Which preposition to use with lot

of Occurrences 5461%

Happily it was a lovely warm night; and as we got near we saw lots of people walking who had left their carriages some little distance off, hopelessly wedged in a crowd of vehiclesthe women in light dresses, with flowers and jewels in their hair.

in Occurrences 231%

"A man can do a lot in that time.

with Occurrences 163%

I examined the lot with interest.

about Occurrences 123%

Mr. Stevens knows a lot about Base Ball, which is of even greater importance in the game, and is not afraid to swing any venture that will put with fairness a championship team into the big city.

for Occurrences 105%

He was even then headed cross-lots for home, leaving his friends to bemoan his cowardice.

to Occurrences 78%

To a "starter," we donated lots to any one who would build on them, but reserved the corner lots and others which were best located for ourselves.

on Occurrences 48%

Messengers from newspaper offices, representatives of storage and commission houses, merchants looking for consignments of goods, residents looking for friends, and the ever alert dealers in town lots on the scent of fresh victims, were among the crowds that daily congregated at the levee whenever the arrival of one of the packet company's regular steamers was expected.

from Occurrences 34%

"Every merchant in Millville and Huntingdon will naturally advertise in our paper, and we'll make the major get us a lot from New York.

at Occurrences 26%

The Tecumseh Hotel occupied a corner lot at the end of the street and was not remarkably commodious or clean, but its charges were less than the Occidental's by the station, and Lister and Kemp were not fastidious.

like Occurrences 20%

A charge of small birdshot starts out on its errand a whole lot like a bullet.

as Occurrences 18%

He had originally taken up detective work more as a relief from the boredom of his lot as a wealthy young man, leading an aimless, useless life with others of his class, than by deliberate choice of his vocation.

by Occurrences 14%

It will help us to understand her work if we remember that both Charlotte Brontë and her sister Emily turned to literature because they found their work as governess and teacher unendurable, and sought to relieve the loneliness and sadness of their own lot by creating a new world of the imagination.

ob Occurrences 12%

" "Dar's lots ob fun in Ford; an' he tells de truth mos' all de time, stiddy.

after Occurrences 10%

For Confucius in his teaching treated only of man's life on earth, and seems to have had no ideas with regard to the human lot after death; if he had any ideas he preserved an inscrutable silence about them.

without Occurrences 9%

On the second of January two lots of Indians passed, one with dogs hauling flour and bacon for Benham, and the other lot without dogs, dragging light hand-sleds.

among Occurrences 7%

He regained his popularity with the common people, who suffered much from the war, by giving them allowances of money from the public revenue, and grants of land; for he drove out the entire population of the island of Aegina, and divided the land by lot among the Athenians.

out Occurrences 6%

They say that he had a few hundred thousand dollars over here, ostensibly for buying material, and that he has taken the lot out West.

uv Occurrences 6%

"Reckon he was powerful interested, too," the farmer went on, "fer he made a lot uv ther nicest droorings you ever seen, an'why, what's the trouble?" For Roy, hardly knowing what he intended to do, had jumped from the machine and was sprinting toward the Harding car.

than Occurrences 6%

I am certainly very much opposed to slavery, and should greet its abolition with the greatest delight, but, despite this, I again affirm that the negro slave enjoys, under the protection of the law, a better lot than the free fellah of Egypt, or many peasants in Europe, who still groan under the right of soccage.

into Occurrences 6%

I pulled the cork and filled all the glasses, then poured a lot into the wash-bowl, when I handed the bottle to the Kernal.

under Occurrences 5%

"It gets a lot under that iron door, andthere must be ventilating shafts besides.

before Occurrences 4%

Héloise says it isn't so bad as this in the smart set in Paris; they speak to one another there quite a lot before getting married, and do almost English things, but Godmamma is of the old school.

through Occurrences 3%

I've learned lots through" She stopped of a sudden, and gazed at him.

above Occurrences 3%

" Such are the arguments which are urged with great fervor, and immense effect, upon the American artisan, who fully and firmly believes that protection is the only agent capable of lifting his lot above those, dreaded levels at which the "pauper labor of Europe" is universally believed to live.

toward Occurrences 3%

" Joe, on impulse, and yet, too, because he had an object, was just going to offer the man help when he saw Mr. Moyne coming across the lot toward him from the ticket wagon.

Which preposition to use with  lot