Which preposition to use with much

of Occurrences 7533%

During the day, I kept on the alert; spending much of my time, as on the previous day, in the tower; but not a sign could I see of the Swine-creatures, nor hear any sound.

for Occurrences 2091%

The props had been severely tried in the two previous attacks, and I was sorely afraid that this would prove too much for them.

in Occurrences 1333%

They never liked him, never trusted him; whenever he had an unpleasant communication to make, he exaggerated the unpleasantness, never attenuated, and there is so much in the way things are said.

to Occurrences 896%

I said as much to Tonnison, and he agreed that there certainly seemed reasonable grounds for my belief.

about Occurrences 640%

"I don't think much about it," I replied, "except that by the look of the stores we're due for more than Honolulu; and from the look of the light we'd better turn to on deck.

as Occurrences 449%

One had a feeling that one ought to see as much as possible, and there were some beautiful things, but it was most fatiguing struggling through the crowd, and we invariably lost the carriage and found ourselves at the wrong entrance, and had to wait hours for a cab.

at Occurrences 306%

On such occasions we went on horseback, as the road was somewhat rough, and my wife was as much at home in the saddle as I was.

on Occurrences 231%

I never knew an out and out controversy between a man and his wife, in which the former did not get the worst of it in the end; and as to the impositions, which as a melancholy truth are too frequent, they are about as much on one side as the other.

with Occurrences 185%

"Well, he don't dare do much with 'em up here. 'Tain't popular.

by Occurrences 175%

But we endeavour to prevent offences, not so much by punishment as by education; and the few crimes committed among us, bring certain censure on those who have the early instruction of the criminal.

from Occurrences 149%

Or again, perhaps, one of the morally diffident, who shrink from arrogating to themselves high standards because they fear for their own virtue if it be put to the test, and cling to the power of saying, later on, "Well, I told you not to expect too much from me!"

against Occurrences 138%

Much against the spy's advice, Kavanagh now insisted on a quarter of an hour's rest, for he was about worn out.

like Occurrences 104%

how much like JACK!" "Do you eat cloves, madame?"

out Occurrences 63%

She has always lived as much out of the public sight as possible, though her work has rendered her dear to all hearts.

per Occurrences 38%

Those who are accustomed to calculate everything at so much per cent, are not likely to be reassured by the sight of a few desperadoes, who wish to ameliorate a corrupt society by eradicating from it the cancer of privilege and falsehood, especially when these desperadoes, few as they are, and with neither three-hundred-pounders nor ironclads, fling themselves against a power believed to be gigantic, like that of the Bourbon.

towards Occurrences 35%

" "That isn't much towards housekeeping," said Frank.

beyond Occurrences 27%

It proved to be a settled inability to take in any new ideas or even to remember much beyond the completion of that dinner.

under Occurrences 20%

To you I owe much under God.

among Occurrences 16%

Infants don't go for much among the Free Lovers, and are Put Outto Nurse.

above Occurrences 16%

How much above thy Praise, I found the Youth!

within Occurrences 11%

It is of course not at all either necessary or even desirable for any one school to have everything, and children should not have too much within the range of their attention at one time.

into Occurrences 10%

I did not bring much into Castlewood house, and I shall not take much out.

without Occurrences 9%

[Sidenote: Note you that delight in your art of daunsing] Now if al they, which make daunsinge their god, would imprint this in their hart and understanding, they should receaue & use the same, rather to their condemnation, then to be so much without aforehead, that is to say, shameles, that they woulde abuse the scripture, to couer their uncleannes & infection.

below Occurrences 8%

Blank Verse being as much below them, as Rhyme is improper for the Drama: and, if it be objected that neither are Blank Verses made ex tempore; yet, as nearest Nature, they are still to be preferred.

after Occurrences 8%

This principle is a right one and underlies much after-success.

Which preposition to use with  much
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