Which preposition to use with market

for Occurrences 256%

Do you know there's a market for those whiskers?

of Occurrences 207%

In fruitful seasons the nut crop is perhaps greater than the California wheat crop, which exerts so much influence throughout the food markets of the world.

in Occurrences 149%

Larks and robins in particular are brought to market in hundreds.

With Occurrences 69%

As he sat and pored over the pages of The Encyclopedia of Places Where Unicorns Can be Successfully Sold on the Black Market With No Questions Asked Except When the Salesman Happens to be a Mangaboo: Vol. 224, he heard a peculiar clattering noise outside.

at Occurrences 59%

He remembers he was bidden to go into the village with his fishing-rod, enter certain houses, ask for a drink of water, and tell the good man, "There would be a horse-market at Newbury next Thursday," and so carry the same message on to the next house on his list.

to Occurrences 36%

" "They said down at market to-day, Mrs. Scogin, that Addie Fitton knocked herself against the woodbin and has water on the knee.

by Occurrences 22%

They're a danger to society, and half the time it's they who upset the market by acting like lunatics.

on Occurrences 22%

In the strawberry season, hundreds of women are employed to carry that delicate fruit to market on their heads; and their industry in performing this task is as wonderful, as their remuneration is unworthy of the opulent classes who derive enjoyment from their labour.

as Occurrences 18%

The town child has many links if he can use them: the goods train, the docks, the grocer's, green-grocer's or draper's shop, foreigners in the street, the vans that come through the silent streets in the early morning; in big towns, such markets as Covent Garden or Leadenhall or Smithfield; such a river as the Thames, Humber or Merseyfrom any one of these beginnings he can reach out from his own small environment to the world.

from Occurrences 13%

In this manner a relay of calves may be prepared for the markets from early spring to the end of summer, a plan more advantageous than that of overfeeding one to a useless degree of corpulency.

than Occurrences 9%

The volume of employment in this country during the war will have been swollen by temporary demands for war supplies which will cease when the war ends; foreign trade will be uncertain; a larger number of soldiers will be thrown on the labour market than ever before.

through Occurrences 8%

It covers by its position in the Gulf the Mississippi and other great waters within our extended limits, and thereby enables the United States to afford complete protection to the vast and very valuable productions of our whole Western country, which find a market through those streams.

like Occurrences 5%

The price'll go up fablous, Mr. Orkins; there's nothin' rules the market like that there.

among Occurrences 4%

We might dispose of quite a number of their small carvings and articles de Paris, with which the market among the townspeople is decidedly overstocked.

without Occurrences 4%

It appears that the Mexicans living near Fort Union had manufactured the beer, and were taking it through to Camp Evans to sell to the troops, but it struck a lively market without going so far.

within Occurrences 3%

From 1260 to 1341, when he asked to be freed from the duty, the abbot of Beaulieu sat in Parliament, and in 1368 Edward III. granted the monks a weekly market within the precincts.

over Occurrences 3%

Britain had laid land to land and market to market over the globe, and showed no particular scruple in the matter.

about Occurrences 2%

If this learned author had been brought up in the woods, and had never read of Murray's "richer wines," or heard of Solomon's "dainty meats,"never chaffered in the market about sugars and teas, or read in Isaiah that "all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags," or avowed, like Timothy, "a good profession before many witnesses,"he might still have hewed the timbers of some rude cabin, and partaken of the wild fruits which nature affords.

before Occurrences 2%

One must be at the market before five o'clock to see it all.

behind Occurrences 2%

Recently they set off together from Kola on the Murman Coast to try to find a village from which jolly little Laplanders and Laplanderesses come sliding and skidding to market behind their stout-hearted reindeer.

between Occurrences 2%

Up early and down late; milked ten cows with her own hands; on with her cardinal, rode to market between her panniers, fair weather and foul, hail, blow, or snow.

during Occurrences 2%

The overstocking of the Eastern and Indian markets during the trade boom of 1913, together with the financial crisis in India last year, has reduced the demand for cotton goods.

near Occurrences 2%

Tullus complained that some Roman merchants had been seized in a crowded market near the temple of Feronia: the Sabines that some of their people had previously taken refuge in the asylum, and had been detained at Rome.

out Occurrences 2%

We call it craftthe glory of the sophist, who could prove or disprove anything for gain or display; the glory of the successful adventurer, whose shrewdness made its market out of the stupidity and vice of the barbarian.

toward Occurrences 2%

In towns, no cup of water can be drunk, no crust of bread eaten, no garment worn, which has not paid the transportation tax, and the farmer's crops must rot upon his land, if other farmers pay enough less than he to exclude him from markets toward which they all stand in a position otherwise equal.

Which preposition to use with  market