Which preposition to use with monotonous

in Occurrences 13%

Between Dante and Alfieri no Italian poet except Michael Angelo expressed so much deep thought and feeling in phrases so terse, and with originality of style so daring; and even Michael Angelo is monotonous in the range of his ideas and uniform in his diction, when compared with the indescribable violence and vigour of Campanella.

as Occurrences 8%

Long before it did, speed was slackened: the yacht was at last in soundings; the calls of the leadsmen were as monotonous as the whistle blasts, and almost as frequent.

than Occurrences 7%

A life in Venice is more monotonous than in any other great city; but a man of genius carries with him everywhere a charm, which secures to him both variety and enjoyment.

after Occurrences 3%

Climbing ropes and poles with nothing but cobwebs at the top, and leaping horses with only tan at the bottom, grow monotonous after six months' steady dissipation thereat.

for Occurrences 3%

The days would be long and monotonous for her, he knew, and the more time she could spend in sleep the better.

of Occurrences 2%

Other things being equal, I confess to you that the Indian life was the more monotonous of the two.

at Occurrences 2%

" "I think you would find it dreadfully monotonous at the end of the first week.

to Occurrences 2%

During the first few days, the scenery was monotonous to the highest degree; there were neither towns nor villages to be seen; the banks were flat, and the prospect everywhere bounded by tall, thick bushes, which the English term jungles, that is to say, "virgin forests."

with Occurrences 2%

Unusually, she didn't turn at his voice and her own was monotonous with strongly repressed emotion.

beyond Occurrences 1%

Cardinals asleep; monotonous bawling, long and tedious; candles put out one by one, fifteen in number; no ceremonies at the altar; cardinals present nineteen in number; seven yawns from the cardinals; tiresome and monotonous beyond description.

Which preposition to use with  monotonous