Which preposition to use with necessaries

for Occurrences 1513%

No bolts or bars would be necessary for its protection.

to Occurrences 1276%

Invigoration is necessary to health.

in Occurrences 552%

Of course there must have been many things in Germany which were distasteful to her,so many of the small refinements of life which are absolute necessaries in England were almost unknown luxuries in Germany,particularly when she married.

of Occurrences 319%

In whose hand is the final price of the necessaries of lifewheat, rice, sugar, soap, cotton, wool, coal, milk, iron, lumber, ice?

at Occurrences 86%

"I didn't think it necessary at the time to explain.

as Occurrences 85%

You are such an adept in the nameless little attentions that women loveso profuse with lesser sugar-plums of speech and actionthat after two weeks one's husband is really necessary as an antidote.

on Occurrences 60%

Much caution, he observes, and attention are necessary on this head; and the physician should not readily admit the imputation of witchcraft.

than Occurrences 39%

Every gentleman ought now to consider that we are consulting upon no trivial question, and that expedition is not less necessary than accuracy.

from Occurrences 33%

Since that time, no one, save the man whom they had chartered to bring over monthly supplies of necessaries from Ardrahan, had ever seen either of them: and him, none had ever induced to talk; evidently, he had been well paid for his trouble.

with Occurrences 27%

As we have no winter thaws no crust forms on the snow, therefore we travel from the various points that may be necessary with snowshoes.

by Occurrences 14%

But you will visit these people?" "Certainly, if they are in society and render it necessary by their own civilities.

between Occurrences 13%

Concealment and disguise is no longer necessary between us.

before Occurrences 12%

Preparation is necessary before beginning every prayer, for the Holy Ghost says, "Before prayer prepare thy soul, and be not as a man that tempteth God" (Ecclesias. 18. 23).

during Occurrences 11%

All that is necessary during the night, is a reasonable degree of silence, in order to induce the habit of continued rest, if possible.

under Occurrences 10%

Lady Moseley and Jane were both sensibly touched with the deliverance of Emily, and manifested the interest they took in her by the tenderest caresses, while Mrs. Wilson sat calmly collected within herself, occasionally giving those few directions which were necessary under the circumstances, and offering up her silent petitions in behalf of the sufferer.

above Occurrences 8%

It was necessary above all to continue inexplicable.

after Occurrences 6%

As the infant advances in age, the proportion of milk may be gradually increased; this is necessary after the second month, when three parts of milk to one of water may be allowed.

towards Occurrences 5%

It is, moreover, highly probable, that there is such a connexion between all ranks and orders, by subordinate degrees, that they mutually support each other's existence, and every one, in its place, is absolutely necessary towards sustaining the whole vast and magnificent fabric.

against Occurrences 5%

I happen to know that on the 26th November the Commander-in-Chief sent this communication to General Chetwode: 'I place no restriction upon you in respect of any operation which you may consider necessary against Lifta or the enemy's lines to the south of it, except that on no account is any risk to be run of bringing the City of Jerusalem or its immediate environs within the area of operations.'

out Occurrences 4%

The banker who was managing matters for her advanced the sums necessary out of his private fortune, and the estate at Caserta, together with the Palazzo Macomer in Naples, became the property of Veronica Serra.

without Occurrences 3%

But that was all, and again she became perfect both in words and gesture, doing and saying what was necessary without lavishness, but like one simply thunderstruck by the suddenness of the catastrophe.

about Occurrences 3%

A word of caution is necessary about rancid butter.

beyond Occurrences 3%

'He talked often to me about the necessity of faith in the sacrifice of Jesus, as necessary beyond all good works whatever, for the salvation of mankind.

near Occurrences 3%

He departs early, and is awakened twice on the road to Boulogne to produce his passport: still, however, he keeps his temper, concluding, that the new light has not yet made its way to the frontiers, and that these troublesome precautions may be necessary near a port.

over Occurrences 3%

Of course, the mere cost of constructing a continuous telegraph three-quarters of the distance around the globe, and of maintaining the hundreds of stations that would be necessary over such a length of land-lines, would be enormous.

Which preposition to use with  necessaries