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Which preposition to use with  lot

Which preposition to use with lot

Happily it was a lovely warm night; and as we got near we saw lots of people walking who had left their carriages some little distance off, hopelessly wedged in a crowd of vehiclesthe women in light dresses, with flowers and jewels in their hair.

"A man can do a lot in that time.

Mr. Stevens knows a lot about Base Ball, which is of even greater importance in the game, and is not afraid to swing any venture that will put with fairness a championship team into the big city.

I examined the lot with interest.

He was even then headed cross-lots for home, leaving his friends to bemoan his cowardice.

To a "starter," we donated lots to any one who would build on them, but reserved the corner lots and others which were best located for ourselves.

Messengers from newspaper offices, representatives of storage and commission houses, merchants looking for consignments of goods, residents looking for friends, and the ever alert dealers in town lots on the scent of fresh victims, were among the crowds that daily congregated at the levee whenever the arrival of one of the packet company's regular steamers was expected.

"Every merchant in Millville and Huntingdon will naturally advertise in our paper, and we'll make the major get us a lot from New York."

The Tecumseh Hotel occupied a corner lot at the end of the street and was not remarkably commodious or clean, but its charges were less than the Occidental's by the station, and Lister and Kemp were not fastidious.

A charge of small birdshot starts out on its errand a whole lot like a bullet.

He had originally taken up detective work more as a relief from the boredom of his lot as a wealthy young man, leading an aimless, useless life with others of his class, than by deliberate choice of his vocation.

'You can make salmon-flies?' 'I made a lot by pattern for an Irish gent, sir.'

We were aware from our map of ancient holdings that we were ruthlessly cutting across lots over the colonial acres of one Captain Edward Ross; but, seeing neither dogs nor trespass signs, we sailed right on.

I pulled the cork and filled all the glasses, then poured a lot into the wash-bowl, when I handed the bottle to the Kernal.

Prominent among them by reason of his wealth and philanthropy was Thomy Lafon, a merchant and money lender who systematically accumulated houses and lots during a lifetime extending both before and after the Civil War and whose possessions when he died at the age of eighty-two were appraised at nearly half a million dollars.

On the second of January two lots of Indians passed, one with dogs hauling flour and bacon for Benham, and the other lot without dogs, dragging light hand-sleds.

For Confucius in his teaching treated only of man's life on earth, and seems to have had no ideas with regard to the human lot after death; if he had any ideas he preserved an inscrutable silence about them.

I've learned lots through" She stopped of a sudden, and gazed at him.

Some brought hay, some kerosene, and others wood from a pile which had been thrown into a vacant lot near by.

He got a lot out of you in the way of playing.

He wuz mah frien' as long as he lib, and he wuz a good frien' ob de South 'cause he saved lots ob white folks frum de wrath ob de mean niggers.

Hรฉloise says it isn't so bad as this in the smart set in Paris; they speak to one another there quite a lot before getting married, and do almost English things, but Godmamma is of the old school.

His yellow glass eyes peered staringly at the passer-by and his tomb was literally heaped with expensive couronnes tied with long streamers of crape, while couronnes on the grass-grown tomb of the defunct husband of the duchesse, buried in the back of the lot behind the dog, were conspicuous by their absence.

"It gets a lot under that iron door, andthere must be ventilating shafts besides.

But why these wails and tears and whines? I must assume that they are bluff, That, as compared with your designs, You find our terms are easy stuff, And, with your tongue against your cheek, You'll sign the lot within a week.

To be sure, the hotel adjoined the printing office, with only a vacant lot between, but Hetty seemed to appreciate this courtesy and would exchange a brief good night with Smith before going to her own room.

He regained his popularity with the common people, who suffered much from the war, by giving them allowances of money from the public revenue, and grants of land; for he drove out the entire population of the island of Aegina, and divided the land by lot among the Athenians.

She was then left alone in the cabin, with the reminiscences of a hard lot around her.

After Roanoke paid $280,000 for a consultantโ€™s study, the City planned to move the Valley Metro bus station to a lot across from the Transportation Museum.

I am certainly very much opposed to slavery, and should greet its abolition with the greatest delight, but, despite this, I again affirm that the negro slave enjoys, under the protection of the law, a better lot than the free fellah of Egypt, or many peasants in Europe, who still groan under the right of soccage.

The project leaders also have their goals set on bringing foot traffic back onto Crenshaw Boulevard, by restoring an estimated 160 parking spaces by utilizing vacant lots throughout its 10 platforms from Slauson to Leimert Park.

"Reckon he was powerful interested, too," the farmer went on, "fer he made a lot uv ther nicest droorings you ever seen, an'why, what's the trouble?" For Roy, hardly knowing what he intended to do, had jumped from the machine and was sprinting toward the Harding car.

Just gnaw a lot off the turnip, and you can carry it, then."

Since about the 1940s, they have spread a lot outside their original range.

Only that morning Lucy had been told that the low, rambling carpenter's shop, that occupied a double lot along the 'street to the southwest, had been sold, and we anxiously waited developments.

She was active during her life, lived on her own until she was almost 110, and talked a lot until months before her death.

Such are the arguments which are urged with great fervor, and immense effect, upon the American artisan, who fully and firmly believes that protection is the only agent capable of lifting his lot above those, dreaded levels at which the "pauper labor of Europe" is universally believed to live.

Joe, on impulse, and yet, too, because he had an object, was just going to offer the man help when he saw Mr. Moyne coming across the lot toward him from the ticket wagon.

Then I slipped the lot inside my blouse.

"Oh, he's a lot past thirty now, getting too old to turn his hand to anything new.

If de gown war a dress up gown why dey war home made knit en crochet lace in de front en lots en lots of tucks some of dem had deep ruffles on dem at the bottom.

she wailed, "it means the company's all a set of cheats, an' the biggest rogue of the lot hez lit outrun awayan' taken the money the Gin'rel left you along with him.

There are a surprising number of nice walk-up apartment buildings slipped into residential lots amidst houses in the older parts of Toronto.

Here I was thinking I could ditch my house keys, my social insurance number, my health card, my gym membership and my Subway loyalty card and just pack the whole lot onto a chip, then cram it in my arm.

The area of a grouped vacation site with only five vacation lots must therefore be no more than 4 ha. to achieve the minimum required density of one lot per 0.8 ha.

"I can tell you we was a happy lot aboard that brig, jokes and drink and bright hopes all the time.

Doug Porter - Stay press - the on-ball defender tries to turn the ballhandler as many times as possible, then X5 looks to trap near the sidelines when the ball crosses halfcourt, used a lot against 1-up and clear-out alignments, and as a change of pace.

He then took a box of matches and a plug of the Boy's tobacco out of his pocket, and held the lot towards the Shamรกn, seeming to say that to save his life he couldn't rake up another earthly thing to tempt his Shamรกnship.

And most of all they seemed to be measurin' off solemn like and important the lane from the creek lot up to the house and takin' measurements, as queer lookin' sights as I ever see, and then they would consult the papers and atlas agin, and whisper and act.

Those planning to attend should enter the parking lot via South Eighth Street and follow the directions provided by the parking lot attendants.

She said that, of course, I understood that I was still Mary and Marie, even if Jerry did call me Mollie; and that if Marie had married a man that wasn't always congenial with Mary, she was very sure Mary had enough stamina and good sense to make the best of it; and she was very sure, also, that if Mary would only make a little effort to be once in a while the Marie he had married, things might be a lot easierfor Mary.