Which preposition to use with nutrition

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Nutrition in health and disease for nurses.

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Nor is the sustenance and nutrition of the animal kingdom the only function these minute productions may perform; they may also be the purifiers of the vitiated atmosphere, and thus execute in the Antarctic latitudes the office of our trees and grass turf in the temperate regions, and the broad leaves of the palm, &c., in the tropics."

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ABC of agrobiology: the quantitative science of plant life and plant nutrition for gardeners, farmers and general readers.

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Just as taste and flavor influence nutrition by affecting the digestive process, so the agreeable odors about us, even those of the perfumes, play an important part in the economy of life.

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Infinitely more ingenuity did the great comic poet of antiquity display, when he selected the Scarabaeus; as the food which had already served the purposes of digestion with the Rider, was still capable of affording nutrition to the animal: [Greek: nun d'att'an autos kataphagoo ta sitia.

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They got along better than John and I did when we got hold of the first nutritions after our arrival on the other side.

Which preposition to use with  nutrition