Which preposition to use with  living

Which preposition to use with living

Yet, this may be easily understood, when one realizes the size of this ancient pile, and the fact that only my old sister and I live in it, occupying a few of the rooms, such as our wants decide.

I have lived with him all these years, and I tell you, he was born at Lyons.

I had never lived on that side of the river, and felt cut off from all my belongings,the bridge a terror, so cold in winter, so hot in summer,I never got accustomed to it, never crossed it on foot.

The President, Marshal MacMahon, was living at the Prefecture at Versailles and received every Thursday evening.

For food, I brought up a loaf from the pantry, and on this, and some claret, I lived for that day.

Man does not live by bread alone; he lives by imagination, and by religious powers.

She cannot live without me.

Thus I was, and only the memory that I had lived through the dark, once before, served to sustain my thoughts.

A government that is good enough to live under is good enough to fight under!"

To buy at the least, and sell at the most, regardless of the conditions under which least and most are attainedthe man who enters life with this idea of trade in his mind might just as well be born a shark and live to prey.

It appears that the Mexicans living near Fort Union had manufactured the beer, and were taking it through to Camp Evans to sell to the troops, but it struck a lively market without going so far.

They associate with all the Catholics, as many of them entertain a great deal, but they live among themselves and never intermarry.

They all agreed that the only wonder was that Austin had lived as long"On the other side o' the lineGee!" * * * * * That evening the Boy, riding hard, came into camp with a doctor, followed discreetly in the rear by an N. W. M. P., really mounted this time.

We found them living like princes.

My father was a priest of Vishun, of a high rank; and as his functions required him to live within the precincts of the Pagoda, he was liberally maintained out of its ample revenues.

In this case, we see clearly that the sea-urchin first lived from youth to age, then died and lost its spines, which were carried away.

"Do your vassals get rich by the bounty you give them?" "As to that matter, some who are lucky succeed very well, and the rest make a living by it."

Until rather near the end of the eighteenth century, those who made their living in England by writing were chiefly publishers' hacks, fellows of the Dunciad sucking their quills in garrets and selling their labor for a crust, for the reading public was too small to support them.

He was ordained deacon in 1870 and priest in 1873, and in 1875 accepted the living of Embleton, in Northumberland.

I did not want my husband to live after me.

"I did not then," said Celia, "entreat you to let her stay; for I was too young at that time to value her; but now that I know her worth, and that we so long have slept together, rose at the same instant, learned, played and eat together, I cannot live out of her company."

Here and there in the residential road are little oases of shops, patronised by the neighbourhood, and some of the children may live over these.

"Ruby, whenwhen a woman like me makes her living off her boarders, she can't afford to be so particular.

The General regretted to hear this, and advised me not to take the step, for I was leaving a comfortable little home, where I was sure of making a good living for my family; while, on the other hand, I was embarking upon a sea of uncertainty.

All children want to know certain things about people who lived before them, not so much their great doings as their smaller ones; they want to know what these people were like, what they worked at, and learnt, how they travelled, what they bought and sold: and there is undoubtedly a primitive strain in all children that comes out in their love of building shelters, playing at savages, and making things out of natural material.

Fortunately half this nation, and the majority of the Greeks, live outside the Ottoman frontiers, and are beyond the Osmanli's power.

When he was but six years old he commenced to earn his living as a cowherd, and by his seventh year had received all the schooling which he was destined to havetwo separate periods of three months.

They endeavored to ruin him, urged on by his personal enemies, who assured them that he was the author of the plague, because he had brought all the country people into the city, where they were compelled to live during the heat of summer, crowded together in small rooms and stifling tents, living an idle life too, and breathing foul air instead of the pure country breeze to which they were accustomed.

For example, here you are, one of the richest young fellows of my acquaintance, living along very contentedly where every tenet you profess to hold is daily outraged.

They buried these people and preached to those who were still living about the Saviour.

If a gloomy mood prevails in youas might come from a bad turn of the marketyou fancy that the evil daughter of Herodias still lives around the corner, and that she has set out her victims to the general view.

Bid him send us straightway twentyscore yards of fair cloth of Lincoln green; and mayhap the journey may take some of the fat from off thy bones, that thou hast gotten from lazy living at our dear Sheriff's."

"The bird that dropped that lives beyond the peaks of Shubash.

To deal with such themes and occasions, there must appear in the world lives of such vigor that they can command; of such charm, that they can attract; of such wisdom, that they can guide and comfort; of such vitality, that they can inspire.

"We shall, happily, still have an opportunity to prove that friendship in our daily attitude and actions towards the millions of men and women of German birth and native sympathy who live amongst us and share our life, and we shall be proud to prove it towards all who are in fact loyal to their neighbors and to the government in the hour of test.

As he lived until November, 1821, he probably read the present essay.

When these preparations were well advanced I went northward to visit the Bakaa and Bamangwato, and the Makalaka, living between 22° and 23° south latitude.

When we walk with Christ, little one, we find it possible to live above the clouds."

But, as he truly says, we couldn't make a living with the Tribune, even if you gave us the use of the plant."

Indeed, we have a romance in our own home,a bright-eyed girl of twenty, who, I fear, is soon to leave us, if a certain pert young blade who lives across the river has his way.

The parasite, or fungus, lives inside the wheat."

What manner of chap was this same Obed, to be able to wrest a living from a bounteous Nature in the clever way he did?

A curious thing is, that its inhabitants are really living below the level of the sea, which is stoutly dammed out.

Millions of Germans in Prussia and Westphalia derive profit or make their living out of countries to which their political dominion in no way extends.

Our present duty is to bring peace, industry, intelligence, high ideals, and spiritual living to our new countrymen.

"Good," said the other; "and what is my calling?" After a slight pause, he replied, that he got his living on the water.

" "Ah, Nick, dear, I'd rather have your little finger living than all the possessions of your father's bank.

He had tried to live down the past, and but for Birchill he would have succeeded in doing so.

The river pursued its way, happily, unperturbed by the wrongs or sorrows of the people who lived beside it.

I have always been accustomed to live amid warriors, on whom I spend my wealth, and with whom I win a soldier's renown.