Which preposition to use with liturgies

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This exhortation is of very great antiquity, and in this form is found in the liturgies of St. James and of St. Mark.

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Dom Gueranger holds that Gregory abridged the order of prayers and simplified the liturgy for the use of the Roman curia.

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The Greek emperors did not fail to profit by this favorable opportunity, and the patriarch himself in person celebrated the divine liturgy in the Church of St. Sophia with the utmost possible magnificence before the astonished ambassadors of Vladimir.

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Because, prayers having all words identical, save one single word, are not considered in liturgy as different prayers (e.g., Accendamur exemplis; instruamur exemplis, Feast of St. Philip and St. James, Feasts of several martyrs).

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Yes, for it was the practice of the early Church to say these parts of the liturgy at times separated by intervals.

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w, m & liturgy by Leonard Bernstein.

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No more sublime prayer exists in the liturgy than this response, which the Church orders us to say nightly.

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One of them had preserved a prayer-book, and was permitted to read a few sentences of the liturgy to his doomed companions.

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Cultoquhey repeated his liturgy without a moment's hesitation.

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The Rituale Ecclesiae Dunelmensis, containing fragments of the Roman liturgy from the end of the seventh to the ninth and tenth centuries, includes forms of blessing for the different festivals, sometimes three, sometimes nine.

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In 1637 Laud had tried to force a new liturgy on Scotland but this had been forcibly resisted.

Which preposition to use with  liturgies