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Which preposition to use with  manned

Which preposition to use with manned

It appeared that he had got into conversation with an ancient man of the village, who, probably, knew morethough it was little enoughof the strange house, than any other person living.

Was ever a man in such straits?

There were three or four old men with grey hair sitting in the first row of stalls (most uncomfortable seats) who followed every note of the music, turning around and frowning at any unfortunate person in a box who dropped a fan or an opera-glass.

The artists were drawn up in two rows, the women on one side, the men on the other, all eyes of course fixed upon madame la ministresse.

Sometimes, at the end of the day, some of my own friends or some of the young men from the chancery would come in, and that would cheer me up a little.

However, she was finally prevailed upon to abandon the paternal support, and then Wesdehlen installed her in a small salon where Mollard, Introducteur des Ambassadeurs, took charge of her and introduced a great many men to her.

It comes over the heart of many a man at times, Here am I, running my little office, shop, factory, fire-engine, or professional circuit, with no influence that I can see, beyond my borough or my barn-yard.

" All on a sudden who should turn up but Caligula, and claims the man for a slave: brings witnesses, who said they had seen him being flogged, caned, fisticuffed by him.

Man as an individual is quite a different person from the same man in a crowd.

He reassured them, told them Grevy was essentially a man of peace, and, as long as moderate men like W., Leon Say, and their friends remained in office, things would go quietly.

What is this hidden difference in men by which one remains in the by-eddies of life, and another sweeps out on the crest of the rising tide of history?

They were called by our boatmen, "meat hawks," and have less fear of man than any wild birds that I have ever seen.

One reason why it is so hard to get business men into the Church, or to interest them religiously in any way, is that ministers, in general, do not understand or appreciate business men.

He who had so thoroughly dominated the entire ship, eagerly accepted advice of mea man without experience.

Out of the 2000 men under Havelock's command 1400 only were British soldiers.

But there was one man among them who could not believe God would leave them to perish, and spurred on by this thought he gathered rock moss in sufficient quantities to preserve their lives; and, hope springing up again, they made a light raft on which they passed over to the other side.

In the academic world, we do not cast a man out of his mathematical chair because he can also work in astro-physics or in psycho-physics.

These are the features of this beautiful sheet of water, which none see but to admire, none visit but to praise; and it lies here all alone, surrounded by the old hills and forests, bold bluffs, and rocky shores, all as God made them, with no mark of the hand of man about it, save in a single spot on a secluded bay, where lives a solitary family in a log house, surrounded by an acre or two, from which the forest has been cleared away.

It was now quite dark, and I purposely dropped one of the sage-hens, and asked the man behind me to pick it up.

Claudius, seeing a mighty man before him, saw things looked serious and understood that here he had not quite the same pre-eminence as at Rome, where no one was his equal: the Gallic cock was worth most on his own dunghill.

It may be said that an illusive fervor of mind has hurried men, in all periods of the world, into singular and wild exertions, which excite the wonder of the passing hour, and are afterwards either deservedly forgotten, or only recalled to notice by Reason and Philosophy, to caution the restless and impetuous spirit of man against all similar excesses.

We found our baggage, and it was a pleasant thing to change our long beards for shaved faces, and our forest costume for the garniture of the outer man after the fashion of civilization.

They had three or four shindies and killed one man over the proper way to divide the loot after they had got it.

Though there was not a great deal of fighting to do, there were great losses of men through disease; and Havelock himself was ere long so ill that he was told a voyage to England was the only thing to save his life.

So also, we call a lunatic a man beside himself, which most distinctly expresses the two distinct bodies his mind now animates.

though he be but a Banker's Prentice, Madam, he's as pretty a Fellow of his Inches as any i'th' Cityhe has made love in Dancing-Schools, and to Ladies of Quality in the middle Gallery, and shall joke yeand repartee with any Fore-man within the Wallsprithee to herand commend me, I'll give thee a new Point Crevat.

[This will involve a good deal of experimental and constructive handwork.] CHAPTER XXVI EXPERIENCES RECORDED AND PASSED ON Reading and writing are held to have lifted man above the brute; they are the means by which we can discover and record human experience and progress, and as such their value is incalculable.

Going over to the sutler's store he sold his ambulance to Mr. Tappan the past trader, and with a portion of the proceeds he secretly managed to secure some whisky from some bad men around the fort.

I retired when the rumble of the carriages in the streets, and the tramp on the stone sidewalks had ceased, and the scream of the eleven o'clock train had died away into silence, with a quiet conscience, and in the confidence that I should find that repose to which one who has wronged no man during the day, is justly entitled.

Instead of literally answering these difficult questions, it may be resolved into a good argument, as an excellent allegory to represent the struggle in the mind of man between good and evil inclinations.

An item in an evening paper states that "a man near Syracuse recently cut his throat with a scythe.

Officers and men off duty had been following his example; and every one was ready to turn out at a moment's notice.

It was hinted, by another, that an inscription, which had no relation to any particular set of men amongst us, but was composed many ages before the parties, which now divide the nation, had a being, could not be so properly conveyed to the world, by means of a paper dedicated to political debates.

The man who wants to buy, buys from a man across the sea and yet is served in his own town.

From there down we found the river at times quite deep, and in order to carry the wounded man along with us we constructed a raft of poles for his accommodation, and in this way he was transported.

Conspicuous by the brilliancy of his armor, and by the chosen band of officers who were round his person, Alexander took his own station, as his custom was, in the right wing, at the head of his cavalry; and when all the arrangements for the battle were complete, and his generals were fully instructed how to act in each probable emergency, he began to lead his men toward the enemy.

Never mind that two hundred thousand But give us a hundred instead; Send five thousand men towards Reno,

For far toward the western horizon appeared such a prodigy as the eye of no man aboard that ship had ever beheld.

Patrick halted his men beyond the hill crest, and there the Colonel joined him, trotting on his stockinged feet.

Jesus said 'And I if I be lifted up ... will draw all men unto me.'

have decided to | | advance the interests of American Chemical Science by the | | publication of a Journal which shall be a medium of | | communication for all practical, thinking experimenting, and | | manufacturing scientific men throughout the country.

The forsaken lover was first man up the bank.

Yet all this supposes that Christianity is something found by man outside himself, with whose origination he had nothing to do; but, if this be established, its supernatural origin, and therefore, supposing theism, its truth, is already proved, and can only receive confirmation from the argument of adaptability.

A man was standing over him, a man past middle age, short and broad in figure, whose clean-shaven face directed attention to his protruding jaw.

Godfrey stopped in front of the purser's office, and passed his card through the little window to the man inside the cage.

The old man down the street with his cane.

Except for the first moment, I had not experienced that strange power of looking into the man below the surface which had frightened me.

Could anything more clearly show the beating of the great heart of Man beneath the thickly overlying husks of class and class-government?

Among the most valuable books ever written on the proper sphere and duties of civil government are Herbert Spencer's Social Statics, London, 1851; The Study of Sociology, 9th ed., London, 1880; The Man versus The State, London, 1884; they are all reprinted by D. Appleton & Co., New York.

At the club, in the university, in the market, the ploughing-field, the counting-room, they rub up against each other, and no mercy is shown by man to man until primary signs of crudeness are worn off.

per 1,000 men per year, or little more than the civilian death rate for men of the same age groups.

A man opposite me, who thot heed play smart, sent word to the tavern-keeper that I was swollerin' his forks.

"What's happened?" demanded Jack of the man next him, shouting at the top of his voice to make himself heard above the din of battle.

Every man's tongue was loosened as if its owner was the only man amid all the company who knew exactly which was the wisest course to pursue, and I dare venture to say never a commander had under him at a critical moment, such as this certainly was, so many pig-headed recruits.

He had heard only Neddy's last exclamation, not the cautious whispers previously exchanged between him and Mike; he thought that the man astride the window-sill himself had kicked something and instinctively exclaimed, "What the devil's that?"

How mean you?" "'Twas yester-eve we were beset hereabouts by a lewd company, and brought unto their lord, Sir Grilles of Brandonmerea man beyond all other men base and vilewho, beholding her so young and fair would have forced her to his will.

The love of God, rightly understood, places man en rapport with all created things.

There you will find, in the history of men like ourselvesand, above all, in the history of a man unlike ourselves, the perfect Manperfect Man and perfect God togetherwhatsoever is true, whatsoever is honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report; every virtue, and every just cause of praise which mortal man can desire.

It's of particular concern for gay and bisexual men due to their high rates of smoking and HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and the overall low HPV vaccination rates among men, the researchers explained.

Accustomed to alarms, he galloped forward to meet the fugitives from the mill, issuing orders as he passed to several of the men nearest the house.

Two or three excitable Frenchmen just ahead also attempted to turn, thus nearly throwing the little man onto his knees.

Also has a young man vs old man theme which re-appears in several plays.

The greatest piece of folly on earth has been to send a man round the country, to follow another up who has been lecturing on infidelity just to make himself notorious.

By this arrangement the man minus a thigh bone was placed in the center of my field of labor, and under the care of Dr. Kelly; but full ten days after this arrangement was made, he came with a rueful face and said: "We have consulted the Surgeon-General, Medical Inspector, and a dozen other surgeons outside the hospital, and they all agree that there is no hope for Kendall.

It was also found requisite to bestow great military and arbitrary powers on the leaders, who commanded a handful of men amidst such hostile multitudes; and law and equity, in a little time, became as much unknown in the English settlements as they had ever been among the Irish tribes.

I find that any one who wants to get on must be particular in little things as well great, and I must try and be a man nowfor you know things don't glide on as smoothly with us as they used.

He stressed that the decisions taken by the civil servants should always be in the interest of the common man notwithstanding the scope of the department or the region in which they are working.

Charlie sat there for a moment struck all of a heap, and then 'e jumped up and dashed arter 'im. He just saw 'im disappearing round a corner, and he didn't see 'im agin for a couple o' year arterwards, by which time the Sydney gal had 'ad three or four young men arter 'im, and Emma, who 'ad changed her name to Smith, was doing one o' the best businesses in the chandlery l

I know how common it is for men and girls to trifle with each other, but for such as hewho had the faith of all of us, yes, and of all his men, that he wasn't as other men arefor Hilary Kincaid to dawdle with Annawith Anna Callender" "Oh!" broke in the girl, a hot blush betraying her own heart, "I don't think you've got the thing right at all.

now as ye are iust men Unknit this riddle.

They were well manned in a boat ten times as big as our barge, and at least sixty fighting men besides rowers.

When man gainst man conspire to doe evill, For what Society is a fitt!

It nearly led to my running away with a man likelike that!

My younger sister is in her late 20s, and while under quarantine she connected with a man via a dating app.

In the foresaide citie foure of our friers had conuerted a mighty and riche man vnto the faith of Christ, at whose house I continually abode, for so long time as I remained in the citie.

"TO HIS MAJESTY KING JARGE SireDree hunderd loyal men vrom Darset, voregather'd at th' Connaught Rooms, Kingsway, on this their Yearly Veรคst Day, be mindvul o' yer Grashus Majesty, an' wi' vull hearts do zend ee the dootivul an' loyal affecshuns o' th' Society o' Darset Men in Lon'on.

"Why is it that Evelyn doesn't have real men herelike this Mr. Shaw?"

On the crest of the hill, where so much blood had been, spilled before, heavy fighting might have been expected, for the position was well manned with machine guns.

Who to the letter of the outward promise 255 Do read the invisible soul; by men adroit

"You areeryoung men aboutabout his age, andand" "Not in his class," put in Diamond.

[Footnote 023: Ellesin hegemonikos, tois de Barbarois despotikos krasthar kai ton men os philon kai oikeion epimeleisthai, tois de os zoois he phytois prospheresthai.

The doctor had been up all night, in a wretched isolated cottage, watching a man diebut John did not know that.

"Her name is Armida, and she was wife of the murdered man Olinto Santini."

Just as a clergyman, being a man plus a priest, is bound to be a man, and a good man; over and above his priesthood, so is the soldier bound to be a civilian, and a highly-educated civilian, plus his soldierly qualities and acquirements.

Ye see, they're jest es cur'us 'bout a man es a man is 'bout them.

1. i. Section 6, speaks thus: 'If there might be added the right helps of true art and learning, (which helps, I must plainly confess, this age of the world, carrying the name of a learned age, doth neither much know nor generally regard,) there would undoubtedly be almost as much difference in maturity of judgment between men therewith inured, and that which men now are, as between men that are now, and innocents.'

"Yes," said Aunt Linda, "his fadder war killed by the Secesh, one night, comin' home from a politic meetin', an' his pore mudder died a few weeks arter, an' we mean to make a man ob him.