that swung out upon the broad ocean, and moved forward when the air was still and calmness was on the face of the deep, forward in the eye of the windforward in the teeth of the storm, that stopped not for billow or blast, gave the lie to philosophy, and scattered the theory of the wise like chaff.

In an instant, it had covered half the distance that lay between.

"These floaters that lie with deck almost awash will stand more hammering than a mud fort."

Gravy lies about it like a moat around a castle, and if there is in you the zest for encounter, you attack it above these murky waters.

It lies before you.

I had a lantern with me, and the idea came to me, that now would be a good time to investigate whatever lay under the great, oak slab.

But all along the upper freshly glaciated margin of the lake-bearing zone, every hollow, however small, lying within reach of any portion of the close network of streams, contains a bright, brimming pool; so that the landscape viewed from the mountain-tops seems to be sown broadcast with them.

Our way lay for a couple of miles along an old road, towards a clearing which had been abandoned, and through which the stream flowed.

During the return Darrow lay like a log in the bottom of the gig.

Cullen and Wood were to go with us to Pottsdam, from whence our route lay by railroad to Ogdensburgh.

Not knowing exactly what weight lay behind it, I called up all hands.

And yet, such is the pertinacity of human curiosity, that, at last, my chief desire was but to discover what lay beyond that gloomy entrance.

He grasps not only the produces of his own and his neighbor's field and vineyard, but demands what lies across continents and seas.

The long line across the harbor was the mole, and Barbara had thought the small steamer, lying near its end, like Terrier.

Returning from my usual walk, one morning, my way lay through the Capitol Park.

It lies along the river in a single street, not many miles from the point where Wolfe climbed to the Plains of Abraham.

He lies beside Handy Solomon.

When day came I tied Paladin to a tree and slept a little, and then I rode on to find a hill which would show me the lie of the land.

The whole land is bare and unpeopled, the very earth scarcely covering the rock that lies beneath it, and with which the country abounds, in places rising out of the soil in wave-shaped ridges.

Presently, in a half-conscious manner, I noticed that there was a faint mistiness, ruddy in hue, lying over its surface.

Leaving, I continued my tour 'round the house, finding little else of interest; save at the back, where I came across the piece of piping I had torn from the wall, lying among the long grass underneath the broken window.

She lay against him.

And the eyes of all were fixed upon the man who lay as one dead upon the ground, and from the lips of all came a low murmur of rapture and delight, that spread like the hum of the bees, like the cooing of the doves, like the voice of a mother over her child; and the same sound came to her own lips unawares, and she murmured 'welcome' and 'brother' and 'friend,' not knowing what she said; and looking to the others, whispered, 'Hush!

One Sunday, when I was some ten or eleven years old, when the old people were gone to meeting (and they had to go eight miles to find a meeting house), I, with an older brother, tired of lying around the house, concluded to take a stroll along up the brook.

Minรณok was a good camp, but it had the disadvantage of lying outside the magic district.

The English fleet had been for many days lying off the coast of Spain, eagerly waiting for the navies of France and Spain to leave their shelter in Cadiz harbour.

It was so close that half of its diameter lay below the horizon; and, as the world circled across its face, it seemed to tower right up into the sky, a stupendous dome of emerald colored fire.

As the sun sank behind the hills, the breeze died away, and the lake lay without a ripple around as, so calm, so smooth, and still, that it seemed to have sunk quietly to sleep in its forest bed.

It is undivided, but my lord stipulated that my portion should lie from the mountains westward.

The dryness of the preceding discussion, which lay out of the course of my studies, together with the effect of my dinner, began to make me a little drowsy; whereupon the Brahmin urged me to take the repose which it was clear I needed; remarking, that when I awoke, he would follow my example.

This party boarded a German destroyer lying alongside the mole, defeated her crew, and sank the ship.

I looked down upon the gravelly earth lying above her, as I had looked across at it when I left the parsonage at night fall, and passed by the church-yard.

Now, lying amid the leaves and fern with Cnut and the small man Prat beside him.

"About ten o'clock in the morning of the 25th August 1867, I was lying towards the southern end of the island, on a little hillock tolerably clear of trees, and facing a sort of glade or avenue, covered only with brush and young trees, which allowed me to see the sky within perhaps twenty degrees of the horizon.

God is uniformly represented as opposed to lies and to liars, and a lie in his sight is spoken of as a lie unto him, or as a lie against him.

Thus lying amongst them at the mouth of the earth he idled away the whole of the morning.

Upon the ceasing of the rain, the bo'sun called us all together, that we might make a decent burial of the unfortunate lad, whose remains had lain during the night upon one of the bottom-boards of the boat.

My business is to do the little, simple, everyday duties which lie nearest me, and be faithful in a few things; and then, if Christ will, He may make me some day ruler over many things, and I shall enter into the joy of my Lord, which is the joy of doing good to my fellow men.

An old Italian proverb says, "In time of war there are more lies than earth."

My cottage lies down the road yonder, an easy marchif you will step that far?Speaking for my comrade and myselfwe shall be proud for you to take tea with usmuffins sirshrimps, Mr. Bellewalso a pikelet or two.

The kindergarten cradle stood in the centre of the circle, and the kindergarten doll, clean, beautiful, and well dressed, lay inside the curtains, waiting to be sung to sleep with the other dolls.

The large end of one trough was put through the ventilator-hole, and the small end of the other through the hole opposite; their second ends met in the middle, the one lying into the other, and were supported at the juncture by a prop.

"But you do not care for their graves; look, how the grass and weeds nod over that tombstone; and you would not clear this, unless you knew something about the girl that lies underneath it."

Then he ran to the church and crawled under it, where he lay until night.

At the same time, Tyre being taken on that side which lay toward the harbor, a general carnage of the citizens ensued, and none was spared, except the few that fell into the hands of the Siclonians in Alexander's army, whoconsidering the Tyrians as countrymengranted them protection and carried them privately on board their ships.

His wife lies opposite him with others of his family.

'This article, then, I urge to your most serious consideration, as what lies next my heart.

The stranger seemed not entirely put out by the persistent refusal of the landlord and said: "We will find some corner in which to lie after supper."

My dogs were lying round me blinking and winking, and making an occasional futile snap at an imaginary fly or flea.

This better consciousness is something lying beyond all experience, that is, beyond all reason, whether of the theoretical or the practical kind, and has nothing to do with it; whilst it is in virtue of the mysterious union of it and reason in the same individual that the better consciousness comes into conflict with reason, leaving the individual to choose between the two.

On leaving St. Vincent, the track lies past the Grenadines.

No, sehthey cain't lay th' law to Miss Cahline's pussenalities.

Low down in the valley, at the northwest, lies lie de Villenoy, like a toy town, where the big bridge spans the Marne to carry the railroad into Meaux.

This ring of rough, reddish hair, tied with a cigar ribbon and lying atop the beads, was Bluff's best tail curl.

Mr. Hunt's London Journal, may dear James, is not only beyond all comparison, but out of all sight, the most entertaining and instructive of all the cheap periodicals; and when laid, as it duly is once a week, on my breakfast table, it lies therebut is not permitted to lie longlike a spot of sunshine dazzling the snow.

He declared that there were no less than twenty dead savages lying nearabout the place when he started for the fort, while as many more, badly wounded, were putting forth every effort at escaping beyond range of our gun.

The Commander then mounted ontop of the wash-stand, and helpin' hisself to a chaw of tobacker out of my box, which lay aside him, the old scoundrel commenced firin' his tobacker juice in my new white hat.

Because the origins of Nice โ€™n Spicy curries lie up the south coast, here you can absolutely expect things to be a whole lot hotter.

From the castle they goe to a gate of the citie called Bab-Nassera, without the which standes a Mosquita, and therein they lay vp the sayd vestures very well kept and guarded.

Still those vigilant green eyes never faltered in their task, and lying wherewith the door opened between our chambers (as she tyrannically required it to be most of the time)

And these prodigious slabs of gneiss now lay amidst schistous marl and calcareous rock.

Folded from mortal eyes, Lying alas "too deep for tears," Unborn, unborn it lies, within My heart of heart it lies.

We pink-skinned progeny of our predatory ancestors were then carefully taught to believe the Big Lies about the First Thanksgiving that were carefully embedded in our history books and Sunday School lessons.

Thy only child Lies at thy feet, thy joy, thy pride, So fair, so innocent, so mild; The same, for whom thy lady died!

" THE CHRISTENING The bells chime clear, Soon will the sun behind the hills sink down; Come, little Ann, your baby brother dear Lies in his christening-gown.

The Academy Award nominee talks with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith about season 2 of Black Monday on Showtime, playing Marty Kaan on House Of Lies with Kristen Bell and Ben Schwartz and what it was like.

"But still the house lies highwith regard to the town, I mean.

"I would n' tole nobody else," he said, in answer to my question, "but you tole a lie fo' me oncet, an' saved me a lickin'.

In fact, towards the end of the first day's march they reached a portion of the path about 200 paces in length, on which avalanches are constantly descending from the precipices of the Cramont that overhang it, and where in cold summers snow lies throughout the year.

Howe'er it was, hearing that night, you lay Aboard your ship, thus, as you see, disguised, In clothes belonging to my youngest nephew, I rose ere day, resolved to find you out, And, if I could, procure to wait on you Without discovery of myself: but fortune Crossed all my hopes.