Which preposition to use with lodger

in Occurrences 24%

His neighbor, old, Mr. Holt, is a lodger in the same house with us at L; and as I thought you would like to hear, I made particular inquiries about the baronet."

of Occurrences 11%

"The next day, and the days following, the concierge was much astonished not to see his lodger of the fourth floor, who was accustomed to stop and talk with him on her way to fetch her café au lait.

at Occurrences 8%

Suffice it that after sad spirits, prolonged through many of its months, as it called them, we have cast our skins, have taken a farewell of the pompous, troublesome trifle called housekeeping, and are settled down into poor boarders and lodgers at next door with an old couple, the Baucis and Baucida of dull Enfield.

with Occurrences 5%

The trapper had set off without delay, not even going back to his house, some little distance outside of Rusty, to tell his wife that he would be bringing home a lodger with him.

for Occurrences 2%

It was evident that he had been nursing hatred and loathing against his lodger for some time, and that to-night the floodgates of his pent-up wrath had been burst asunder through the mysterious prince's taunts, and insinuations anent the cloud and secrecy which hung round the Lamberts' parentage.

from Occurrences 2%

On this occasion some robberies were committed, and refractories escaped: it is even said that hard-hearted landlords wished to prevent their lodgers from departingan object in which the proprietors were not very successful.

on Occurrences 2%

It was their unrecognized guest of the nightthe uninvited lodger on the rear platformbut he did not raise his eyes or appear to notice the new arrivals.

without Occurrences 2%

"'But surely, Ginger,' ses Sam, standing up, 'surely you didn't take a lodger without a character?' "'He seemed such a nice chap,' ses Peter.

like Occurrences 1%

" "On the contrary, it proves that I do not give it up, since I put in temporary lodgers like you.

before Occurrences 1%

Later in the evening he awkwardly waylaid the new lodger before the cabin-door as that gentleman would have passed on to his room.

during Occurrences 1%

He had been his brother's lodger during the greater part of his working life, and since Tom's death he had stayed on with Eliza.

after Occurrences 1%

I never felt quite the same to our lodger after that little business at the Peel Castle.

out Occurrences 1%

After inquiring for a long time in vain for lodgings, we were directed to a German and a Frenchman, with the remark that both received lodgers out of pure politeness.

over Occurrences 1%

He lived in a small inn for students near to the School of Medicine, and his vehement discussions at night with his fellow-lodgers over the smoke of their pipes taught him as much as the books of that hated science.

to Occurrences 1%

So one balmy, inviting spring night she slipped away and went with the lodger to a dance.

Which preposition to use with  lodger