Which preposition to use with meant

of Occurrences 9196%

Evidently, some of the brutes were feeling with their claw-hands, about the door, to discover whether there were any means of ingress.

by Occurrences 1652%

"What do I mean by brittle?

for Occurrences 914%

But every word of that prayer was meant for the uplifting of my heart.

to Occurrences 722%

As for you, an American boy, why don't you go to h I mean to the West. Go West, young man!

in Occurrences 622%

He smoothed her cold forehead, and tried to comfort her by every means in his power.

at Occurrences 152%

Carleton's reconnaissance convinced him that he could have little chance of reducing it quickly, if at all, with the means at hand, especially as the Americans had supplies close by at Lake George, while he was now a hundred miles south of his base.

as Occurrences 120%

All later editions 'shrivel'd', which is by no means as good.

than Occurrences 70%

And the publication, in 1864, of M. Van Beneden's memoir on the Miocene and Pliocene Squalodon, furnished much better means than anatomists previously possessed of fitting in another link of the chain which connects the existing Cetacea with Zeuglodon.

about Occurrences 67%

Thatthat's what I mean about having no shame.

with Occurrences 63%

Some men eat too much; some drink too much; some sleep too much; some waste their vital energies in sensual indulgence, while all have some vicious habit (I mean with reference to the preservation of life), known or unknown to the world, which, sooner or later, undermines the constitution, and helps on the work of dilapidation.

from Occurrences 47%

As he greeted the two strangers, and said simply that he had just arrived, himself, by way of the Anvik portage, the Colonel felt that he must have meant from New York or from Paris instead of the words he added, "from St. Michael's.

on Occurrences 40%

" "Oh, I mean on those long narrow snow-shoes that make you go so fast you always trip up!

without Occurrences 37%

No one can begin to understand what modern war means without some personal acquaintance with shell-shock cases.

between Occurrences 37%

What a fool I have been not to surmise what this confounded pain meant between my shoulders!

within Occurrences 21%

Thus, though neither of them had anticipated such a bolt from the blue, both Carleton and Cramahe had taken all the reasonable means within their most restricted power to provide against unforeseen contingencies.

out Occurrences 15%

Twenty years from now a league including cities of the Philippines, China and Japan, is by no means out of the question, and it may be that the introduction of Base Ball into all three countries will result in a better understanding between the peoples and perhaps bring all three races to a better frame of mind as relates to their personal ambitions and rivalries.

against Occurrences 14%

The quiet of the nation has been, for years, disturbed by a faction, against which all factions ought to conspire; for its original principle is the desire of leveling; it is only animated, under the name of zeal, by the natural malignity of the mean against the great.

towards Occurrences 13%

To make ourselves defenceless (after having been most strongly defended), from loftiness of sentiment, is the means towards genuine peace....

through Occurrences 12%

Tell me, Wyandotté, how came you to discover that Robert was a prisoner, and by what means did he contrive to give you his letter?" The Indian assumed a look of pride, a little blended with hauteur; for he felt that he was manifesting the superiority of a red-man over the pale-face, as he related the means through which he had made his discoveries.

like Occurrences 11%

"You mean like a phonograph record on a turntable?" "No," replied Lisa.

under Occurrences 10%

In the midst of danger fear was removed from us, and we were blessed with the unspeakable advantage of presence of mind, and enabled to use the best means under Divine Providence to save our lives.

above Occurrences 8%

She was by no means above self-sympathy.

throughout Occurrences 8%

[Footnote 1: The Assyrian scribe annotates in the margin that the same god is meant throughout, under all these different epithets.]

beyond Occurrences 8%

His mother had few means beyond the labour of her hands for their support.

among Occurrences 7%

And thus we brought them reverently to the dwelling of our brethren, where they rest in peace, and where God continually works miracles by their means among the idolaters.

Which preposition to use with  meant
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