Which preposition to use with marking

of Occurrences 2473%

There were no marks of blowsindeed, none had been givenbut the door had been literally riven from its hinges, by the application of enormous, silent force.

as Occurrences 583%

Royalty payments should be clearly marked as such and sent to the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation at the address specified in Section 4, "Information about donations to the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation.

on Occurrences 583%

These sticks were of different lengths and dimensions, according to the number marked on them; so that by looking at the inscription, you could tell the size, or by seeing or feeling the size, you could tell the number.

in Occurrences 514%

The difference of dress between the jeune fille and the jeune femme is very strongly marked in France.

with Occurrences 507%

Her looks mark her everywhere as a supremely happy woman, and she goes out into the world marked with that strange, deep, grand impress of motherhood and womanhood, which has always made the true woman not only a working-mother, but a love-crowned queen!

for Occurrences 269%

Each discovered what I could have told them, that even the human figure at five hundred yards is a small mark for a strange rifle.

at Occurrences 63%

Among these were the Augurs or those who drew their knowledge of futurity from the flight, and various other actions of birds; the Aruspices, from the entrails of beasts; palmestry or the lines of the hands; points marked at random; numbers, names, the motions of a scene, the air, fire, the Praenestine, Homerian, and Virgilian lots, dreams, etc.

to Occurrences 55%

There was the littoral region between tide marks with its sand-eels, pipe fishes, and blennies: the seaweed region, extending from low- water-mark to a depth of 450 feet, with its wrasses, rays, and flat fish; and the deep-sea region, from 450 feet to 1500 feet or more, with its file-fish, sharks, gurnards, cod, and sword-fish.

by Occurrences 46%

The Greeks, especially in the earliest times, divided their compositions into verses, or such short portions of sentences as we mark by a comma, each verse occupying a line; and the number of these verses is often set down at the beginning or end of a book.

of Occurrences 42%

They were young men with the fantastic markings of young braves.

from Occurrences 35%

"Then do you believe that a double murder was committed?" "I draw my conclusion from the fact that the young man, on being struck in the heart, could not have gone such a distance as that which separates the one mark from the other.

against Occurrences 22%

Bull looked down to his feet as a thoughtful man will do, and there, very clearly marked against the white of the stone, he saw a dark streaktwo of them, side by side.

like Occurrences 21%

"There are no Indians about the lake and packers' boots don't make marks like those.

on Occurrences 18%

He had been deceived by the marking on the plane, a very thin black cross instead of the thick one usually found on enemy aircraft.

across Occurrences 13%

Not until it seemed to me every square inch of my hands had been burned to a blister, and there was a livid, red mark across my forehead, where an old hag had scorched me with a burning brand, did the squaws tire of their cruel sport, and then we were left comparatively alone, with sufficient of pain to keep us so keenly alive to the situation that weariness of body did not make itself apparent.

under Occurrences 13%

Is there any distinctive mark under our left ears?

off Occurrences 13%

The English flags mark off the coast from that cape to what may be considered as Cape Hatteras.

throughout Occurrences 11%

A popular work, in which many of his theories are unfolded, and marked throughout by his peculiar ideas in regard to the relations of body and mind, was published in 1858.

over Occurrences 10%

"Ranaway, negro man Ephraim, has a mark over one of his eyes, occasioned by a blow.

between Occurrences 10%

The contrast is at the least marked between the Caliph of the Prophet and the children of the Holy Catholic Church.

than Occurrences 10%

" "And are there no other marks than this plain board?"

before Occurrences 9%

Good hatcheries are constantly busy, keeping up the supply, but it appears that though one in every ten thousand of these fish is marked before being set free, so far as known no marked fish have ever been captured.

per Occurrences 6%

In 1408, the chief justice of the common pleas had fifty-five marks per annum.

among Occurrences 6%

Here and there the white head of some old man made its mark among the sunburnt faces.

down Occurrences 5%

So the old man did as he was bidden, and handed Robin the tablet on which was marked down the account of the various packages upon the horses.

Which preposition to use with  marking