Which preposition to use with more

than Occurrences 15090%

They praise their brother's melodies, and still the spindles run, Till more than man's allotted span the busy hands have spun.

of Occurrences 5196%

Then her eyes closed, slowly, and I gave her a little more of the brandy.

about Occurrences 1642%

Mr. Gladstone made himself quite charming, spoke French fairly well, and knew more about every subject discussed than any one else in the room.

to Occurrences 1485%

I felt that I owed the dismissal of the attacking force, more to its timely fall than to my rifle.

in Occurrences 1281%

I have a feeling, that there is more in this last affair, than in all those others.

for Occurrences 856%

I could do nothing more for her, and so, crossed to where Pepper lay in a big basket.

at Occurrences 517%

My winter passed pleasantly enough; I began to feel more at home in my new quarters, and saw many interesting people of all kinds.

on Occurrences 365%

She was very pleased to execute the commissionit made her of importance in the town, having the big boxes come down from Paris addressed to her, and she paid her journey and made a very good profit by charging two or three sous more on each article.

from Occurrences 348%

The inhabitants subsist chiefly on a vegetable diet; live about as long as they do on the earth, notwithstanding the great difference of climate, and other circumstances; and, in short, do not, in their manners, habits, or character, differ more from the inhabitants of our planet, than some of these differ from one another.

with Occurrences 295%

Gradually, as the time slipped away and no score was made, the Birchites began to realize that being able to charge wasn't everything, and that their opponents could do more with their shoulders than with their feet, and soon lost control of the ball when bothered by the "halves."

by Occurrences 202%

The novelty of the situation in which I found myself, as well as its danger, prevented me indeed at first from giving more than a passing attention to the magnificent scene; but after a while, encouraged by the Brahmin's exhortation, and yet more by the example of his calm and assured air, I was able to take a more leisurely view of it.

as Occurrences 90%

He assured the House that the sensation was repugnant to his feelings as a manmuch more as a Congressman.

out Occurrences 74%

If our latent business capacity were more fully aroused, we should get much more out of life.

into Occurrences 62%

She has passed once more into the secret company of those shadows, who can only become real in an atmosphere fitted to modify and harmonize all differences, and make all wonders possible,the light of the perfect day.

towards Occurrences 51%

Nature had done more towards making Mr. Howel a gentleman, than either cultivation or association; for he had passed his entire life, with very immaterial exceptions, in the valley of Templeton, where, without being what could be called a student, or a scholar, he had dreamed away his existence in an indolent communication with the current literature of the day.

like Occurrences 46%

" "More like forty," said Dillon.

after Occurrences 35%

Mr. Bearjest, your Uncle here and I have struck the Bargain, the Wench is yours with three thousand Pound present, and something more after Death, which your Uncle likes well.

against Occurrences 35%

" I could not well say anything more against his plan without laying myself open to a charge of cowardice,and at that moment I really was a coward,therefore I stood ready to follow him.

among Occurrences 27%

Whatever defects may be found in the character or judgment of this heroic patriot, his name will assuredly be held in grateful remembrance wherever men are found who love freedom and rejoice as they see its blessings spread more and more among the nations of the earth.

before Occurrences 19%

An orderly accompanied them, and as the train passed beyond Union Mills, where the Bull Run River runs along the railway a mile or more before crossing under it, the young soldier pointed out the distant plateau, near the famous stone bridge, and, when the train crossed the river, the high bluffs, a half-mile to the northward, where the action had begun at Blackburn's Ford.

without Occurrences 16%

For the procession of incorporeal natures is much more without a vacuum than that of bodies.

through Occurrences 14%

By senior year the sort of trouble that a Christian boy encounters in school was almost all ended, but it had been more through his dogged resistance to opposition than because of any special zest in Christian service.

between Occurrences 13%

I pressed his arm to my side: it was more between us two grave Englishmen than any embracing.

per Occurrences 13%

The current is very strong, probably eight miles or more per hour, and the numerous bars in the bed are constantly changing place.

during Occurrences 12%

We've got a cousin at Rougemont who said to us one day: 'La Malivoire's precious lucky, she got rid of four more during last month.'

Which preposition to use with  more
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