Which preposition to use with new

to Occurrences 704%

I was so new to it all that most of the names of the rank and file were unknown to me, and the appreciations of the votes and the anecdotes and side-lights on the voters said nothing to me.

in Occurrences 197%

"What's new in Deadtown, Han?" "'New'!

for Occurrences 45%

Acton smacked him on the back, and called him a trump; while Jack Vance presented him on the spot with a mince-pie, which had been slightly damaged in one of the donor's many tumbles, but was, as he remarked, "just as good as new for eating.

under Occurrences 29%

There may be nothing new under the sun, but it does seem to be a fair claim to make for Froebel that no one before or since his time has more fully realised the value to humanity of what in childhood goes by the name of play.

from Occurrences 24%

For Colonel Musgrave was thinking of that time when this same Patricia had first come to him, fire-new from the heart of an ancient sunset, and he had noted, for the first time, that her hair was like the reflection of a sunset in rippling waters, and that her mouth was an inconsiderable trifle, a scrap of sanguine curves, and that her eyes were purple glimpses of infinity.

about Occurrences 21%

And when Mary sat down with them at the big heavy-laden table, surrounded with the hum of so large a party, it was impossible for her to believe that everything was not new about her.

with Occurrences 18%

by adding the cream of one day's milking to the milk that comes immediately from the cow: they are extremely thin, and are compressed gently two or three times, turned for a few days, and then eaten new with radishes, salad, &c. Skimmed Milk cheese is made for sea voyages principally.

as Occurrences 16%

Eve," she said, after a pause, "is, that one ought not to expect in a town as new as this, the improvements that one sees in an older state of society.

of Occurrences 16%

Sally was standing there, somewhat undecided; she would like to have heard something new of the strange boy and his mother, for she loved to hear news, and now not even Kaetheli, with whom she talked things over, had been in school.

at Occurrences 14%

"It is true that in their plan of reorganization they offer to permit any stockholder in the old corporation to subscribe for stock in the new at parthus at first glance placing all upon what seems to be an equality; but any stockholder who does not see fit to subscribe or cannot afford to do so is wiped out, for there will be nothing left in the way of assets in Horse's Neck after the transfer is completed.

on Occurrences 11%

" The satire here is not so fortunately displayed, as in other instances, owing probably to the difficulty of saying any thing new on so hackneyed a subject; for it has ever happened, that, "The Galenist and Paracelsian, Condemn the way each other deals in.

than Occurrences 11%

I admit it to be less hazardous to emancipate a new than an old slave.

by Occurrences 5%

The principal season of these, and of their feasts in honour of Baal, was new year's day, when the sun began visibly to return towards us; the custom is not yet at an end, the country people still burning out the old year and welcoming in the new by fires lighted on the top of hills, and other high places.

out Occurrences 4%

"Make aught new out of it, sir?"

within Occurrences 3%

It is furnished quite in taste, every thing being new within these six months.

without Occurrences 2%

The old never lets out the new without pain and struggle, but when the new is born it is infinitely worthy.

like Occurrences 2%

And it was old and new like the wild flowers, The waters, and the hills, but dearer far.

among Occurrences 2%

Dr. Goldsmith said once to Dr. Johnson, that he wished for some additional members to the LITERARY CLUB, to give it an agreeable variety; for (said he,) there can now be nothing new among us: we have travelled over one another's minds.

amongst Occurrences 1%

We like him well on the whole, and as he is new amongst us, it is but right that we should deliver him with charity.

around Occurrences 1%

From that auspicious year the very existence of the natives of London improved; their bodies moved in a large space of pure air; and, finding every thing clean and new around them, they determined to keep them so.

factswith Occurrences 1%

This revival is coming, not with shouts and noise, but with the quiet insistence of new ideas, of new factswith the still voice of scientific announcement.

over Occurrences 1%

The flag new over Castle William; late sunshine turned river and bay to a harbour in fairyland, where, through the golden haze, far away between forests of pennant-dressed masts, a warship lay all aglitter, the sun striking fire from her guns and bright work, and setting every red bar of her flag ablaze.

during Occurrences 1%

The evening after that great event was so pleasant, that David and I, who in general are great sleepy-heads, had no desire to rest; perhaps from having seen so much that was new during the day.

before Occurrences 1%

"One hundred years," quoth Keezar, "And fifty have I told: Now open the new before me, And shut me out the old!" Like a cloud of mist, the blackness Rolled from the magic stone, And a marvellous picture mingled The unknown and the known.

against Occurrences 1%

He accounts it blasphemy to speak against anything in present vogue, how vain or ridiculous soever, and arch-heresy to approve of anything, though ever so good and wise, that is laid by; and therefore casts his judgment and understanding upon occasion, as bucks do their horns, when the season arrives to breed new against the next, to be cast again.

Which preposition to use with  new