Which preposition to use with mastering

of Occurrences 4459%

All the same, he was not quite master of his wits, and had some fear of a blow from the fool.

in Occurrences 587%

Am I master in my own house or am I not?' There was no reply to this rhetorical question.

to Occurrences 197%

He followed his master to the door, and stood looking at the flap-tying, ears very pointed, critical eye cocked, asking as plain as could be, "You wake me up and drag me out here into the heat and mosquitoes just to watch you doin' that?

at Occurrences 148%

My master at Akani Obio sent me to stop you and bring you to his house.

for Occurrences 132%

In order to this, Charmante is dressing himself like one of the Caballists of the Rosycrusian Order, and is coming to prepare my credulous Master for the greater Imposition.

with Occurrences 126%

On one occasion he lit a bonfire in his dormitory, he pelted the German master with rejected examination papers, and in a single day was caned over a dozen times.

from Occurrences 90%

"Raise our master from the dead," shouted the people, "and we will free the prisoners!" Mary kept her place.

on Occurrences 73%

They took their places at a back desk pointed out to them by the master on duty, and sat watching the stream of boys that poured in through the open doors, wondering how long it would take them to become acquainted with the names of such a multitude.

as Occurrences 63%

The empire has for long been without good government; and Heaven is about to use your master as its edict-announcer.

over Occurrences 48%

Quite a feature of this room is the wonderful deceptive painting by this master over each door, and on a continuous frieze.

into Occurrences 37%

It will be better to leave the lady unnoticed than for the servant thus to turn his master into ridicule.

by Occurrences 33%

By this, masters and serfs were encouraged to enter into an arrangement which was to put the serf into immediate possession of himself, of a homestead and of a few acres, giving him time to indemnify his master by a series of payments.

than Occurrences 28%

Well knowing that, except at the usual hours, or in obedience to Sir Wynston's bell, nothing more displeased his master than his presuming to enter his sleeping-apartment while he was there, the servant quietly retreated, and, perfectly satisfied that all was right, composed himself to slumber, and was soon beginning to dose again.

unto Occurrences 19%

And by all my telling, you to know that I did be very dainty with Mine Own Maid that did be all of daintiness; but yet I to be masterful, as did be my nature, and a very proper way it did be with the Maid, so that she did be alway reasonable in the main; and this to come out of her love, which did have pleasure to know that I did be Master unto her, all in the same while that she did fight to show that I did be otherwise.

without Occurrences 17%

He further got a transcript of the rules in six or seven thousand gâthas, being the sarvâstivâdâh rulesthose which are observed by the communities of monks in the land of Ts'in; which also have all been handed down orally from master to master without being committed to writing.

under Occurrences 16%

I had been home only about a month, after returning from Fort Bridger, when I again started out with another train, going this time as assistant wagon-master under Buck Bomer.

out Occurrences 14%

This done, he hurra'd in divers parts of the building until he lost his voice, and then quietly relapsed into his usual collected and philosophical condition, and followed his master out of the prison.

before Occurrences 12%

Ali was chosen to represent his beloved master before the menaces of the Kureisch.

like Occurrences 12%

But when he shall come with these things, thundering and lightning, and when I am afraid of them, what do I do then except to recognize my master like the runaway slave?

after Occurrences 11%

His commissionaire and body-servant, Stork, had once, in a rarealmost uniqueconvivial moment, declared to the caretaker of the building that he knew no more about his master after ten years than he did the first day he entered his service.

during Occurrences 9%

I had only had the instruction of masters during the few months in the year we usually passed in London.

among Occurrences 9%

"We be Danes," answered Rollo, "and all be equally masters among us.

throughout Occurrences 8%

So are, and constantly have been, with scarcely an exception, all the members of both Houses of Congress from the slaveholding States; and so are, in immensely disproportionate numbers, the commanding officers of the army and navy; the officers of the customs; the registers and receivers of the land offices, and the post-masters throughout the slaveholding States.

about Occurrences 7%

" Chung-kung, on being made first minister to the Chief of the Ki family, consulted the Master about government, and to him he said, "Let the heads of offices be heads.

against Occurrences 6%

In the same spirit Plato and Aristotle, and no less strongly the oracle of the landlords, the Carthaginian Mago, caution masters against bringing together slaves of the same nationality, lest they should originate combinations and perhaps conspiracies of their fellow-countrymen.

Which preposition to use with  mastering