Which preposition to use with moment

of Occurrences 3352%

I could have screamed, in the supremeness of my fear; and then, in the very moment of my extremity and despair, I became conscious that I was looking down upon the arena, from a rapidly increasing height.

in Occurrences 1089%

As he passed along, he shook hands with several gentlemen also standing near the lobby, including R. He stopped a moment in front of him, saying: "I think this is Mr. Waddington.

with Occurrences 379%

The marksman must take his aim while the game is feeding; when it raises its head high in the air, throws forward its ears and gazes at him for a moment with a wild and startled look, then is his time to fire.

for Occurrences 349%

No sooner was I fully awake than, being still alarmed by the things I had seen, I felt with my right hand for the wound in my breast, searching at the present moment for that which was already being prepared for my future misery.

to Occurrences 304%

It was as though time had been annihilated for me; so that a year was no more to my unfleshed spirit, than is a moment to an earth-bound soul.

on Occurrences 302%

" The Boy was turning back the covers, and balancing a moment on the side of the bunk.

at Occurrences 293%

I paused a moment at the door, afraid to enter, or even look in; made one or two steps, and hearing no sound, concluded that all was over with the Hermit, and that my own doom was sealed.

from Occurrences 148%

They were much amused when suddenly Francis burst into the room, having escaped a moment from his Nonnon, who was busy with her last packing, his little face flushed and quivering with anger because his toys had been packed and he was to be taken away from the big house.

before Occurrences 142%

Finally she was still, and Perdosa staggered to his feet, only to stare about him drunkenly for a moment before throwing himself with a screech on another victim.

by Occurrences 111%

Moment by moment, the acceleration of time continued; so that, at nights now, I saw the moon, only as a swaying trail of palish fire, that varied from a mere line of light to a nebulous path, and then dwindled again, disappearing periodically.

as Occurrences 90%

Indeed, I felt for the moment as one paralysed.

after Occurrences 78%

And Valentinian all loose and ruffld a Moment after the Rape, and all this you see without Scandal, and a thousand others The Moor of Venice in many places.

into Occurrences 75%

This sounds very much like the end of a story; but it is not, and for a connecting-link to join this chapter to those that follow, we will go forward for one moment into the future.

like Occurrences 67%

The shot sounded dull and muffled; a puff of smoke hung for a moment like the smoke from the pipe, appearing methodically between the passive onlooker's teeth; the man who had struck stopped dead in his tracks.

without Occurrences 50%

Dr. Denson frowned, and sat for some moments without speaking, rapping the blotting-pad in front of him with the butt end of a seal; then remembering the presence of the small boys, he turned towards them with an inquiring look.

over Occurrences 40%

He was but a man, and he was weary, and subject to the sway of the little over the great, the moment over the life, which is the condition of man.

than Occurrences 38%

He had no more idea of meeting me at that moment than of meeting the man in the moon, and yet, no sooner had he seen my facewhich he had not looked upon for eight yearsthan the whole 'case' flashed upon him.

under Occurrences 32%

He halted a moment under the Cross, and stared up at it.

during Occurrences 29%

I had not a moment during all the day to examine the interior of the wardrobe.

against Occurrences 28%

Sweeping open that door, she closed it softly, standing for the moment against it, her hand crossed in back and on the knob.

out Occurrences 25%

This strange scene, which she did not understand, seemed to make itself visible all in a moment out of the darkness, and then disappeared again as suddenly as it came.

between Occurrences 25%

There is a quality of the unearthly about a girl's beauty; it is, after all, only a gay moment between the formlessness of childhood and the hardness of middle age.

about Occurrences 22%

Now stepped they a moment about each other, light-treading for all their weighty armour, and with long blades advanced; then, of a sudden they closed, and immediately the air shivered to the ring and grind of flashing, whirling steel.

through Occurrences 17%

Can you not let me pet and spoil my little flower-bird at least till I have tamed her, and trust me to chastise her as soon as she shall give reasonif I can find a tendril or flower-stem light enough for the purpose?" "Will you promise to use a hammer when you wish to be rid of her?" said she, glancing up for one moment through her drooping lashes with a look exactly attuned to the mingled archness and pathos of her tone.

Occurrences 16%

MON CHER DUJARDIN, Il se trouve que je suis à Paris en train de corriger mes épreuves au moment vous donnez les dernières retouches au manuscrit de 'La Source du Fleuve Chrétien,' un beau titresi beau que je n'ai pu m'empêcher de le 'chipper' pour le livre de Ralph Elles, un personnage de mon roman qui ne parait pas, mais dont on entend beaucoup parler.

Which preposition to use with  moment