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Which preposition to use with  lines

Which preposition to use with lines

Moment by moment, the acceleration of time continued; so that, at nights now, I saw the moon, only as a swaying trail of palish fire, that varied from a mere line of light to a nebulous path, and then dwindled again, disappearing periodically.

he said, after a moment, "isn't that mist or something, over there to the rightaway in a line with that great piece of rock?"

The policy of abstention has always seemed to me the weakest possible line in politics.

Homer, Dante, Milton, and Shakespeare are the lineal descendants of the man who made holes in a leaf, or lines on a wave-washed sand.

But at rare intervals warm rains and warm winds invade the mountains and push back the snow line from 2000 feet to 8000, or even higher, and then come the big floods.

I made such a meal as a hungry man makes when he's out all alone fishin' and huntin' about these waters, and started off across the lake, with my trollin' line to the length of a hundred feet or more, draggin' through the water behind me.

Perdosa, shaken to the soul, crept in, and made a bee-line for the rum barrel.

Drop us a line at Cape Vincent, when you've digested the matter, and we'll stand by you.

The question, Where is the line between ecclesiastical integrity and individual freedom? is therefore one which the common-sense of Christendom is left to solvenot to-day, not to-morrow, but gradually, generously, and conscientiously, as the centuries go on.

Then, observing that his guest looked curiously at a cracker, which, from the gravelly marks on one side, seemed to have been dug out of the earth, like a potato, he hastened to obviate all complaint in that line by carefully wiping every individual cracker with his pocket handkerchief.

"She was a brigantine aloft, but alow she had much the same lines as the Laughing Lass."

And every Muskeeter fell into line about my bedside.

He then marched through the unfortified interval of Nicias' lines into the besieged town, and joining his troops with the Syracusan forces, after some engagements with varying success, gained the mastery over Nicias, drove the Athenians from Epipolae, and hemmed them into a disadvantageous position in the low grounds near the great harbor.

It was empty, and was lined through and through with solid oak.

The venerable minister, for his locks were grey, and time had ploughed deep furrows down his cheeks, and draws palpable lines across his brow, was, as my memory paints him, the personification of earnestness, sincerity and truth.

Breaking the package open, he spread the yellow powder in a slightly curving line along the rock.

He passed down the line like a general reviewing his troops, tapping lightly with a cane various arms and legs which were not in position.

Draw a line under it and subjoin such synonyms as come to you after reflection.

He finally shut it with that click of the ill-fitting false teeth which was familiarand terribleto everybody at the boarding-house, shook out the lines over the old horse, and jogged away into the dusk.

How many persons there are who read those lines without giving one moment's thought to their hidden beauty.

O swung out of De Lisle Road and halted near the fountain; they watched with animation the Punjab cavalry trot homewards to their lines after a scurry in Kalachauki; and they burst into merriment when a refractory mule deposited one of the Northampton Regiment plump in the muddiest portion of the Circle.

'Thank you for nothing,' says he, and he opened his month like the entrance to a railroad tunnel, and blame me, if he hadn't taken a double hitch of the line around his eye tooth, while the hook hung harmless beside his jaw.

Small trees lay in tangled rows about the fresh gravel; farther back, the standing bush ran in a broken line against the fading light.

While both armies were drawn up in skirmish line near Fort Scott, Kansas, two men on horseback were seen rapidly leaving the Confederate lines, and suddenly they made a dash towards us.

As the course of our ascent was now less inclined from the vertical line than before, in proportion as the motion of the moon on its axis, is slower than that of the earth, we for some hours could see the former, only by the light reflected from our planet; and although the objects on the moon's surface were less distinct, they appeared yet more beautiful in my eyes than they had done in the glare of day.

Are not our troops retiring to their old lines before Washington?

"All the Hudson River I can see is fifteen smoke-stacks and somebody's wash-line out."

A volley is fired and returned; the exulting Caribees, with two lines behind them, give a loud cheer and, in an instant, the gray mass has disappeared, as if the earth had opened.

It has a hundred-thousand dollar college, a high school, the provincial asylum, a fire department, two clubs, a board of trade, and it's going to have a street-car line within two years.

At the present day the chief haunts of the mountain sheep are the fresh Alpine meadows lying close to timber line, and fenced in by tall peaks; or the rounded grassy slopes which extend from timber line up to the region of perpetual snows.

One impetuous scamp, being told not to go in front of the line during a beat near Burgamma, replied to the warning caution of his jemadar, 'Oh never mind, if get shot I will get backsheesh.'

You see, I left them last night, as early as I dared; I struck out in a straight line down the slope; then I made a turn off to the side and along the ridge where there was but little snow.

LINES TO HARUN AND YAHIA Th' affrighted sun ere while he fled, And hid his radiant face in night; A cheerless gloom the world overspread

| | | | LADIES LINES OF | | Ladies' and Gentlemens' | | Silk and Merino Underwear.

Just before it joined the older part again, right opposite his window, he made it run for a little way in a direct line towards the house, and in this part of the new channel he made preparations for his water-wheel.

But the main point, namely, that a horizontal line above the level of the eye, in order to appear horizontal, must bend slightly upwards, was pointed out to me years ago by a common plasterer.

Here is a sample of it: LINES ON THE DEATH OF A CHILD.

Henriksen, batting for Bedient, with two strikes against him, drove the ball on a line toward third base.

The first thirty years of the nineteenth century witnessed a great revival, due chiefly to the Evangelical movement, and not only, as in the previous century, on lines outside the Establishment, but in the very heart and core of the Church of England.

" But in these lines below the person of Reason obtrudes itself into our company, and becomes disagreeable by its distinctness, and consequent improbability.

Out further towards the broad curve of the horizon was the white smear of a sail, and as I looked, I could see the lines beneath the canvas.

DWARF PINE (Pinus albicaulis) This species forms the extreme edge of the timber line throughout nearly the whole extent of the range on both flanks.

Mr. Greyling scattered largess in the shape of lines among the crowd, and the next day the occupants of the two dormitories went about thirsting for each other's blood.

But the British tars stuck to their guns and they continued to hurl shells into the German line until the water of the North Sea washed over them.

In contrast with these excellent qualities the reader will probably note the strange appearance of his lines due to his fondness for obsolete words, like eyne (eyes) and shend (shame), and his tendency to coin others, like mercify, to suit his own purposes.

Stern his face was, and lined beyond his years, moreover his broad shoulders were bowed with more than age; but his eye was bright and quick, and when he spake, his voice was strong and full.

LAUDER ADDRESSING BRITISH TROOPS BEHIND THE LINES IN FRANCE (See Lauder08.jpg)] The other British soldiers call the Scots Jock, invariably.

The pages are of the size of an ordinary duodecimo, but contain some fifty lines per page, and perhaps one hundred and fifty letters in each line.

Very different, now, this land was from what it had seemed as they had soared above it, at cool altitudes, in the giant air-liner; very different from the cool, green plain of El Barr, behind the grim black line of the Iron Mountains now a dim line off to eastward.

The Wall now makes for the ridge of Harlow Hill, while the Vallum goes on in a perfectly straight line past the picturesque Whittle Dene and the waterworks, until the Wall joins it again near Welton, where the old pele-tower is entirely built of Roman stones.

But the Roman generals had not committed the mistake on which their opponent had reckoned; the legions remained unmoved in the lines round Capua, and only a weak corps had been detached on the news of Hannibal's march towards Rome.

It is on the Great Western Main Line and joins the Wessex Main Line via Bradford-on-Avon.

Make faint pencil lines underneath words or letters, and they'll think you're more than extra devout.

Esmond long remembered how she looked and spoke, kneeling reverently before the sacred book, the sun shining upon her golden hair until it made a halo round about her, a dozen of the servants of the house kneeling in a line opposite their mistress.

CDC has not received a signed attestation from Princess Cruise Lines for the Emerald Princess ship, it said in the statement.

The police try to kill The Blob by dropping a power line onto it.


Barclays lowered Delta Air Lines from an overweight rating to an equal weight rating in a research note on Monday, May 4th.

Voters wait in line inside the gymnasium of Pulaski Elementary School in Bucktown on Nov. 2, 2020.


Nurmagomedov has seen off all 28 opponents to hold the mixed martial arts record for the longest active undefeated streak, which he is putting on the line alongside his 155lb title at UFC 254 at the Flash Forum in Abu Dhabi.

Soon afterwards I observed a man at the right extreme of the line next me, who had been dodging round a large scaevola bush for some time back, make a sudden dart at one of the opposite party and chop him down the shoulder with an iron tomahawk.

The oscillation was neither sudden nor considerablea few lines onlybut the progression seemed likely to continue.

That’s because ASU destroyed UCLA from the three-point line en route to an 84-66 final.

Hangan, H, El Damatty, A.A. and four others, Modelling and Prediction of Failure of Transmission Lines Due to High Intensity Winds (HIW), Report Submitted to Manitoba Hydro, 2004.

Lister heard somebody open the baggage car and then saw a man run along the line beside the train.

Northern Navigation had been bought out by Canada Steamship Lines before the First World War, and Smith sat on it board of directors until his death in 1939." circa 1920.

In 1998, The New York Times retconned Massive Attack’s debut album Blue Lines as the so-called genre’s inception point.

As we have seen in the preceding chapter, the elevation of Philip of Valois to the throne, as representative of the male line amongst the descendants of Hugh Capet, took place by virtue, not of any old written law, but of a traditional right, recognized and confirmed by two recent resolutions taken at the death of the two eldest sons of Philip the Handsome.

And that's based on being able to spread the transmission amongover three lines versus two.

An observant eye might have found on the panels below the gallery the vacant nails and dusty lines whence Lelys and Knellers, Cuyps and Hondekoeters had looked down on two generations of Pomeroys.

After a gap of a fortnight, Indore saw a silver line amid the dark clouds of increasing COVID-19 patients, as 113 patients were discharged from three hospitals in the city on Thursday.

In twenty minutes more, at the same rate, the hill upon which the rebel lines nearest the tree held the Union right at bay would be surrounded on two sides.