Which preposition to use with minutes

of Occurrences 651%

That there had been a land-slip of some kind, I had little doubt; but the cause was beyond my knowledge; and yet, even then, I had half imaginings; for, already, the thought had come to me, of those falling rocks, and that Thing in the bottom of the Pit; but, in the first minutes of confusion, I failed to reach the natural conclusion, to which the catastrophe pointed.

in Occurrences 455%

We halted a few minutes in my petit salon at the end of the long suite of rooms.

to Occurrences 269%

Let bake in a quick oven; allow fifteen minutes to the pound.

after Occurrences 237%

We arrived a few minutes before eight, all the staff and directors already there, and by ten minutes after eight every one had arrived.

before Occurrences 221%

We arrived a few minutes before eight, all the staff and directors already there, and by ten minutes after eight every one had arrived.

at Occurrences 155%

St. Vallier, with all the staff of the embassy, met him at the station when he arrived in Berlin, also Holstein (our old friend who was at the German Embassy in Paris with Arnim) to compliment him from Prince Bismarck, and he had hardly been fifteen minutes at the embassy when Count Herbert von Bismarck arrived with greetings and compliments from his father.

past Occurrences 153%

Your oroide is now wound up, Mr. DROOD, and set at twenty minutes past Two.

for Occurrences 130%

" "Henry, I implore you to keep coolto give me five minutes for talk" "No, not one.

with Occurrences 130%

Let cook ten minutes with 1/2 glass of sherry wine.

from Occurrences 94%

All the long high-walled fiords into which these great glaciers of the first class flow are of course crowded with icebergs of every conceivable form, which are detached with thundering noise at intervals of a few minutes from an imposing ice-wall that is thrust forward into deep water.

by Occurrences 83%

But he was too late; the powder-horn was safe, and I notified him, as Squire Smith did the cats, to leave them parts in just one minute by the clock.

on Occurrences 76%

" Captain Parkinson appeared on deck and turned his glasses for a full minute on the strange schooner.

without Occurrences 74%

HALF PAST TWO.He indicated his dissatisfaction with the policy of the Government, to the President at Long Branch, thus: Having transferred all the jewels from his left hand to the right, and carefully adjusted them there, he raised the hand in question to his finely cut Roman nose, then, extending his fingers, he twirled them for several minutes without exhibiting any symptoms of fatigue.

of Occurrences 37%

The Minutes of the Committee for 6th June, 1811, contained an entry of an order to pay 83l.

between Occurrences 33%

The referee briefly made the usual announcement about it being a fight to the finish, with two-minute rounds and two minutes between rounds.

over Occurrences 26%

Rub the bottom of a stewpan over with butter, and put in the shalots, herbs, bay-leaves, carrots, mace, and seasoning; stir them for 10 minutes over a clear fire, and add the Madeira or sherry; simmer gently for 1/2 hour, and strain through a sieve over the fish, which stew in this gravy.

under Occurrences 19%

When the sun got hot he stopped for breakfast and afterwards he and Brown smoked for a few minutes under the awning.

behind Occurrences 19%

"I never allow myself to be a minute behind time.

during Occurrences 17%

" Again silence held for a long minute during which no man stirred or spoke.

per Occurrences 15%

Three minutes per hour per fire seems to be the average, and the labor is of a very light kind, consisting of clearing the passages between the tiles, and occasionally pushing back the coke on to the fire bars.

about Occurrences 11%

He was very friendly and talked for twenty minutes about all sorts of things, in excellent French, with a few words of English now and then to show he knew of my English connection.

than Occurrences 11%

She has eyes bluer one minute than the grotto at Capri, greener the next than grass in June, grayer the next than a November day, and so on in turn through all the prismatic colors.

into Occurrences 8%

She let herself go on looking for a breathless minute into her brother's face.

out Occurrences 7%

But I do not think she was ever many minutes out of my mind.

until Occurrences 7%

I can't give you a minute until the last, for you know I've almost to open the third and fourth acts.

Which preposition to use with  minutes
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