Which preposition to use with minas

in Occurrences 4%

In the evenings I used to meet Mina in her garden, and always found her loving, though awed by my wealth and supposed rank.

of Occurrences 3%

You have been driven from the rich valleys of your old life to hills of bare existence by the minas of commerce and politics.

at Occurrences 1%

In commemoration of the ceremonial slaying of victims in the vale of Mina at the end of the Greater Pilgrimage, Mahomet ordered two kids to be sacrificed at every festival, so that his people were continually reminded that at Mecca, beneath the infidel yoke, the sacred ritual, so peculiarly their own by virtue of the Abrahamic descent and their inexorable monotheism, was being unworthily performed.

from Occurrences 1%

"A line of your pen, and you save your Mina from that rogue's clutches.

on Occurrences 1%

Learning the necessity of sending powerful succours to protect the Portuguese trade from the hostilities of the zamorin, the king of Portugal fitted out a fleet of twelve large ships in 1504, of which the command was given to Lope Suarez de Menesis, who had been captain of the Mina on the coast of Guinea in the reign of John II.

with Occurrences 1%

To cut things shortthe institution which had received me had been founded by Bendel and the widowed Mina with my money, and in my honour had been called the Schlemihlium.

Which preposition to use with  minas