Which preposition to use with old

than Occurrences 865%

He was an old man when I first saw him, and looked even older than his age.

as Occurrences 409%

A very respectable man servant in an old-fashioned brown livery, with a great many brass buttons, who looked as old as the house itself and as if he were part of it, always opened the door.

in Occurrences 318%

He had not grown older in outward seeming.

of Occurrences 218%

He was the oldest of the five children.

for Occurrences 133%

I had my pick out of the lot, and knocked over a two-year-old for provision for me and Crop.

at Occurrences 86%

Mandy, being old at the business, possessed herself of the high-held hand presented; but Johnnie only looked at it in astonishment, uncertain whether Miss Lydia meant to shake hands or pat her on the head.

to Occurrences 78%

How their heads came together as their garrulous tongues repeated the tale, which would never grow old to them until age nipped their hoary heads and laid them low in the dust, with their horror half expressed, their gruesome tale unfinished.

with Occurrences 50%

p. 275),'he required less attendance, sick or well, than ever I saw any human creature.' 'That natural jealousy which makes every man unwilling to allow much excellence in another, always produces a disposition to believe that the mind grows old with the body; and that he whom we are now forced to confess superiour is hastening daily to a level with ourselves.'

by Occurrences 40%

Rosa was barely eighteen, Kate and Olympia older by three or four years, but the younger girl was in many essential things quite as mature as her Northern comrades.

before Occurrences 30%

And when winter fell And o'er Strathpeffer laid its barren spell When days were bleak with storm, and nights were drear And dark and lonesome, well they loved to hear The songs of Ossian, peerless and sublime Their blind, grey bard, grown old before his time, Lamenting for his sonthe young, the brave Oscar, who fell beside the western wave In Gavra's bloody and unequal fight.

on Occurrences 29%

I don't trust 'er'any woman that 'olds on to life the way she does'er with one foot in the grave, and 'er will all made and everything ready.

from Occurrences 17%

He had just received a dispatch ten days old from Montgomery by which he learned that St Johns was expected to fall immediately and that Schuyler was no longer with the army at the front.

among Occurrences 17%

Indeed there once ruled here a man, whose return the gods have set their faces against, who, if he had been suffered to reign in peace and grow old among us, would have been kind to me and mine.

without Occurrences 10%

A youth of frolics, an old age of cards; Fair to no purpose, artful to no end, Young without lovers, old without a friend; A fop their passion, but their prize a sot; Alive, ridiculous, and dead, forgot!

into Occurrences 8%

One time Mary took a baby six months old into the mountains.

like Occurrences 7%

"I love mead, when 'tis old like this, as I love to go to church o' Sundays, or to relieve the needy any day of the week.

between Occurrences 5%

The glances were significant, familiar, and told of confidences long and old between the English lord and his countrywoman, guests of a Scotch King, on the eve of a great conflict between the two countries.

over Occurrences 4%

It is to these Southampton looks to-day, south and east, as of old over how many thousand miles of blue water.

beyond Occurrences 4%

There were old men there, old beyond the years of man, who said they had never seen nor heard the like: but it must be like what their fathers had told them of, when John Wesley, on the cliffs of St. Ives, out-thundered the thunder of the gale.

through Occurrences 4%

'When I kept silence, my bones waxed old through my daily complaining.

during Occurrences 3%

"I was six years old during of the War.

under Occurrences 3%

The Conqueror, as we know, greatly enlarged the old "royal hunting ground" here in Hampshire when he made the New Forest, and that act of his which brought an immensely larger area than of old under a new and incredibly harsher forest law gradually produced a legend of devastation and depopulation here which, as I have already said, can no longer be accepted as true.

unto Occurrences 3%

I let her think what she pleased, and bravely lifted up the mount of my head, like Ararat of old unto the great deluge; but she would not let me talk as I pleased.

out Occurrences 2%

She hath been carved of old out of a holy hill, no slaves wrought the City of Marvel, but artists toiling at the work they loved.

against Occurrences 2%

But when Reece's men came back after their winter drift during the beef-gathering season, Bold Richard Larkin bantered the one who had left the cattle for a poker game, pitting the line-back three-year-old against a white poker cow then in the Pool pasture and belonging to the man from Black Bear.

Which preposition to use with  old