Which preposition to use with loosing

in Occurrences 237%

Suddenly the place let loose in pandemonium.

from Occurrences 203%

I've hearn tell of elephants gittin' crazy and breakin' loose from their keepers, or killin' them, and makin' a general smash of whatever comes in their way.

on Occurrences 99%

Looking in the direction whence the shot had come, I saw two Indians, and at once turned my gun loose on them, but in the excitement of the moment I missed my aim.

with Occurrences 55%

First the elastic tops of the arches begin to appear, then one branch after another, each springing loose with a gentle rustling sound, and at length the whole tree, with the assistance of the winds, gradually unbends and rises and settles back into its place in the warm air, as dry and feathery and fresh as young ferns just out of the coil.

to Occurrences 33%

And then he danced, and capered, and fidgeted, and pulled up his pantaloons, and hugged his intolerable flannel vestment closer about his poetic loins; anon he gave it loose to the zephyrs which plentifully insinuate their tiny bodies through every crevice, door, window, or wainscot, expressly formed for the exclusion of such impertinents.

at Occurrences 31%

He was unable to speak; he tore the stock loose at his throat and went on: "We were about to fight; I lost my nerve; you couldn't shoot a helpless man.

about Occurrences 21%

ef I wuz to let my feelin's loose about them thievin' rapscallions that dared to lay their cheatin' hands on the money the Gin'rel left ye; but I've been a thinkin'stiddyan' while you wuz comin' to your decision above I wuz comin' to mine below, an' now we'll toss 'em up fer luck, an' see which wins, ef you air willin'.

among Occurrences 21%

The plan is, to keep him by himself nearly the whole day, supplying him plentifully with exhilarating food, then to turn him loose among the hens, and to continue this practice, allowing him more of the society of his wives each day, until you suffer him to abide with them altogether.

for Occurrences 20%

Educate him, polish him as you may, it will be in him still, and he will love to go off into the old woods at times, to lay around loose for a season, vagabondising among the wild and savage things of the wilderness.

of Occurrences 16%

The silence was more horrible than the hell-let-loose of a few minutes before.

as Occurrences 13%

"Birds, the free tenants of land, air, and ocean, Their forms all symmetry, their motions grace; In plumage delicate and beautiful; Thick without burthen, close as fishes' scales, Or loose as full-blown poppies to the breeze.

into Occurrences 13%

A STAID MAN Is a man: one that has taken order with himself, and sets a rule to those lawlessnesses within him: whose life is distinct and in method, and his actions, as it were, cast up before: not loosed into the world's vanities, but gathered up and contracted in his station: not scattered into many pieces of business, but that one course he takes, goes through with.

against Occurrences 10%

He will think that I am about to loose against all cowards a plague of frogs and locusts as if old Egypt had come again.

of Occurrences 9%

There was no vice which was not rampant throughout the land,adultery, oppression of foreigners, venality in judges, falsehood, dishonesty in trade, usury, cruelty to debtors, robbery and murder, the loosing of the ties of kindred, general suspicion of neighbors,all the crimes enumerated by the Apostle Paul among the Romans.

out Occurrences 8%

You might have preached negro-emancipation to Madame Esmond of Castlewood as you might have told her to let the horses run loose out of the stables; she had no doubt but that the whip and the corn-bag were good for both.

without Occurrences 7%

Donnegan is loose without a scratch, and Lord Nick is in his room with a face as black as a cloudy night.

before Occurrences 7%

By letting them loose before the war, how many millions might have been saved.

over Occurrences 6%

A company was detailed to collect all the Indian horses running loose over the country, and to burn the other Indian property.

like Occurrences 6%

And now he runs loose like a dog and comes when I whistle.

under Occurrences 5%

That substitute who occupies the royal pavilion when Commodus himself is in the arena no longer looks very much like him; he is getting too loose under the chin, although a year ago you could hardly tell the two apart.

between Occurrences 5%

The coat, too, was insupportably tight below the arms; and, as I turned half round before the glass, I saw that it hung loose between the shouthers! '

than Occurrences 5%

He melts down his wit and casts it in a mould; and as metals melted and cast are not so firm and solid as those that are wrought with the hammer, so those compositions that are founded and run in other men's moulds are always more brittle and loose than those that are forged in a man's own brain.

after Occurrences 5%

I was in the condition of a prisoner in the old Bastile, suddenly let loose after a forty years' confinement.

by Occurrences 4%

The water was too deep to wade ashore, and there was nothing to do but sit there and try to get loose by means of the paddle, a proceeding which soon proved fruitless.

through Occurrences 4%

The Earlier History The current story led with some measure of connection, though the connecting thread was but weak and loose through the regal period down to the institution of the republic; but at that point legend dried up; and it was not merely difficult but altogether impossible to form a narrative, in any degree connected and readable, out of the lists of magistrates and the scanty notices appended to them.

Which preposition to use with  loosing