Which preposition to use with londonderry

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I rode home with the Duke, who spoke of Lord Londonderry as a madman.

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Wilde was scholar and fellow of St. John's, chaplain to Laud, and Bishop of Londonderry after the restoration.

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WALKER, GEORGE, defender of Londonderry against the army of James II., born in co. Tyrone, of English parents; was in holy orders, and by his sermons encouraged the town's-people during the siege, which lasted 105 days; he afterwards fought in command of his Derry men at the battle of the Boyne, where he lost his life.

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CHAPTER IV ENDS QUITE ROMANTICALLY Eli Moggridge was a judge of men, and he liked Theophilus Londonderry at a glance.

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He would also assist Londonderry in the political and municipal departments, not only in the higher flights, but lend a hand even in castigations of local jobs, abuses, and absurdities.

Which preposition to use with  londonderry