Which preposition to use with  little

Which preposition to use with little

I poured myself out a little of the stimulant, and drank it off.

You puzzled me not a little in those days, Slade.

A little to my left, the side of the Pit appeared to have collapsed altogether, forming a deep V-shaped cleft in the face of the rocky cliff.

I had a sense, a certain awareness (I could learn little by sight), that the earth was enduring a very great fall of snow.

Fishing and hunting, considered in the abstract, are things I care but little about.

This left us without a team; but we cared little for that, however, as we had made up our minds to remain there till spring, when, and it was decided, that one of us should go to the nearest settlement and get a yoke of oxen with which to haul our wagon into some place of safety where we could leave it.

Next the plain there is, first, a series of smooth hills, planted with a rich and showy vegetation that differs but little from that of the plain itselfas if the edge of the plain had been lifted and bent into flowing folds, with all its flowers in place, only toned down a little as to their luxuriance, and a few new species introduced, such as the hill lupines, mints, and gilias.

I only realised by degrees that people held off a little from me sometimes, as the wife of a Republican deputy.

Our eyes were dazzled so we could make out little at first.

You can embellish them a little on the handbills, and you can announce that the cannon that the Strong Woman fires from her shoulder weighs a hundred or two pounds more than it actually weighs; but unless a Strong Woman is really strong and no mistake, she might as well try to pass herself off as a Living Skeleton or a Two-Headed Girl at once.

For, though its ticking indicated most certainly that it was still going, the hands were pointing to a little before the hour of midnight; whereas it was, as well I knew, considerably after that time when I had witnessed the first of the strange happenings I have just described.

It was a little after midday when we reached the town, which is perched on a high bluff, overlooking the coasts, and contains about a thousand houses, built of bamboo, and covered with palm leaves.

She sat for a little with her eyes downcast.

He had accepted to dine one night with an English family, who lived in a villa a little out of town.

Overhead, the sky was of a uniform cold grey colorthe whole place being lit by a stupendous globe of pale fire, that swam a little above the far horizon, and shed a foamlike light above the quiet waters.

I thought they would have let her go, but she died a little beyond the bull.

"How little like a man of sense you speak," said the other; "how readily you have chimed in with the prejudices of the vulgar!

Here the lake expands to a width of about two miles for a distance of some three miles, when it suddenly narrows to about half a mile for a distance of a little over a mile, after which it widens again to about a mile and a half or more.

To influence this larger public, therefore, men who could write came little by little into a larger demand.

All this time, the water in the Pit had been creeping slowly up, and now stood but a little below the opening.

It was a little under knee-deep.

In this manner Cincinnati played through the middle of the season always just a little behind most of its opponents.

For a moment she wondered if perhaps he came to reprove her for too many questionings, and rose up and advanced a little towards him with folded hands and a thankful heart, to receive the reproof if it should be so,for whether it were praise or whether it were blame, it was from the Father, and a great honor and happiness to receive.

Patricia's voice faltered, and she stretched out her hands a little toward her husband in an odd gust of friendliness.

I shoved down the helm, and swung the Betty a little off her course so as to give them plenty of room to go by.

If the condition of the conquered is sufficiently serious the situation of the peoples most favoured by the Entente in EuropePoland and Greece, who have obtained the greatest and most unjust increases in territory, having given for a diversity of reasons extremely little during the Waris certainly not less so.

An orderly was sent for the horse, and the animal was soon brought up, although the sergeant "kicked" a little against letting him go.

The lady looked at her for a little without saying anything.

Sentences: It was only a little between lovers.

And, before proceeding further, I will merely hint that Doctor Heidegger and all his four guests were sometimes thought to be a little beside themselves; as is not unfrequently the case with old people, when worried either by present troubles or woful recollections.

No sooner had the first excitement of meeting and settling down subsided a little than the question of Thurston's deposal cropped up again, and caused an unusual amount of interest to be felt by all Ronleigh in the forthcoming elections.

"The Lord hath given thee a pleasant dwelling, friend," said the stranger, snuffling a little through his nose.

The tremendous swell that was rolling in on the outside, caused the waters to rise and fall a little within the passage, but there was no strain upon the cables in consequence.

He paused; she was looking a little past him.

They weighed anchor to the sound of the trumpet and with ships in close array drew up their line a little outside the narrows, not advancing any farther: he in turn started out as if to come to close quarters or even make them retire.

The dark, gloomy-looking building, Miss, off in the distance, yonder, is the Methodist affair, of which not much need be said; Methodism flourishing but little among us since the introduction of the New Lights, who have fairly managed to out-excite them, on every plan they can invent.

Elizabeth and her ministers did not believe in the education of the masses, of which we read but little until the 19th century.

"Now," said Mr. Thompson, in a suppressed tone bending a little across the table, and laying one palm upon a package of papers which lay in the other, "it is completed.

" He leaped on the back of his beast as it knelt, and, turning round to me, cried: "Come thou also, Sahib, a little along the road, and I will sell thee a charman amulet that shall make thee King of Kafiristan."

"Rather good-looking at one time, but past her first youth, and so compelled perhaps to bestow her affections on a man a little beneath herno doubt compelled also to contribute to his support in order to retain him.

"She doesn't have any troll featuresnot even a little around the eyes!

She moistened his lips with the gin, and poured a little down his throat.

Towards noon we arrived at Kertsch; the town can be seen very well from the sea, as it stretches out in a semi-circle on the shore, and rises a little up the hill Mithridates {321}, which lies behind.

The silence which is like that darkness which could be felt; the sudden awakening in the night with a wonder what it means that the loved one is not there; the pitiless morning light which fills the empty house, room after room; and harder than all else to forget, to rise abovethe perpetual sense of no future: even the little near futures of the next hour, the next day, all cut off, all closed, to the human being left utterly alone.

Now, a great time I walked, and made a halt upon every sixth hour, and did eat and drink, and look a little unto the monstrous towering of the Great Redoubt; and afterwards make strong mine heart, and go forward again.

Suppose I keep your name under my hat and you give me a few little inside tips now and then on polo news, and that sort of thing?" "Here's my hand on it.

Lived in a two-room cabinit was little morewith his wife and his five children; lived meanly and pitiably, grovelling in the soil for daily bread, sweating life out of the earthlife and no more.

The False Hare handed over all his belongingshis jewelry, his suit case, and his little umbrellawithout the slightest hesitation, humming a tune as he did so, but his voice cracked, and Ann and Rudolf noticed that the tip of his nose had turned quite pale.

I had it in methough I had reason enough to despise the little manto pity Hazen Kinch.

I profit little by all I hear; surely it is because my faith is small.