Which preposition to use with numbers

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This gave me some notion of the number of the creatures, and I began to feel that the whole affair was becoming even more serious than I had imagined.

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and I be numbered in that throng!

to Occurrences 174%

We can furnish back numbers to a limited extent; future ones by the cargo, or steamboat.

on Occurrences 148%

The earless, or true species, are often seen in considerable numbers on the British coast, and the Great Seal of Englandonly to be found in the vicinity of the Thamesis of such remarkable size and weight, that it never makes its appearance without producing a strong Impression.

among Occurrences 140%

My parents, Isaac and Mary Ann Cody, who were numbered among the pioneers of Iowa, gave to me the name of William Frederick.

FOR Occurrences 127%

| | THE FIVE NUMBERS FOR APRIL | | Bound in a Handsome Cover, | | IS NOW READY.

from Occurrences 124%

In the Breviary there is a table (alia Tabella epactarum) corresponding to the golden numbers from the year 1901 to the year 2000 inclusive.

with Occurrences 116%

The same transitional character holds in the case of discipline: while what is known as "military" discipline still prevails in many schools, there are a very fair number with whom the grip has relaxed; but it is a courageous teacher that will admit the term "free discipline" which has nearly as bad a reputation as "free thought" used to have, and few are prepared to go all the way.

at Occurrences 110%

Gallant ladies, eager to cope with figures, have been compelled to yield to numbersinferior numbers at that!

than Occurrences 57%

Glacier meadows abound throughout all the alpine and subalpine regions of the Sierra in still greater numbers than the lakes.

by Occurrences 54%

Gabe and his brother added to the effect of numbers by clattering the stirrups of the horses, so that the clearing seemed alive with armed men.

of Occurrences 40%

We will send the first Ten Numbers of PUNCHINELLO to any one | | who wishes to see them, in view of subscribing, on the | | receipt of SIXTY CENTS.

about Occurrences 22%

All birds increase in numbers about settlements,even the crow, though he is a forest bird too.

amongst Occurrences 21%

"In the days of her power and importance, the church of Rome numbered amongst her vassals and servants the most renowned spirits of the earth.

for Occurrences 19%

The Weekly Numbers for June, | | | | Bound in a Handsome Cover, | | | | Is now ready.

between Occurrences 17%

Gervais, now sixty-two, was helped by his two eldest sons, Leon and Henri, who between them had ten children; while his three daughters, Mathilde, Leontine, and Julienne, who were married in the district, in like way numbered between them twelve.

without Occurrences 17%

About the beginning of May, the river seems to be alive with them, and there is no forming an idea of their numbers without having seen them.

into Occurrences 16%

To prevent the putting of boys in large numbers into "blind alley" occupations, you must supplement the foresight of parents with Juvenile Employment Exchanges and After-Care Committees.

under Occurrences 15%

Except at the very commencement of the war, when production of craft in Germany was slow, presumably as a result of the comparatively small number under construction when war broke out, the British measures failed until towards the end of 1917 in sinking submarines at a rate approaching in any degree that at which the Germans were producing them.

during Occurrences 14%

Some time during the early '50s a secret order known as the Sons of Malta was organized in one of the Eastern states, and its membership increased throughout the West with as much rapidity as the Vandals and Goths increased their numbers during the declining years of the Roman Empire.

like Occurrences 8%

If he hands out another song and dance number like that again, send him up to me, I'll give him a bunch of inside info that will make him think something broke loose.

after Occurrences 8%

But these disturbances, or insurrections, or whatever they may be called, did not increase in number after the abolition of slavery and after the equalization of the sugar duties, but, on the contrary, decreased.

Which preposition to use with  numbers