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Which preposition to use with  mines

Which preposition to use with mines

We have gold mines here in Californy and Nevada and all them States; and we hear of gold mines in Mexico and Australia, too, but did you ever hear tell of gold mines in Europe?

Who sunk the mines of Eldorado?

But far enough to disgrace me and mine for ever," she said with a sob.

At that date children began to work in mines at the age of four or five, and large numbers of girls and boys were labouring in the pits by the time they were eight.

Contemplating the works of these flowers of the sky, one may easily fancy them endowed with life: messengers sent down to work in the mountain mines on errands of divine love.

I realized, dimly, that the creature's eyes were looking into mine with a steady, compelling stare.

About twenty years ago, when the gold placers had been pretty thoroughly exhausted, the attention of fortune-seekersnot home-seekerswas, in great part, turned away from the mines to the fertile plains, and many began experiments in a kind of restless, wild agriculture.

She that's mine by sacred Vows already!

"He heard 'em name it how they'd get the mine from himor thought he didand he come out and talked loud, and grabbed for the bandanner, and he missed it and fell down the steps.

Sentences: In trying to the mine as near the fissure as possible he fell and his hip.

Also similar Tickets at reduced rates, through | | Lake Superior, enabling travelers to visit the celebrated | | Iron Mountains and Copper Mines of that region.

The Russian dreadnought Imperatritsa Maria was sunk by a mine near Sulina, at the mouth of the Danube, November 11.

"I'm afraid, Dave, little giant, that you've planted something of a mine under yourself," murmured Dalzell.

Only one explanation was possible: he'd found a mine without going even as far as Minรณok.

"You are part owner of your schooner, Captain Daggett," our hero answered, "while I have no other interest in mine than my lay, as her master.

"There may be mines about."

Only the other day I happened to call upon a friend of mine during the hour set aside for her little girl's piano lesson.

And in the latter case, Mr. Donnegan, be sureoh, be sure that I should not forget who brought the mines into my hands!

He continues: "'Twas mine among the fields both day and night And by the waters, all the summer long.

He was perhaps thirty-six, had been "in" ten years, and had mined before that in Idaho.

She is the sort of person who would laugh and dance at a ball with the knowledge that there was a mine beneath the floor."

That friend of mine over the water, sitting in his lonely bungalow tonight studying Hindoostanee wants somebody, too.

That afternoon a few of us had tea for the last time at Finzi's, a favourite haunt of mine between the Castello and the Cathedral.

"I thought gold came out of deep mines like copper, and had to be melted out or something, but this seems to be different.

I have asked old and experienced miners at Dawson City who mined through California in Bonanza days, and some who mined in Australia, what they thought of the Klondyke region, and their reply has invariably been, "The world never saw so vast and rich a find of gold as we are working now."

While these lines are being written, the British of Rhodesia are preparing to open mines along these deposits.

"Children of the present time learn about so many things!" sighed a middle-aged friend of mine after a visit to the school which her small granddaughter attended.

Then we walked to the United Mines in Gwennap.

I am no theologian" "Sir," said the old man again, with a tremor in him which I could feel going over all his frame, "if I saw a friend of mine within the gates of hell, I would not despair but his Father would take him by the hand still, if he cried like you."

"You thought the gold-mine out on the gulch could waitand the gold-mine in my cabin couldn't."

In January, 1917, the only vessels equipped for this service were four merchant ships and the Flotilla Leader Abdiel, with a total minelaying capacity of some 1,200 mines per trip.

Later silver was found in the area around the town and some mines around Broken Hill still operate.

As you have been accidentally made acquainted with Mr. Powis's sentiments towards me, it is no more than just that you should know the nature of mine towards him" Eve paused involuntarily, for, though she had commenced her explanation, with a firm intention to do justice to Paul, the bashfulness of her sex held her tongue tied, at the very moment

In August, 1917, it was, however, definitely decided to establish a barrage of nets and mines across the Straits of Otranto, and the work was put in hand.

I wanted to make a trial of mine against that of Madame Sandwich, at a banquet given by Lord Jersey.

He was also the chairman of De Beers Consolidated Mines for 27 years until he retired from those positions in 1982 and 1984.

It was that of a driver boy in the mine below the breaker.

Several Austrian vessels succumbed to mines off the coast of Dalmatia and in the Baltic there were a number of casualties in which both Russian and German cruisers suffered.

Burton recommends immediate attention to the iron mines behind Three Rivers.

I remained in the mines until July fourth, 1851, exactly one year from the time I entered Sacramento, when I started home by way of Nicaragua.

It being a time of worship in the temple, I went with a Jewish friend of mine up the hill, and entered the outer court, called, I believe, the Court of the Gentiles.

For example, Caraboo Chilcotin Aboriginal Employment Training Centre trained five at-risk youth last year as heavy equipment operators and all five are now working in various mines throughout the province.

She puts me mighty much in mine ob dem days wen we war all young togedder; wen Miss Nancy sed, 'Harriet war too high fer her.'

At length, by great exertions, the Mongals dug a mine underneath the walls of the city, through which a party entered and opened the gates for the rest of the army, so that the city was carried, and the emperor and many of the citizens put to the sword.

One worker received injuries to his wrist, neck and knee when he fell from a work platform at Wabush Mines-Scully Mines on October 14, 2002.

Then presently he stuck his paddle into the bushes, and mine beside it.

Vice-Admiral W.S. Sims had arrived in this country in March, 1917, after passing through an exciting experience, the ship in which he crossed (the United States steamer St. Louis) being mined outside Liverpool.

Y'are mine, you say, allready Mine by all tearmes of Law, & nothing wanting But the possession: let's not then expect Th'uncertainety of a returne from France, But be all one ymediately.

If we keep IOC and Wabush Mines at $27 an hour, the electricity, they are not going to get anywhere else in Canada, or I do not say a rate anywhere else in the world that will be that competitive.

He was Minister of Mines between 2001 to 2002.

According to the โ€œMines by the Numbersโ€ site, 10.4% of the student body were international students last year.

[Illustration: GOLD ROCKER, WASHING PAN AND GOLD BORER] [Illustration: SCENE DURING THE RUSH TO THE GOLD MINES FROM SAN FRANCISCO IN 1848] Before the season was half over, heavy rain was followed by such bitter cold that all the ground and still waters were frozen stiff.

You, who mean to look after little children, look after mine above all others, for their mother gave you, long since, her loving friendship.

Mines off my Lord.

โ€™ yelled an agnostic friend of mine down the phone at me after I mentioned how I was finding my faith comforting.