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Which preposition to use with  masks

Which preposition to use with masks

His face was a puckered mask of amaze and incredulity.

Mr. Bennettwhom, by the way, his big friend Neddy called "Mike," and not "Percy," as might have been expectedassumed his sandy wig and red mustache as soon as they were well started; Neddy scorned disguise for the moment, but he had a mask in his pocket.

They entered a British trench filled with gas for practice purposes, and are seen adjusting their gas masks for protection.

Some had apparently been gassed outside, some with masks on and some without, and had crawled, dying, into the dug-outs in the vain hope of finding protection there.

"Hosea," said a mask at his ear; "a word with thee in secret."

Armed with an accordion, and masked to the eyes, he had appeared at Eastbourne, and also at the Henley Regatta, as a Mysterious Musician.

Then we stripped the mask with its bristle of long whiskers, took the gall, and dragged the carcass into the surf where it was devoured by fish.

Thus to make a delectable tune to your ear, history goes masking as fable.

Continuing on down the sidewalk, on a line with the house, is a garden masked from view by a high, close board-fence.

The same process goes on in plants, but it was until recently entirely unknown, because it was completely masked during the daytime by the process of assimilation, which causes carbonic acid to be inhaled and decomposed, and oxygen to be exhaled.

"None pass the halberdiers masked by day, Carlo, but they who have the secret word."

All had decked themselves for this play in what they fancied was the dress of piratesscarlet sashes, and napkins or turbans round their heads, big boots, and masks over their eyes.

Then came a gentle tap at the door, and, at the usual bidding, one entered, closely masked like him who had departed, as was so much the usage of that city in the age of which we write.

While Gino stood half stupified and half delighted at this proposition, the ready and wily Annina made some slight change in her outer garments, placed a silken mask before her face, applied a key to the door, and beckoned to the gondolier to follow.

Such new desolation as she must have felt was masked under jesting dispraise of our execrable Northern climate.

It was opened by bands of wailing women, musicians, and dancers; one of the latter was dressed out and furnished with a mask after the likeness of the deceased, and by gesture doubtless and action recalled once more to the multitude the appearance of the well-known man.

Birx said people living in multigenerational households in an area that is experiencing an outbreak should wear masks inside the home to protect the elderly or those with underlying conditions.

During a news conference Thursday, Turner recommended people wear masks around other people, ensure social distancing in the workplace or work from home, and reduce business occupancy from 50% to 25%.

BTS arrive at JFK Airport in NY wearing face masks amid.

Every man has an innate talent for mimicry,for making a mask out of his physiognomy, so that he can always look as if he really were what he pretends to be; and since he makes his calculations always within the lines of his individual nature, the appearance he puts on suits him to a nicety, and its effect is extremely deceptive.

During the crisis China produced up to 1.6 million N95 respirator masks per day, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

As the boat sails away, one of the divers accidentally knocks his diving mask into the water.

Beside the overwhelming desire to spite Theobald for his presumption in publishing "Shakespeare Restored" the aggrieved poet was actuated by numerous petty grudges against the inhabitants of Grub Street, all of which he masked behind a pretence of righteous zeal.

The land of the Celts was still in a ferment, and a war seemed imminent between Rome and Macedonia: he had good reason now to throw off the mask without delay and to carry the war whithersoever he pleased, before the Romans began it at their own convenience with a descent on Africa.

Chuproff," he cried to one of his men, "go and take the mask off Finch, or the poor boy will suffocate, and untie his armsand give him a good crack on the head to teach him to keep watch better."

It shrieked by mysterious stations, dragging furiously its freight of luxury and light and human masks through placid and humble villages and towns, of which it ignored everything save their coloured signals of safety.

Furthermore, the airport authorities ensured that social distancing was maintained and the passengers wore masks throughout their journey.

There was one set of Geisha girls who were masked below the eyes, one of whom sang what she fondly imagined was a typical American song calculated to captivate her American audience.

The dancers kept on their masks until midnight, and the merry and motley throng presented a brilliant scene, moving gracefully beneath the bright gas-light to the inspiriting music.

The financiers have spread their net for Syria, Feisul has no artillery worth speaking of no gasno masks against gas, and the French have plenty of everything except money.

Despite wearing the mask he is defeated quite easily by The Mask due to his lack of understanding of the powers it grants.

All members of the community must wear face masks outside their homes at all times, the Supreme Committee stressed.

He took only one precaution, pulling his hat down so that the black shadow of the brim would fall like a robber's mask across the upper part of his face.

It is possible, by the way, that this appearance of moral ugliness was due in part to the physical ugliness of features, which were nearly without exception coarse, irregular, exaggerated, grotesque, and in some cases more like hideous masks than like faces.

The women in Muscat wear a kind of mask of blue stuff over the face, fastened upon springs or wires, which project some distance beyond the face; a hole is cut in the mask between the forehead and nose, which allows something more than the eyes to be seen.

Because seriousness drew attention from the spies, the deepest thoughts were masked beneath an air of levity, and merrymaking hid such counsels as might come within the vaguely defined boundaries of treason.

"Any gas masks among the supplies you ordered?"

Many local government authorities have mandated that our staff and customers wear masks within our stores," the company said in a statement.

MAY 6:Somerville Police Officer Timothy Van Nostrand hands out masks along the bike path on May 6, 2020 in Somerville, MA.

โ€œAnd we would discourage wearing a cloth mask underneath a Halloween face mask because that can impair breathing or make breathing difficult.โ€

But, he notes, โ€œweโ€™re reflecting all the different aspectsโ€ of how people handle social distancing, including that the family doesnโ€™t wear masks amongst themselves at home because they are quarantining together.

And from Prof. Carl Heneghan of Oxford University also made a comment of cloth mask about the reinfection.

He added that the first phase of the programme will be limited to 1,000 large mosques in the country, which โ€œwill be able to allow the essential physical distancing with the imperative wearing of masks by allโ€™โ€™.

โ€œJo at Masks For Scotland had just been in touch to ask for my support, the work that she and her mum Jill are doing is wonderful, so it felt like the perfect fit.

Pink Peony Kids Face Masks from the WoodsCute pooches frolic on the double layer, reusable Puppy Party mask, with the interior made of cotton jersey and the exterior made of printed cotton denim in a comfy, no-gap design.

Laura Langmead holds a breathing mask onto her one-year-old daughter Evieโ€™s face, as she tried to keep her calm amid the smoke in Mallacoota.

Just so you know, shortly after they started talking about masks, I ended up shopping at an ACE Hardware store (York House and Lewis Avenue in Waukegan) and they had masks near the checkout area.

โ€˜TEAM CAUSEโ€™ headed by SUHAN ALVA & GANG Serve HANGYO ICE CANDIES and also distribute FACE MASKS to the MIGRANTS at MILAGRES.

[Illustration: Ceremonial Masks of Wood] CHAPTER XXVIII A SLEDGE JOURNEY EASTWARDREACHING TIDE-WATERA NIGHT SEARCH FOR A STOVE-PIPEFINDING COMRADESA VOICE FROM A STOVESTORY OF THE ANADYR PARTY I will not detain the reader long with the first part of our journey from Anadyrsk to the Pacific Coast, as it did not differ much from our previous Siberian experience.

"Better not say anything to Bill about the young 'un's shoulder," called after him the ever-thoughtful James. CHAPTER XX MASKS OFF Now that it was all explained, it seemed to Bennington de Laney to be ridiculously simple.

โ€œAs I walk my dog in a face mask, gloves and hair covering, I witness white people jogging without masks past Black and Brown elders and workers, past the homeless,โ€ Holland says.

He only hath pulled off the fair visor of sin; so as that which appears not but masked unto others, is seen of him barefaced, and bewrays that fearful ugliness, which none can conceive but he that hath viewed it.