Which preposition to use with  moving

Which preposition to use with moving

While the interminable line of the infantry regiments was passing, there was a move to the back of the box, where there was a table with ices, champagne, etc.

All about the sun there seemed to be bright, objects, moving in rapid orbits.

Quietly, I moved from cellar to cellar.

Then the earth moved into the black shadow of the sun, and all was nightNight, black, starless, and intolerable.

It was a gigantic thing, and moved with a curious lope, going almost upright, after the manner of a man.

He moved toward it, Liszt following, asking Comtesse A. if it could be opened.

Time moves on, unheeded.

In 1836 John Cassell made his first move towards London.

They skirmished in the gloom, moving through slit-like aisles of furniture and packing-box.

I have sometimes heard her moving about at nightI have often heard her cough, and I have often heard her sigh.

Through this, I was borne, moving at no great speed.

On one occasion Mrs. Moffat asked a native woman to move out of her kitchen, as she wanted to close it before she went to church.

I only move for a mitigation of punishment, and will state the circumstances upon which I base my appeal to the clemency of the court.

Masses of riders come thundering over the plain, the general commanding in front, stopping suddenly as if moved by machinery, just opposite the President's box.

Then ensued the briefest possible pause, in which a figure moved across the bars of light escaping through the chinks of the laboratory, and then the whole valley blazed with patches of vari-coloured fire.

As if that were not enough, any move of investigation on my part would be radically misinterpreted, and to my own danger, by the men.

Then, the course of my journey was altered, and I began to move along their bases, until, all at once, I saw that I had come opposite to a vast rift, opening into the mountains.

During the calm Indian summer, scarce a sand-grain moves around its banks, but in flood-times and storm-times, soil is washed forward upon it and laid in successive sheets around its gently sloping rim, and is gradually extended to the center, making it dryer.

It behoved us now to go warily, and where the thickets grew thin we moved like hunters, in every hollow and crack that could shelter a man.

The primary object of the Hun scheme was, doubtless, to make Beersheba a suitable base for an attack on the Suez Canal, and the manner of improving the Hebron road, of setting road engineers to construct zigzags up hills so that lorries could move over the road, was part of the plan of men whose vision was centred on cutting the Suez Canal artery of the British Empire's body.

And immediately the darkness seemed to move as with a pulse in a great throb, and something came through the wind with a rush, as if part of the mountain had fallenand lo!

She never moved without him.

Presently it moved beyond the circle of firelight into the darkness.

This is only the first stage in the journey, and Duquesne once ours, we press forward to join forces with the expeditions which are moving against Canada.

No one could move among them without being proud of the Londoners.

She had not seen very much of him in the interval, for he had been continually on the move between Brighton and Turnhill.

Confucius, Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, the mediaeval philosophers, the Egyptian, Persian, and Arabian thinkers, Roger Bacon, Thomas Aquinas, Eckhart, William of Occam, Bede, Thomas à Kempis, Francis Bacon, Kant, John Stuart Mill, Spencer,with what dignity the processional moves down the years!

I crouched backward into the bushes, and, a moment later, the newcomer moved past me scarcely a yard distant, along the narrow strip of sand.

The conversion came direct from Godthe soul was acted upon by some special moving of the Holy Spirit.

But we move onto a quiet country house in a town gardenthe Headquarters Mess of the Intelligence Department.

The rocks were more cruel than imagination could conceive,sometimes pointed and sharp like knives, sometimes smooth and upright as a wall with no hold for the climber, sometimes moving under the touch, with stones that rolled and crushed the bleeding feet; and though the solid masses were distinguishable from the lighter darkness of the air, yet it could only be in groping that the travellers by that way could find where any foothold was.

And does not your local star system move within the Milky Way at the rate of two hundred miles per second, and does not the Milky Way drift with respect to the remote external galaxies at the rate of one hundred miles per second and in all different directions, and does not your galaxy itself make a complete rotation about an axis every two hundred million years?

I shall tell the children and we shall move before the week is out."

We quickly reached the place where we expected to sight the bear, but he was hidden in the bed of the river, and it was some minutes before we could make out the top of his head moving above the grass.

"Yes, Mass' Bob," she said, and she and Peter moved off of the launch onto the wharf-boat.

Several of the guests moved after us, as we passed into the gallery.

We were moving up the stream cautiously and silently; the boatman who had charge of the craft in which were Smith and myself, seated in the stern, paddling, and Smith himself seated in the bow, with rifle in hand, ready for anything that might turn up.

The vessel had not moved during the last four tides, and the leaks had in some degree stopped.

whispered Dick, "I hear some one moving behind us."

But hitherto this desperate gambling with life had been carried on in Egypt and Syria; the play had been with Hellenistic pawnsEgyptian or Syrian princes; the last Cleopatra came to play with Roman pieces, easier apparently to move than the others, but implying higher stakes, greater glory in the victory, greater disaster in the defeat.

The articles to be congealed are then poured into it and covered over; but to prevent the ingredients from separating and the heaviest of them from falling to the bottom of the mould, it is requisite to turn the freezing-pot round and round by the handle, so as to keep its contents moving until the congelation commences.

Later on, Max amused himself lolling in Mr. Coombs' big fireside chair, which he had moved near one of the windows.

Avoid stepping over any obstacle when the other side is not visible and use a torch while moving outside the house at night.

A shower beat upon the engine skylights and Barbara moved beneath the bridge.

They were not consciously unpatriotictheir sons were fighting and dying; they were not consciously seditious, though secret enemy agents moved amongst them, and talked treason with them in the jargon of their trades.

And peering up through the dark, he presently espied a shadowy thing that moved amid a gloom of leaves and branches; and, beholding what it was, he drew sword and smote high above his head.

"I held the city of the world," said the voice from the darkness: "I kept the breath of life moving throughout the Empire when all said it must perish.

In the same condition he moved beside her now as arm and arm they entered the house, he looking straight before him with a set face, a forced smile, she with now raised, now drooping eyes glowing with triumph, a flush on her usually pale face, her lips apart and tremulous.

And it is impossible not to discover the fondness of Lucretius, an earlier writer, for a garret, in his description of the lofty towers of serene learning, and of the pleasure with which a wise man looks down upon the confused and erratick state of the world moving below him: Sed nil dulcius est, bene quam munita tenere Edita doctrina Sapientum templa serena; Despicere unde queas alios, passimque videre

Whereat he whispered; And they arising Of day's forget-me-nots The duskier sisters Descended, relinquished The orchard, the trout-pool, Torridge and Tamar, The Druid circles, Sheepfolds of Dartmoor, Granite and sandstone; By Roughtor, Dozmare, Down the vale of the Fowey Moving in silence, Brushing the nightshade