Which preposition to use with note

of Occurrences 2834%

I will write it down now, and, if anything more happens, endeavor to make a note of it, at once.

ON Occurrences 1127%

[Illustration: NOTES ON THE FERRY.

in Occurrences 1056%

I tried, with more success, to beguile the time by making notes in my journal; and after having devoted about an hour to this object, I returned to the telescope, and now took occasion to examine the figure of the earth near the Poles, with a view of discovering whether its form favoured Captain Symmes's theory of an aperture existing there; and I am convinced that that ingenious gentleman is mistaken.

to Occurrences 822%

" In conclusion, we must express our regret, that the author should not have added notes to the workthe want of them will be seriously felt by every one; some of the satires, indeed, must escape the reader, unless he pay a degree of attention, which notes would have rendered unnecessary.

for Occurrences 731%

After a few attempts on the piano, the reader will be able readily to form these notes for himself.

BY Occurrences 680%


from Occurrences 542%

It was answered by a similar note from the bottom of the Pit.

with Occurrences 240%

Let each compare notes with the other.

as Occurrences 128%

Author: Colonial Lichfield, 1892; Right on the Scaffold, 1893; Secession and the South, 1894; Chart of the Descendants of Zenophon Perkins, 1894; Recollections of a Gracious Era, 1895; Notes as to the Vartreys of Westphalia, 1896.

at Occurrences 115%

Pennington was the only one who did not come forward to hold his hand out to Darrina fact that was noted at the time by many of the youngsters.

into Occurrences 60%

It was when they took leave that she saw the Countess slip a note into her lord's fingers.

about Occurrences 48%

He draws a cheque just when he wants a few pounds, instead of carrying five-pound notes about with him.

under Occurrences 29%

They'd put a note under his door telling him to be in time by the school clock; and besides that, when one of the men went to get him out, he found a screw-driver with Oaks's name on, so it's as clear as day who did it.

like Occurrences 24%

The noise of the creek rises insistently and falls off a full note like a child abashed by sudden silence in the room.

before Occurrences 21%

She walked straight at, not to her father, and, holding Olympia's note before him, said in bitter scorn: "Tell me what this means.

among Occurrences 21%

New Jarsey is noted among her sister countries, as bein' responsible for 2 of the most destructive things ever got up.

than Occurrences 19%

Shelley clearly means 'less note' than Byron and Moorenot less note than the 'one frail form.' 1. 2.

out Occurrences 18%

if I hadn't got your note out of the safe before the man came in, as he never took his eyes off me, or out of the open safe, for a second.

between Occurrences 14%

Never shall you hear anything wintry from his warm breast; no pinched cheeping, no wavering notes between sorrow and joy; his mellow, fluty voice is ever tuned to downright gladness, as free from dejection as cock-crowing.

without Occurrences 13%

" "Our reverend friend reached me about an hour ago," added Mr. DIBBLE, "saying, that a farewell note without a comma, colon, semi-colon, or period in it, and with every other word beginning with a capital, and underscored, was calculated to drive friends to distraction.

within Occurrences 12%

Great care is taken to keep the issue of these notes within safe limits; and as a matter of fact they are rather more valuable than the land they represent, and are in consequence seldom presented for redemption therein.

down Occurrences 12%

I am not however aware that the resemblances had ever been brought out in detail until Mr. G.S.D. Murray, of Christ Church, Oxford, noted down the passages from Bion, which were published accordingly in my edition of Shelley's Poems, 1870.

through Occurrences 11%

" I read the note through a second time before I realized what a blow it gave to all my hopes.

after Occurrences 11%

His song consists of four or five bars or strains; but there are individuals that extend them ad libitum, varying their notes after the manner of the Canary.

over Occurrences 10%

Only it did startle me when I read that note over your shoulder.

Which preposition to use with  note
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