Which preposition to use with  lords

Which preposition to use with lords

By this token he was lord of the land.

," writes Müller on 7th September, "our income altogether was about £300a plain proof that we do not wait on the Lord in vain; for every donation we receive is a direct answer to prayer, because we never ask a single human being for anything."

Celebrating the Opulence of the Lords of Ts'in A Complaint A Wife's Grief Because of Her Husband's Absence Lament for Three Brothers In Praise of a Ruler of Ts'in The Generous Nephew BOOK XII.THE ODES OF CH'IN.

Praise the Lord for sending you back to us!"

A proud ungracious Flirt,a Lord with a Pox!

Guil. HumI'm afraid, 'tis a harder task to leap from a Lord to a Rogue, than 'tis from a Rogue to a Lord.

The more that the tokens mentioned above were observed, and found not to be followed by the so anxiously looked-for land, the more the people became fearful of the event and entered into cabals against the admiral, who they said was desirous to make himself a great lord at the expense of their danger.

But Mary knew that with the Lord on her side she would not lose in the fight against sin and wickedness.

Borne was my heart's lord from my eyes; What pain the separation brings!

I never did think folks sarved the Lord by dyin' afore their time comes.

In fact, as young George had lorded it over the tender, yielding nature of his mother, so the coarse pomposity of the dull old man with whom he next came in contact, made him lord over the latter, too.

What temptation that would be to our Lord as God, I dare not say.

A few years ago no changes in the governments of the world would have seemed more improbable than a constitution for China, a republic in Portugal, and a House of Lords in Great Britain without the power of veto, and yet all these momentous changes have taken place in less than two years.

A second said, that the woman was created by the Lord through the wisdom of the man, because from the man; and that hence she is a form of wisdom inspired with love-affection; and since love-affection is essential life, a female is the life of wisdom, whereas a male is wisdom; and the life of wisdom is essential beauty.

The Quebec Act of 1774the Magna Charta of the French-Canadian racefinally passed the House of Lords on the 18th of June.

I don't know if that is a proper way in which to describe a solid Herefordian; but if so, judge of the High Sheriff's surprise, as well as that of the chaplain, when I walked by the side of my lord into our drawing-room!

As they passed along, there were many who paused to look at them, for he had the mien of a great prince, a lord among men; and his face still bore the trace of sorrow and toil, and there was about him an awe and wonder which was more than could be put in words.

Seek not to bring ruin on this city, and thereby rouse the anger of the Lord against thee."

Strange to say, the day when the bill was read in the House of Lords for the third time saw the fall of Peel's Ministry.

So you see"he added in his bright, convincing voice, "we may know the will of the Lord about such things and everything else."

But whether ever before a victory was won by so divided a host, or ever a measure carried by men who so profoundly disapproved of it, let those judge who read the scathing Protest, inscribed in due form in the journals of the House of Lords by one who went into that lobby, Lord Rosebery, the only living Peer who has been Prime Minister of England.

In spite of his change from repression to conciliation, and in spite of dismissing Germain to the House of Lords with an ill-earned peerage, Lord North found his majority dwindling away.

'Misericordiam volo,' crieth the Lord unto ye.

Still of the same, Knight, and is never in any sociable veine till she be typsie, for in her sobriety she is madd, and feares my good little old Lord out of all proportion.

A mere man of the people would have been awed by the courtesy of the old seigneur, but Villon was hardened in that matter; he had made mirth for great lords before now, and found them as black rascals as himself.

And by a convenient accident I find that the other day he moved to reject the Proportional Representation Amendment made by the House of Lords to the Representation of the People Bill, so that I am able to look up the debate in Hansard and study my opinions as he represented them and this question at one and the same time.

The problem was how to rouse the Lord without rousing O'Flynna piece of negotiation so delicate, calling for a skill in pious invective so infinitely absorbing to Mac's particular cast of mind, that he was quickly stone-blind and deaf to all things else.

In my view it was very desirable that an officer with the great experience in command possessed by Sir Cecil Burney should occupy the position of Second Sea Lord under the conditions which existed, and that one who had served afloat during the war in both an executive and administrative capacity should become Fourth Sea Lord.

"I say yet that there were angels with our Lord after His forty days' fast," insisted James.

Jethro was glad for all these things, that God had so saved them from the hands of the Egyptians and said: Blessed be the Lord that hath delivered you from the hand of the Egyptians and of Pharaoh, and hath saved his people; now I know that he is a great Lord above all gods, because they did so proudly against them.

"O Lord God, who is a strong Lord like unto Thee, or to thy faithfulness round about Thee?

"My faithful Gino reports that this Stefano is on the canals, on some errand of the Republic, as he thinks; for though the mariner is less disposed to familiarity than is wont, he hath let drop hints that lead to such a conclusion; the felucca is ready from hour to hour to put to sea, and doubt not that the padrone would rather serve his natural lord than these double-dealing miscreants of the Senate.

Therefore the result, the effect of the House of Lords as it at present stands, is this, that in one case it acts as a Court of Appeal, and a packed Court of Appeal, against the Liberal party, while in the other case, the case of the Conservative Government, it acts not as a Second Chamber at all.

Dahrendorf was a member of the House of the Lords from July 1993 to June 2009.

A voice in an Alliance that included France and the United States, and had its chief common interest in the control of the seas, may in the future seem far more desirable to these great and growing English-speaking Dominions than the sending of representatives to an Imperial House of Lords at Westminster, and the adornment of elderly colonial politicians with titles and decorations at Buckingham Palace.

I have heard he doth commonly burn gibbets to warm him, and beareth off great lords beneath his arm as I might a small coney and slayeth him three or four with his every stroke.

I beheld the soul of our Lord between two angels, who were in the attire of warriors: it was bright, luminous, and resplendent as the sun at mid-day; it penetrated the rock, touched the sacred body, passed into it, and the two were instantaneously united, and became as one.

It was a desperate remedy to take Harry Lord off third base, where he had played during most of his professional career, and try to convert him into an outfielder, a position in which he had had no experience at all.

"De good Lord up dar, He hars," replied Chloe, reverently pointing upward; and she went on with the vehement repetition.

Come to me some day this week in confession, and thereafter thou shalt receive the Lord within thee, and be once more united to Him."

His motion in the House of Lords against interfering with France's internal affairs was supported by himself alone, which led to a medal being struck in his honour with the motto, "The Minority of One, 1795;" and he was thenceforward named "Minority," or "Citizen," Stanhope.

He was then just come of age, or about to be so; and one of his objects in this visit to the metropolis was, to take his seat in the House of Lords before going abroad; but, in advancing to this proud distinction, so soothing to the self-importance of youth, he was destined to suffer a mortification which probably wounded him as deeply as the sarcasms of the Edinburgh Review.

The entrance of the four Careys and two Lords into the list of students had an inspiring effect upon the whole school.

From the House of Lords along St. Margaret's street, across New Palace yard, into Parliament street, and from thence to the Abbey by the way last mentioned.

Those eminently pious divines of the Church of England, Bishop Bull and Bishop Konn, do both intimate it as their opinion that it may be a part of the service of ministering angels to suggest devout dreams and I know that the worthy person of whom I speak was well acquainted with that evening hymn of the latter of those excellent writers which has these lines: "Lord lest the tempter me surprise, Watch over thine own sacrifice!

Why, dat man axed de good Lord fo' things dat de odder preacher didn't even know He had!"

" Her buoyant skiff intrepid ULVA guides, And seeks her Lord amid the trackless tides; [Ulva, l. 407.

They take their teachers and their monks and the Messiah, son of Mary, for Lords beside God, though bidden to worship one God only.

"I mean every word; 'tis my Lord en masque, for to-night there is to be a great and magnificent spectacle."

He was to leave Westmoreland next day to take his place in the House of Lords during the last important debate of the session.