Which preposition to use with motors

in Occurrences 31%

I do not want Madame worried with these questions, so I told him Madame was away in the motor in the country; but he says he will come again and again till he sees her.

to Occurrences 28%

On the 21st the Major and I motored to Palmanova and bought some winter clothing at the Ordnance.

of Occurrences 25%

From them have sprung the intellectual fires that have, at every crisis of our history, kindled the nation into a new life; from the age of Wycliffe, through those of Latimer, Locke, Gibbon, Macaulay, to the present reign of the Physicists, comparatively few of the motors of their age have been wholly "without the academic circle."

for Occurrences 16%

Rudely and imperfectly harnessed, at first, it still made the great wheel revolve, and men talked about making it a great motor for mechanical purposes.

with Occurrences 16%

This adventure promised to fall into the safer category; to be off motoring with Mr. Gratton from three o'clock in the morning until late afternoon was what she considered a "lark.

on Occurrences 10%

The area in the brain, where these neurones emerge, is near the top of the brain in the area marked Motor on the diagram.

into Occurrences 9%

General Allenby motored into the suburbs of Jerusalem by the road from Latron which the pioneers had got into some sort of order.

through Occurrences 8%

" Remembrance of that evening, and of the swift flight of the motors through the dusk moonlight, made Johnnie wonder at herself and her present position.

at Occurrences 8%

Arrived at the house, the butler informed him that the Parkes had left in the motor at 8:30.

from Occurrences 8%

Tom found himself fascinated by the working of the motors from the very minute he first heard them take up their steady labor.

over Occurrences 6%

They had just come from a long visit to Louise at the ranch and after conferring gravely together had decided to hide themselves in Hollywood, where they might spend a quiet and happy winter in wandering over the hills, in boating or bathing in the ocean or motoring over the hundreds of miles of splendid boulevards of this section.

by Occurrences 4%

Partly as a result of these exertions she had a "nervous breakdown" toward the middle of the winter, and her physician having ordered massage and a daily drive it became necessary to secure Mrs. Heeny's attendance and to engage a motor by the month.

across Occurrences 3%

"I made out, on arrival at Hull, that if I motored across country I would get a train at some station on the Great Northern linea morning express.

as Occurrences 3%

He is an ingenious person and has been turning up new rollers out of a baulk of oak supplied by Meares, and with Simpson's small motor as a lathe.

above Occurrences 2%

Simultaneously the whizzing of a motor above our heads could be heard and we knew why the enemy's shrapnel had so suddenly found us.

out Occurrences 2%

The submarine gradually approached, continuing to pour in a heavy fire and making two hits on the Prize which put the motor out of action, wrecked the wireless office, and caused much internal damage besides letting a great deal of water into the ship.

than Occurrences 2%

" "Any make you fancy?" "I don't know much more about motors than elephants," Nick confessed.

beyond Occurrences 1%

I do not know what had become of the fathers and brothers, for I only found five, four of whom I took in two journeys in the motor beyond the church of Saint Martial d'Artenset, and left them there; and the fifth remained three weeks with me, for I would not disturb him in his prayer.

past Occurrences 1%

We motored past the gates, where the Sultan's Black Guard was drawn up, and out to the msalla,[A] a sort of common adjacent to all the Sultan's residences where public ceremonies are usually performed.

IN Occurrences 1%


between Occurrences 1%

For five solid hours, travelling always at express-train speed, we motored between walls of marching men.

beside Occurrences 1%

He laughed as he leaped into the motor beside her.

toward Occurrences 1%

He was motoring toward Denaen, one of the cities the Germans had occupied through four hard years, when a French officer going in the same direction asked him for a lift, explaining that he had lived there but had neither seen nor heard from his wife during all that time.

under Occurrences 1%

On this occasion the lawn before the hangars was bright with flowers and gay with the costumes of pretty women, in deference to whom I had even permitted what the society reporters began to call "aviation teas," placing little tables about the grass, where the chatter was not too much interrupted by the vicious rattle and the driving smoke of motors under test.

until Occurrences 1%

Upon reaching the ground he refused to stop his motor until, after bumping over two fields, a bullet was fired through his gas tank setting it afire.

Which preposition to use with  motors